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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} tüzel

Yasal bir öpücük çalıntı olanla asla eş değerde değildir. - A legal kiss will never equal a stolen one.

Avukat müvekkilinin yasal yollara başvurmasını tavsiye etti. - The lawyer recommended his client to take legal action.

{s} kanuni
(Kanun) hukuka uygun
yasaya uygun
{s} hukuk

ABD'deki hukuk sistemi dünyanın en iyisidir. - The legal system in the United States is the world's finest.

Hukuk terminolojisi uzman olmayanlar için genellikle anlaşılmazdır. - Legal terminology is usually incomprehensible to non-specialists.

(Tıp) Kanun gereği, kanuna uygun, kanuni, meşru
Legal (Kağıt Boyutu İçin)
{s} hukuki

Sanık hukuki bir terimdir. - The accused is a legal term.

Leyla bir tedarikçiyle olan acı bir hukuki ihtilaf sonrasında şirketini kaybetti. - Layla lost her company after a bitter legal dispute with a supplier.

legal holiday resmi tatil günü
{s} resmi
avukatlık mesleğinelegal cap avukatların kullandıkları uzun ve beyaz yazı kâğıdı
{s} adli

Türkiye Cumhurbaşkanı, paradoksal bir biçimde hukuken devletin başı olmasına rağmen hükümet içinde yasal bir konumu yoktur. - Paradoxically, the President of Turkey is the de jure head of state but has no legal role in government.

Tom hâlâ hukuken evli. - Tom is still legally married.

legal entity
tüzel kişi
yasaya uygunluk
legal dispute
(Fizik) Hukukî anlaşmazlık
legal adviser
hukuk danışmanı
legal advice
(Kanun) yasal danışmanlık
legal aid
(Kanun) müzaheret
legal aid
(Kanun) adli müzaheret
legal basis
yasal dayanak
legal claim
(Kanun) kanuni hak
legal entity
(Politika, Siyaset) hükmi şahsiyet
legal entity
(Kanun) tüzel kişiliğe sahip
legal fee
(Kanun) harç
legal notice
yasal uyarı
legal person
(Kanun) tüzelkişi
legal reserve
(Askeri) kanuni ihtiyat
legal system
yasal sistem
legal tender
(Ticaret) kanuni para
legal tender
(Ticaret) yasal ödeme aracı
legal action
hukuk davası
legal adviser
hukuk müşaviri
legal age
kanuni sorumluluk yaşı
legal aid
verginsiz avukat sağlama
legal assistant
yasal yardımcı
legal brief
kanuni dava özeti
legal capacity
hukuki ehliyet
legal community
yasal topluluk
legal competence
hukuki ehliyet
legal disability
hukuki ehliyetsizlik
legal document
yasal belge

Bu yasal belgeleri anlamıyorum. - I don't understand these legal documents.

Yasal belgelerde, zor kelime ve ifadeler sık ​​sık kullanılır. - In legal documents, difficult words and phrases are often used.

legal documents
resmi evrak
legal duty
yasal sorumluluk
legal entity
hükmi şahıs
legal error
adli hata
legal expenses
mahkeme giderleri
legal expert
legal fee
yasal ücret
legal filename
geçerli dosyaadı
legal fraud
yasal dolandırıcılık
legal guardian
yasal muhafız
legal heir
kanuni mirasçı
legal holiday
resmi tatil
legal injury
adli haksızlık
legal obligation
yasal yükümlülük
legal person
tüzel kişi
legal personality
legal position
hukuki durum
legal power
kanun gücü
legal practitioner
stajyer avukat
legal proceeding
adli muamele
legal relation
yasal ilişki
legal representation
kanuni temsil
legal reserve
kanuni yedek akçe
legal separation
ayrı yaşama
legal status
yasal durum
legal system
kanun sistemi
legal tender
yasal para
legal transfer
kanuni devir
legal act
legal affairs manager
Hukuk işleri müdürü
legal aspects
hukuki yönleri
legal assistance
hukuki yardım
legal blindness
yasal körlük
legal domination
yasal egemenlik
legal effect
yasal etkisi
legal effects
hukuki etkileri
legal entity status
tüzel kişilik perdesi
legal equality
Kanun önünde eşitlik
legal equality
Yasal eşitlik
legal fee
Yasal ücreti
legal filename
geçerli dosyaadi
legal force
kesin hüküm
legal foundation
yasal temeli
legal ground
Yasal dayanak
legal guardian
yasal vasi
legal injury
adlı haksızlık
legal liability
yasal sorumluluk
legal list
yasal liste
legal pads
yasal yastıkları
legal priviledged
yasal öncelikli
legal proceeding
yasal işlem
legal reference
(Kanun) Hukuksal dayanak
legal requirements
yasal gereklilikleri
legal right
Yasal hak
legal substances
yasalca satımı serbest olan maddeler
legal validity
Yasal geçerlilik
legal-size paper
A4 kağıt
legal tender
(Ticaret) ulusal para

