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Englisch - Türkisch
kaba etler
(Tıp) () İlyeler, kabaet
(Tıp) 1.Arka, arkada, geride
{s} gerideki
{s} sonra gelen
{s} (Anatomi) kıça yakın
insan kıçı
kıça yakın
{i} kaba et
{s} geri
posteriorlysonradan gelerek
posterior chamber anat
(Tıp) ön
(Denizbilim) posterior
posterior distribution
sonsal dağılım
posterior chamber
arka kamara
posterior distribution
(İstatistik) Ardıl dağılım
posterior aqueous chamber
(Biyoloji) art oda
posterior cistern
(Anatomi) dip sarnıç
posterior cruciate ligaments
(Tıp) arka çapraz bağ
posterior ethmoid sinus
(Tıp) arka etmoid sinüs
posterior lobe
(Biyoloji) art lop
posterior lobe
(Biyoloji) arka lob
posterior margin
(Denizbilim) arka sınır
posterior occlusion
(Diş Hekimliği) mandibüler dişlerin,maksiller dişlere göre olmaları gereken yeri daha gerisinde kapanış gösterdikleri durum; agle 2. Sınıf maloklüzyon
posterior open bite
(Diş Hekimliği) arka dişlerin tek veya çift taraflı olarak üst dişlerle temas etmediği durum
posterior packing
(Tıp) arka tarafa tampon
posterior probabilities
(İstatistik) sonsal olasılıklar
posterior probabilities
(İstatistik) posterior ihtimaller
posterior tibial artery
(Anatomi) tibiyal arka atardamar
Lex posterior derogat legi priori
(Kanun) Sonraki kanun önceki kanunları ilga eder
lex posterior derogat priori
(Kanun) "Sonraki kanun önceki kanunu yürürlükten kaldırır." kuralı
lex posterior derogat priori
(Kanun) Uluslararası bir uyuşmazlıkla ilgili eşit derecede iki kaynak söz konusu olduğunda özel genel hüküm çatışması yok ise sonraki hüküm önceki hükmü ilga eder,hükümsüz kılar kuralı geçerli olacak hakim bu yönde karar verecektir
be posterior to
geride kalmak
be posterior to
sonra gelmek
cervical posterior ligament
(Anatomi) boyun ense bağı
sonradan gelerek
Englisch - Englisch
Nearer the back end; nearer the caudal end of the body in quadrupeds or the dorsal end in bipeds
Following in order or in time
Located behind, or towards the rear of an object
The buttocks
Next to, or facing the main stem or axis
the hinder part
{a} following, placed after, later
Situated at, or directed towards the back
Toward the back
The back side of the body
Posterior describes something that is situated at the back of something else. the posterior leg muscles. anterior. near or at the back of something   anterior (from posterus , from post; POST-). the part of the body you sit on - used humorously = buttocks, bottom bottom
(päs tir' r) At or toward the back of the body Opposed to anterior
Locate at the back
Situated at the back of the mouth, refers to the premolar and molar teeth
Located behind a structure, such as relating to the back side of the human body
Ideally the whole posterior process should be used to perform inference for the unseen data, however
{i} buttocks, bum, rump (Slang)
Towards the end of the butterfly
describes the back end of a region
a tooth situated at the back of the mouth
The caudal end of the body in quadrupeds, and the dorsal end in bipeds
Towards the rear
On the side next the axis of inflorescence; said of an axillary flower
pertaining to the back; dorsal view
Situated at or near the back of the body or an organ
Later in time; hence, later in the order of proceeding or moving; coming after; opposed to prior
Opposite to anterior Toward the rear
– “Towards the rear ” In oysters, the portion of the body furthest from the hinge
The back, as opposed to the anterior
back side of the body, also known as the dorsal
referring to the back part of a structure
Toward the tail end; also called caudal See Anterior
at or near the hind end in quadrupeds or toward the spine in primates
situated behind a part or toward the rear of a structure
At the back part, or rear of the body
the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on; "he deserves a good kick in the butt"; "are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"
Situated behind; hinder; opposed to anterior
The direction towards the back in an anatomical coordinate system [Chapter 10]
Someone's bottom can be referred to as their posterior. = backside
Behind - the opposite of anterior
{s} rear, hind, located in the back; later, after, subsequent
tail region of animal
At or toward the caudal extremity; caudal; in human anatomy often used for dorsal
posterior auricular muscle
A muscle surrounding the auricula or outer ear
posterior probability
The probability of an event given the knowledge of occurrence of other events that bear on it; P( A | B ) as contrasted to P( A ), where A is the sought event and B is the sign or symptom event
posterior cardinal vein
a major drainage channel from the caudal part of the body
posterior cerebral artery
arises from the basilar artery; divides into three branches
posterior chamber
The space between the back of the iris and the front face of the vitreous; filled with aqueous fluid
posterior chamber
the back part of the eye's interior
posterior chamber
The space between the back of the iris and the front face of the vitreous It is filled with aqueous fluid
posterior chamber
the back section of the eye's interior
posterior chamber
located behind the iris This IOL implant procedure is normally performed immediately after the cataract is removed
posterior chamber
The space within the eye between the back of the iris and the lens(see diagram) It is filled with a fluid, the aqueous Take care not to confuse this space with the larger space behind the lens containing the vitrieous (see diagram)
posterior chamber
In referring to the eye, that space between the back which is filled with aqueous fluid between the iris and front face of the vitreous
posterior chamber
A space filled with clear fluid (called aqueous humor) behind the iris and in front of the lens
posterior chamber
the back section of the eye's interior
posterior chamber
Filled with aqueous fluid, the space between the back of the iris and the front face of the vitreous
posterior meningeal artery
branch of the ascending pharyngeal artery that supplies the dura mater of the posterior cranial fossa
posterior naris
either one of the two posterior openings at the back of the nasal cavity leading to the nasopharynx
posterior pituitary
the posterior lobe of the pituitary body; primarily glandular in nature
posterior serratus muscle
skeletal muscle that draws the rib cage backward and downward
posterior synechia
adhesion between the iris and the lens
posterior temporal artery
temporal artery that supplies the posterior part of the cortex of the temporal lobe
posterior vein of the left ventricle
arises near the apex of the heart and empties into the coronary sinus
after (in time)
behind (in position)
towards the posterior
{n} the hinder parts, the breech
Lex posterior derogat legi priori
(Kanun) New laws are given preference when the might contradict
late, at a later time, in the manner of being delayed
Subsequently in time; also, behind in position
The hinder parts, as of an animal's body
plural of posterior
serratus posterior inferior
a thin quadrilateral muscle at the junction of the thoracic and lumbar regions; acts to counteract the pull of the diaphragm on the ribs to which it is attached
serratus posterior superior
a thin quadrilateral muscle of the upper and dorsal part of the thorax; acts to elevate the upper ribs
Türkisch - Englisch
(Denizbilim) posterior
posterior ihtimaller
(İstatistik) posterior probabilities