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Englisch - Türkisch

Kavanozda biraz şekerleme var. - There are some cookies in the jar.

Oğlumu kurabiye kavanozundan çalarken yakaladım. - I caught my son stealing from a cookie jar.

(with ile) uyuşmamak
kulak tırmalamak
uyumsuzluk oluşturmak
(Askeri) müşterek faaliyet raporu (joint activity report)
{i} bira bardağı
{i} çatlak ses
{f} çatlak ses çıkarmak
{f} didişmek
sinirine dokunmak
{f} gıcırdamak
{f} gıcırdatmak
ahenksiz ses çıkarmak
{f} kulak tırmalayıcı bir ses çıkarmak
{f} on/upon
kavanoz,v.tırmala: n.kavanoz
{i} sarsılma
{f} sarsılmak
{i} gıcırtı
{f} (with) (-e) ters düşmek, (ile) çatışmak
(Tıp) Kuru otları muhafazaya mahsus eczacı kavanozu
{f} zangırdatmak; zangırdamak
{f} çatışmak
{f} karşıt olmak
{f} kavga etmek
{i} kavga
çatlakon a jar on the jar hafifçe aralık
{i} didişme
{f} uymamak
bozuk ve çatlak ses çıkartmak
jar on
jar with
ters düşmek
(Bilgisayar) kavanoz/ürün
jar of
jar of
jar of ointment
merhem ve kavanoz
jar ring note
kavanoz yüzük dikkat
jar against
(Fiili Deyim ) uymamak , uyumu bozmak
bell jar
cam fanus
glass jar
cam kavanoz
honey jar
(Gıda) bal küpü
bell jar
çan şeklinde kavanoz
leyden jar
leyden şişesi
measuring jar
ölçülü büret
bell jar
can şeklinde kavanoz
canopic jar
canopic kavanoz
earthenware drink jar
toprak içki kavanoz
storage jar
Saklama kabı
(Askeri) müşterek otomatikleştirilmiş hazırlıklılık sistemi (joint automated readiness system)
earthenware jar
jam jar
reçel kavanozu
{s} kulak tırmalayan
{s} zıt
{s} uyumsuz
{s} sarsan
{s} karşıt
{s} sarsıcı

Sahneler arasındaki geçiş sarsıcıydı. - The transition between the scenes was jarring.

zıt bir şekilde
measuring jar
dereceli ölçü kabı
measuring jar
ölçülü buret
please give me a jar of coffee
bir kavanoz kahve verin lütfen
sample jar
örnek kabı
Türkisch - Türkisch
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Zaif, takatsiz, bitkin
Englisch - Englisch
JAR: Tool to create compressed file archives
To be so different that it looks strange and doesn't fit in with the surroundings; to be incongruent
A sense of alarm or dismay
to shock or surprise

I think the accident jarred him, as he hasn't gotten back in a car since.

Java archive
Discord, contention; quarrelling

To redresse those jarres and ill proceedings, the Councell in England altered the governement and devolved the authoritie to the Lord De-la-ware.

A shake
To knock or strike sharply

He hit it with a hammer, hoping he could jar it loose.