Kanunen mümkün olduğunca hızlı sürdüm. - I drove as fast as I legally could.

yasal olarak

Tom yasal olarak kör. - Tom is legally blind.

Tom yasal olarak sigara içmek için yeterince büyüdüğünden beri sigara içmedi. - Tom hasn't smoked since he was old enough to legally smoke.

hukuki olarak
legal entity
hukuki varlık
legal tender
ödeme aracı
kanuna uygunluk
{i} kanuna uyma
(Kanun) hukuken geçerli olma
(Kanun) geçerli olma

Tom hâlâ hukuken evli. - Tom is still legally married.

Englisch - Englisch
Something which has a basis in the law, such as legal precedent
Relating to the law or to lawyers, as in legal profession
Something which is allowed or prescribed by law, such as a legal motion
{a} done according to law, lawful, just, due
established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules
Governed by the rules of law as distinguished from the rules of equity; as, legal estate; legal assets
Legal is used to describe things that relate to the (Hukuk) He vowed to take legal action. the British legal system I sought legal advice on this. + legally le·gal·ly There are reasons to doubt that a second trial is morally, legally or politically justified It could be a bit problematic, legally speaking
US Legal size paper is 8 5 by 14 inches
8 5 x 14 216 x 356
relating to or characteristic of the profession of law; "the legal profession
or Adamic Entire conformity to the moral law "I have seen an end of all perfection, (for) thy law is exceeding broad " - David
established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules having legal efficacy or force; "a sound title to the property"
allowed by official rules; "a legal pass receiver" established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules having legal efficacy or force; "a sound title to the property" of or relating to jurisprudence; "legal loophole" relating to or characteristic of the profession of law; "the legal profession
{s} of or pertaining to the law; allowed by law; established by law; according to law; of or pertaining to lawyers or their profession
adj Loosely used to mean `in accordance with all the relevant rules', esp in connection with some set of constraints defined by software "The older =+ alternate for += is no longer legal syntax in ANSI C " "This parser processes each line of legal input the moment it sees the trailing linefeed " Hackers often model their work as a sort of game played with the environment in which the objective is to maneuver through the thicket of `natural laws' to achieve a desired objective Their use of `legal' is flavored as much by this game-playing sense as by the more conventional one having to do with courts and lawyers Compare {language lawyer}, {legalese}
Most of the businesses in the cluster have to deal with the law of the land at various times, and since much aid is available through computer expert systems the legal aspects of running a company can be handled by individuals There are many ways in which bureaucrats can prove obstructive to the player characters, and it is useful to be able to speed your way past customs checks, police checkpoints/investigations, license granting etc It is an Academic skill
- according to the law; permitted by law; lawful
in accordance with the laws; permissible under the laws
Latin legalis Pertaining to the understanding, the exposition, the administration, the science and the practice of law: as, the legal profession, legal advice; legal blanks, newspaper Implied or imputed in law Opposed to actual "Legal" looks more to the letter, and "Lawful" to the spirit, of the law "Legal" is more appropriate for conformity to positive rules of law; "Lawful" for accord with ethical principle "Legal" imports rather that the forms of law are observed, that the proceeding is correct in method, that rules prescribed have been obeyed; "Lawful" that the right is actful in substance, that moral quality is secured "Legal" is the antithesis of "equitable", and the equivalent of "constructive" 2 Abbott's Law Dict 24
The Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) provides medical (consulting expert only) and nursing opinions as the expert on health, illness and injury and on the inner workings of the health care system
According to the old or Mosaic dispensation; in accordance with the law of Moses
Done or performed in accordance with the forms and usages of law, or in a technical manner An Act may be legal but, if not constitutional, it is not lawful
Created by, permitted by, in conformity with, or relating to, law; as, a legal obligation; a legal standard or test; a legal procedure; a legal claim; a legal trade; anything is legal which the laws do not forbid
relating to or characteristic of the profession of law; "the legal profession"
A New York Stock Exchange computerized database that tracks member firm audits, customer complaints and enforcement actions against member firms LEGAL is written in all capitals However, it is not an acronym
allowed by official rules; "a legal pass receiver"
of or relating to jurisprudence; "legal loophole"
An action or situation that is legal is allowed or required by (Hukuk) What I did was perfectly legal. drivers who have more than the legal limit of alcohol. illegal
having legal efficacy or force; "a sound title to the property"
A computerized database maintained by the NYSE to keep track of enforcement actions, audits, and complaints against member firms
Every ship is like a sovereign nation, with its own regulations It has to negotiate with stations when it docks at them, and when its citizens break station laws Lawyers are very important to the functioning of a merchanter and its right to travel from place to place
official, confirmed by the law
According to the law of works, as distinguished from free grace; or resting on works for salvation
To be in accordance with the laws Applied to any call or play which is not in contravention to the mechanics of the game as set forth in the Laws
legal age
Alternative name of age of majority
legal ages
plural form of legal age
legal aid
Free or low-cost service in the field of law, for the indigent
legal beagle
A skillful and adroit attorney

