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{k} transitive, translated, translation, translator, treasurer, troop
treasurer trust
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Draft Technical Report (usage from ISO)
Teddy Roosevelt, a popular president of the United States after whom many institutions are named, and the institutions themselves
Throws Right
Turkey (in Internet addresses). transmit-receive
Table Row The TR element is a part of the original Simple Table Model and is also part of the newer, backward compatible Complex Table Model It is a table structuring element that provides a grouping scheme for individual table cells by table row
Technical Report
The two-character ISO 3166 country code for TURKEY
A Toll Restriction (TOLLREST or TOLRST or TR) is an intercept which occurs when a station or tie trunk dials a toll point which has been restricted It indicates that calls to toll points on this trunk are restricted
Token-Ring The concept of passing a token message to grant the right to access the physical network media is not unique to the 802 5 standards Our convention, when referring to token passing rings, is to hyphenate the words "Token" and "Ring" to specifically refer to the IBM/802 5 implementation of token passing The ring in 802 5 is a physical, circular, interconnected ring of stations Each station has a separate transmitter and receiver port The transmitter port on one station is connected to the receiver port on the next station The term "Upstream Neighbor" is used to refer to the transmitting station and that station transmits to its "Downstream Neighbor" A Downstream station receives bits on the cable attached to its Nearest Upstream Neighbor station This station repeats bits to the next station
Starts a table row
Same as HD with slanted top portion for mixer TR16=16" usable depth in bottom rack & the number of spaces denotes the size of the bottom rack TR16 has 9 spaces in top
Scientology [from the Technical Dictionary] training regimen or routine Often referred to as a training drill TRs are a precise training action putting a student through laid out practical steps gradient by gradient, to teach a student to apply with certainty what he has learned (HCOB 19 Jun 71 III)
triple or treble yo twice, insert hook into top two loops of stitch (unless otherwise specified), yo, pull through stitch (4 lps on hk), (yo, pull through 2 lps yo) 3 times
IBM 16/4 Token Ring Network Adapter device driver
(MRI) The sampling time in the longitudinal plane A short TR is essential for the production of T1-weighted images
telecommunications request, trouble report, technical report (CMU/SEI)
repetition time The period of time between the beginning of a pulse sequence and the beginning of the succeeding (essentially identical) pulse sequence
Transfer Requirement
Technical Request based on EEI data
The Team Rocket set Often mistakenly used as an abbreviation for the word "Rocket's" in the names of Rocket's Pokémon such as Rocket's Scyther and Rocket's Mewtwo
Transition Radiation
(transmitter/receiver) - A class of metal detectors operating in a broad range of radio frequencies utilizing the inductive balance principle of metal detection
Testable assertion of required feature (POSIX class A)
torque ratio
1 ) Textus Receptus ("Received Text") A publisher's description of the Erasmus Greek New Testiment compilation
VFR low altitude training route
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