A small, approximately cylindrical container for food, normally made of glass or clay
{i} pitcher, vase; strident sound; shake, jolt; argument, quarrel
{v} to clash, discord, harsh sound, a vessel
A turn
Jackson, Avesta Reader
Java archive file format2
move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion
A rattling, tremulous vibration or shock; a shake; a harsh sound; a discord; as, the jar of a train; the jar of harsh sounds
To tick; to beat; to mark or tell off
a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles the quantity contained in a jar; "he drank a jar of beer"
A jar is a glass container with a lid that is used for storing food. yellow cucumbers in great glass jars
n kendi
Short for Java Archive, a file format used to bundle multiple files into a single archive file Typically a JAR file will contain the class files and auxiliary resources associated with applets and applications However, a JAR file could contain libraries and extensions to the Java language itself, entire Java Applications, or Java utility code By convention, JAR files end with a jar extension See tutorial about JAR files
Java Archive A platform-independent file format that permits many files to be aggregated into one file
or for ornamental purposes; as, a jar of honey; a rose jar
the ticking of a clock
A regular vibration, as of a pendulum
You can use jar to refer to a jar and its contents, or to the contents only. She opened up a glass jar of plums. two jars of filter coffee
a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
The Java Archive tool, which combines multiple files into a single Java Archive (JAR) file Also, the command to run the Java Archive Tool
shock physically; "Georgia was shaken up in the Tech game
If something jars on you, you find it unpleasant, disturbing, or shocking. Sometimes a light remark jarred on her father. televised congressional hearings that jarred the nation's faith in the presidency You shouldn't have too many colours in a small space as the effect can jar. + jarring jar·ring In the context of this chapter, Dore's comments strike a jarring note
A deep, broad-mouthed vessel of earthenware or glass, for holding fruit, preserves, etc
place in a cylindrical vessel; "jar the jam"
affect in a disagreeable way; "This play jarred the audience"
To cause a short, tremulous motion of, to cause to tremble, as by a sudden shock or blow; to shake; to shock; as, to jar the earth; to jar one's faith
Clash of interest or opinions; collision; discord; debate; slight disagreement
Java Archive; a file format for distributing the compiled bytecode of Java applications
be incompatible; be or come into conflict; "These colors clash"
Java Archive - A format used to store compressed Java applets, developed by Sun Microsystems
the quantity contained in a jar; "he drank a jar of beer"
Locative: near, by This suffix functions much like -jas Hence, valjar means "near the ice" or "by the ice "
Java ARchive: A file format compatible with ZIP used to package compiled Java code, documentation, or any other files It can also contain a manifest that includes archive content metadata, such as which class in the archive contains the main method to be used when treating the jar file as an executable
Java a JAR file
{f} make a discordant sound; rattle, shake; cause to vibrate; have an irritating or unpleasant effect
a sudden impact; "the door closed with a jolt"
A file created using the jar utility (and saved with the jar extension) that contains all the files that make up a Java application
If an object jars, or if something jars it, the object moves with a fairly hard shaking movement. The ship jarred a little The impact jarred his arm
To act in opposition or disagreement; to clash; to interfere; to quarrel; to dispute
Joint Airworthiness Requirement, issued by JAA
The measure of what is contained in a jar; as, a jar of oil; a jar of preserves
Java archive tool
To give forth a rudely quivering or tremulous sound; to sound harshly or discordantly; as, the notes jarred on my ears
A Java archive should be usable on any machine with Java
a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles the quantity contained in a jar; "he drank a jar of beer" place in a cylindrical vessel; "jar the jam" affect in a disagreeable way; "This play jarred the audience" shock physically; "Georgia was shaken up in the Tech game
In deep well boring, a device resembling two long chain links, for connecting a percussion drill to the rod or rope which works it, so that the drill is driven down by impact and is jerked loose when jammed
Container with a wide neck (compare Bottle)
Java ARchive file A file format for storing information for or about Java programs A platform independent file format that enables multiple files to be combined into one file and transferred as one HTTP transaction
Java Archive File
shock physically; "Georgia was shaken up in the Tech game"
jar of pickles
glass container which holds pickles
jar on someone
drive someone crazy, annoy someone greatly, drive someone nuts
Mason jar
A Mason-brand glass jar with a screw top, often used for preserving food
canopic jar
An Egyptian pottery container in which the entrails of a mummy have been placed
caught in the cookie jar
Alternative form of caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
caught raiding the cookie jar
Alternative form of caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
caught with one's fingers in the cookie jar
Alternative form of caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
Observed or apprehended while committing a theft, especially while embezzling money

Frankenmanto was, in fact, a certified kleptomaniac who had to carry a doctor’s letter on her to explain the embarrassing little moments when she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

caught with the cookie jar
Alternative form of caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
cookie jar
The storage space for browser cookies
cookie jar
A vessel for storing cookies or other food

I'll just put these cookies in the cookie jar and I'll be right out.

gas jar
A container used for collecting gas from experiments. It looks like a tube with a broad base and a broad opening
An act of jarring (in any sense)

The jarring of peaches took place at the end of the season.