He made his reputation as a legal beagle as a prosecutor before entering private practice.

legal beagles
plural form of legal beagle
legal code
All the official laws of a country or state
legal duties
plural form of legal duty
legal duty
A duty prescribed by the law, to act or forbear from acting
legal eagle
A skillful and adroit attorney

He made his reputation as a legal eagle as a prosecutor before entering private practice.

legal eagles
plural form of legal eagle
legal entity
an organization such as a company or trust fund that the law treats as if it were a person, capable of entering into contracts and of being sued
legal fiction
An assumption, not necessarily true, made by a court in order to apply a legal rule
legal fictions
plural form of legal fiction
legal interest
The amount of interest that is allowed or required to be charged by law; an interest rate determined by law
legal name
The name of an organisation as indicated in its founding documents, as subsequently changed by legal process

Jack's Mattresses' legal name is JM Enterprises {2006} (Illinois) Inc..

legal name
The name of a natural person recognized on official records, especially as recorded on a birth certificate or as allowed to changed by legal process

He signs his name Johnny Reb Smith, but his legal name is Jean-Marie Smith.

legal names
plural form of legal name
legal pad
a large writing pad, made using yellow paper, especially one measuring 8½ by 14 inches
legal pads
plural form of legal pad
legal person
An organisation or a group of people who have (some of) the legal rights and responsibilities of an individual under the law
legal persons
plural form of legal person
legal positivism
A school of thought in jurisprudence in which the law is seen as separated from moral values, i.e. the law is posited by human lawmakers
legal recourse
An action that can be taken by an individual or a corporation to attempt to remedy a legal difficulty
legal tenders
plural form of legal tender
legal term
a term which has a specific meaning when used in a legal context
Attributive form of legal beagle

legal-beagle questioning.

Attributive form of legal eagle

legal-eagle questioning.

Attributive form of legal entity, noun
legal dispute
Disagreement over the existence of a legal duty or right, or over the extent and kind of compensation that may be claimed by the injured party for a breach of such duty or right
legal authority
(Kanun) Rational-legal authority (also known as rational authority, legal authority, rational domination, legal domination, bureaucratic authority) is a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization or a ruling regime is largely tied to legal rationality, legal legitimacy and bureaucracy. The majority of the modern states of the twentieth century are rational-legal authorities, according to those who use this form of classification
legal consultant
Legal adviser
legal domination
(Kanun) Rational-legal authority (also known as rational authority, legal authority, rational domination, legal domination, bureaucratic authority) is a form of leadership in which the authority of an organization or a ruling regime is largely tied to legal rationality, legal legitimacy and bureaucracy. The majority of the modern states of the twentieth century are rational-legal authorities, according to those who use this form of classification
legal equality
Equality before the law, also known as legal equality, is the principle under which all people are subject to the same laws of justice (due process). All are equal before the law
legal matter management
Legal Matter Management or Matter Management can be defined as the comprehensive project management of legal matters within a corporate legal department. Matter management software systems help corporate legal departments and their staff manage the day to day complexities involved in managing legal matters. This includes the tracking of such items as the People, Issues, Documents, Budgets and Invoices associated with each particular legal matter. Corporations can utilize matter management software and systems to manage both their in-house counsel staffs as well as their outside counsel law firms and non-law firm legal service providers who work on legal matters on the corporation's behalf (i.e., expert witnesses, court reporters, copy services, etc.). Matter management systems can provide excellent communication and collaboration platforms to organize and distribute information, although new web-based collaboration tools are beginning to reduce the need for matter management systems as collaboration tools
legal-size paper
Paper measuring 8.5 inches wide and 14 inches long, used almost exclusively in the UK, US, and Commonwealth countries. Also called foolscap size paper
From a legal perspective

Legally, I think you are covered, but there are angry guys with baseball bats outside.

{n} lawfulness, justice, right
{a} according to law, lawfully, duly
legal action
a judicial proceeding brought by one party against another; one party prosecutes another for a wrong done or for protection of a right or for prevention of a wrong
legal entity
legitimate entity, body or organization that has legal authorization
legal entity
Individuals or organizations that can enter into a contract and may be sued for not performing in accordance with the contract A minor is not a legal entity and cannot sign a contract
legal entity
Any organization that can function with separate legal existence An entity such as a corporation, partnership, trust, etc , that can sue or be sued
legal entity
Any person, proprietorship, partnership or corporation which has the legal capacity to enter into an agreement or contract
legal entity
A person or organization that can legally enter into a contract, and may therefore be sued for failure to comply with the terms of the contract
legal tender
all currency issued by a governmental authority as official money
legal tender
money or currency that is backed by a government - used for exchange
legal tender
The coin or currency which the monetary authority of a country declares to be universally acceptable therein as a medium of exchange; acceptable in the discharge of debts
legal tender
Currency explicitly determined by a government to be acceptable in the discharge of debts
legal tender
something used as an official medium of payment
legal tender
Any medium of exchange which may legally be offered in exchange for goods or services or in payment of a debt, and which a creditor, seller or service provider must legally accept
legal tender
(A) The circulating medium of a nation, according to a standard fixed by the government of that nation It may be in metal, in paper, or anything else that the government may choose to sanction In England, at present (1895), the standard is a gold sovereign, guaranteed of a fixed purity In some countries it is silver, and in some countries the two precious metals are made to bear a relative value, say twenty silver shillings (or their equivalents) shall equal in commercial value a gold sovereign In Germany, before 1872, a very base silver was a legal tender, and in Ireland James II made a farthing the legal tender represented by an English shilling, so that 5d was really a legal tender for a sovereign Of course, export and import trade would not be possible under such conditions
legal tender
Coins that have been authorized by Congress This includes circulating coins and all commemorative coins legislated by Congress
legal tender
money that must be accepted according to law
legal tender
(1) An offer to do a thing, conformably to the requirements of the law in the case (2) Money that may be offered in payment of a debt
legal tender
legal tender
Legal tender is money, especially a particular coin or banknote, which is officially part of a country's currency at a particular time. Legally valid currency that may be offered in payment of a debt and that a creditor must accept. coins or bank notes that people can officially use as money in a particular country
legal tender
The authorized currency, backed by the government, that must be accepted in payment of all public and private debts
legal tender
Money that may be legally offered in payment of an obligation and that a creditor must accept (source: Webster's New World Dictionary)
legal tender
Instrument declared by a government to be acceptable for the settlement of debts incurred in financial transactions
legal tender
A legal tender is a mean of payment (gold, coin, note, etc ) which the laws forces the sellers to accept to settle debt That is, if you're a banana wholesaler, you can refuse payment in coconuts but you have to accept dollars from a client who want to pay its debts
legal tender
a coin declared by a government to be acceptable in the payment of all debts
If you talk about the legality of an action or situation, you are talking about whether it is legal or not. The auditor has questioned the legality of the contracts
lawfulness by virtue of conformity to a legal statute
The state or quality of being legal; conformity to law
A conformity to, and resting upon, the letter of the law
{i} lawfulness; obedience to the law
As permitted by law; not contrary to law
in a legal manner; "he acted legally"
lawfully, legitimately, according to the law; from a legal standpoint
by law; conforming to the law; "we are lawfully wedded now"
In a legal manner
by law; conforming to the law; "we are lawfully wedded now
in a legal manner; "he acted legally" by law; conforming to the law; "we are lawfully wedded now