Present participle of jar
That jars (clashes or disagrees); incongruous, conflictful
A container used for urinating or defecating when it is not possible or convenient to use a bathroom or toilet; a bedpan, a chamber pot. Commonly used in hospitals, where it is normally called bedpan. Formerly used in private residences that were without an indoor toilet or bathroom
killing jar
A device used by entomologists to kill captured insects quickly and with minimum damage
A jar
Leyden jar
An early form of capacitor consisting of a glass jar lined inside and out with tinfoil and having a conducting rod connected to the inner foil lining and passing out of the jar through an insulated stopper
Leyden jar
{i} electrical condenser, device for storing electric charge
Mason jar
A wide-mouthed glass jar with a screw top, used for canning and preserving food. a glass pot with a tight lid, used for preserving fruit and vegetables British Equivalent: Kilner jar (John L. Mason (died 1902), U.S. inventor)
bell jar
A glass vessel, varying in size, open at the bottom and closed at the top like a bell, and having a knob or handle at the top for lifting it
bell jar
A cylindrical glass vessel with a rounded top and an open base, used to protect and display fragile objects or to establish a vacuum or a controlled atmosphere in scientific experiments
bell jar
a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect and display delicate objects or to cover scientific apparatus or to contain gases
bell jar
It is used for a great variety of purposes; as, with the air pump, and for holding gases, also for keeping the dust from articles exposed to view
bell jar
{i} bell-shaped glass jar or cover for displaying and protecting delicate objects; bell-shaped glass container (closed at top and open at bottom) used in laboratories for keeping gases or vacuum under control during vacuum and chemical experiments
canopic jar
vessel used in ancient Egypt to house the embalmed organs of the deceased (was buried alongside the mummified body)
canopic jar
In ancient Egyptian funerary ritual, a covered vessel of wood, stone, pottery, or faience containing the embalmed viscera removed from a body during mummification. First used during the Old Kingdom ( 2575- 2130 BC), the jars became more elaborate during the Middle Kingdom ( 1938- 1600 BC), when their lids were decorated with sculpted human heads (probably representations of the deceased). From the 19th dynasty until the end of the New Kingdom (1539-1075 BC), the heads represented the four sons of Horus. During the 20th dynasty (1190-1075 BC), the practice began of returning the viscera to the body, and the art of canopic jars declined
canopic jar
a jar used in ancient egypt to contain entrails of an embalmed body
cookie jar
a jar in which cookies are kept (and sometimes money is hidden)
cookie jar reserve
a hidden reserve that can be used to adjust quarterly earning reports
earthenware jar
an earthen jar (made of baked clay)
glass jar
container made of glass with a large opening
jam jar
glass container in which jam is stored
As much as a jar will hold
{i} quantity a jar can hold, quantity held in a jar
plural of jarful
past of jar
making or causing a harsh and irritating sound; "the jarring noise of the iron gate scraping on the sidewalk
Of or pertaining to being rapped or shaken
Pertaining to the filling of jars
A shaking; a tremulous motion; as, the jarring of a steamship, caused by its engines
Shaking; disturbing; discordant
making or causing a harsh and irritating sound; "the jarring noise of the iron gate scraping on the sidewalk"
characterized by rough motion; "a bumpy ride"
{s} grating, discordant, dissonant; nerve-racking, irritating; shaking, jolting; conflicting, opposing
Of or pertaining to jars
Pertaining to being emotionally shaken
Discord; a clashing of interests
in a jarring manner
In a jarring or discordant manner
in a manner that jars and irritates; "the piano was jarringly out of tune"
in a manner that jars and irritates; "the piano was jarringly out of tune
third-person singular of jar
plural of jar
leiden jar
an electrostatic capacitor of historical interest
leyden jar
It is so named from having been invented in Leyden, Holland
leyden jar
It is coated with tin foil, within and without, nearly to its top, and is surmounted by a brass knob which communicates with the inner coating, for the purpose of charging it with electricity
leyden jar
A glass jar or bottle used to accumulate electricity
mason jar
a glass jar with an air-tight screw top; used in home canning
on the jar
open slightly, ajar, not closed tight (of a gate, door, etc.)