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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} çatlak
{i} kırık

Fadıl kafatası kırıkları nedeniyle öldü. - Fadil died of skull fractures.

Mandibula kondil kırıklarının tedavisinde birçok yöntem önerilmiştir. - Many methods have been proposed for treating fractures of the atrophic mandible.

bir şeyin kırılan yeri
(Tıp) fraktür
{f} çatla
{f} kır
kemik veya kıkırdağın kırılması
kırmak çatlatmak
{i} kırma
çekiçle kırılınca madenin meydana çıkan yüzeyi
kırık,v.kır: n.kırık
fracture mechanics
(Fizik,İnşaat) kırılma mekaniği
fracture point
(Mekanik) kopma dayanımı
fracture strength
kırılma direnci
fracture strength
kırılma dayanımı
fracture toughness
kırılma tokluğu
fracture cleavage
(Jeoloji) çatlak dilinimi
fracture fault
(Coğrafya) kırık fay
fracture frequency
(Jeoloji) çatlak sıklığı
fracture plane
kırılma düzlemi
fracture porosity
(Jeoloji) kırık porozitesi
fracture propagation
parçalanma yayılması
fracture propagation
kırılma yayılması
fracture spacing index
(Jeoloji) çatlak-aralık indeksi
fracture spring
(Jeoloji) çatlak gözesi
fracture test
kırılma deneyi
fracture test
kopma deneyi
fracture toughness
(Havacılık) kopma dayanağı
fracture zone
(Çevre) kırılma zonu
brittle fracture
(Çevre) kılcal çatlaklar
brittle fracture
gevrek kırılma
compound fracture
açık kırık
conchoidal fracture
konkoidal çatlak
simple fracture
önemsiz kırık
simple fracture
basit kırık
basilar skull fracture
baziler kafatası kırığı
bone fracture
Tıbbi anlamda kemik kırılması ya da benzer bir hasara uğraması
bone fracture
(Tıp, İlaç) Kemik çatlaması
bone fracture
kemik kırılması
complete fracture
kemiğin boydan boya kırılması
ductile fracture
sünek kırılma, yumuşak kırılma
fatigue fracture
yorgunluk kırığı
greenstick fracture
(Tıp, İlaç) Genç bir insanda kısmen kırık, kısmen kırılmamış kemik kırığı
greenstick fracture
(Tıp, İlaç) küçük çocuklarda kemiğin iki parçaya ayrılmadan kırılması
impacted fracture
Etkilenen kırık
penile fracture
(Tıp, İlaç) Penis kırılması
pipe fracture
boru patlaması
stress fracture
stres kırığı
boxers' fracture
(Tıp) boksör kırığı
cleavage fracture
yarılma kırılması
cleavage fracture
yapraksı kırılma
comminuted fracture
ufalanmış kırık
compaund fracture
bileşik kırık
compound fracture
kırılan kemik uçlarının deriyi delerek dışarı çıkması
compression fracture
basınç parçalanması
conchoidal fracture
konkoidal kırık
delayed fracture
(Havacılık) devamlı yük deneyi
delayed fracture
(Havacılık) gecikmiş kırılma
ductile fracture
(İnşaat,Teknik) sünek kırılma
ductile fracture
(Çevre) düktilite çatlağı
ductile fracture
yumuşak kırılma
fatigue fracture
yorulma parçalanması
{s} kırık

Neden bir kırık kemiğin var? - Why do you have a fractured bone?

i have a fracture
kırık var
impact fracture
vuruş kırılması
le fort fracture; class I
(Diş Hekimliği) yatay olarak maksillanın alveoler bölümünü , damağı ve pterigoid çıkıntıları etkileyen kırık
le fort fracture; class I, class II, class III
(Diş Hekimliği) maksillo - fasiyel kırıkların üç ana sınıfından biri
le fort fracture; class II
(Diş Hekimliği) burun kemiklerinden uzanan, maksillanın frontal çıkıntısını etkileyen, orbital düzlemden geçerek, maksiller antrumdan pterigoid çıkıntılara doğru inen, piramit şeklinde bir kırık
le fort fracture; class III
(Diş Hekimliği) burun köprüsünü, orbitayı, maksillanın piramidal çıkıntılarını ve zigomatik kemiğin geri kalan bağlantılarını etkileyen, kraniyofasiyel çıkık
penetration fracture test
penetrasyonlu kırılma deneyi
penetration fracture test
girinimli kırılma deneyi
pott's fracture
(Tıp) Ayak bileği ekleminde meydana gelen kırık ve çıkık olayı
pyramidal fracture
(Diş Hekimliği) le fort 2. Sınıf kırık
ring fracture
halka kırık
ring fracture
halka-şekilli çatlak
shear fracture
kesme kırıkları
sliding fracture
kayma kırılması
sliding fracture
kayma ile kırılma
vitreous fracture
(Madencilik) camsı kink
Englisch - Englisch
the act of breaking, or something that has broken, especially that in bone or cartilage
a fault or crack in a rock
to break, or cause something to break
a break
{n} a breach or separation of solid parts the manner of breaking
{v} to break a bone, to break or crack
A rupture of the surface of a laminate because of external or internal forces, with or without complete separation
fracture a bone of; "I broke my foot while playing hockey"
(n) A crack or break in a rock (v) To break in random places instead of cleaving Said of minerals
Breach in continuity of a bone Types of fractures include simple, compound, comminuted, greenstick, incomplete, impacted, longitudinal, oblique, stress, or transverse
a breaking of a body part, usually a bone
{f} cause a break (i.e. in a bone); break, split, crack; be broken, be split, be cracked
Any break in rock along which no significant movement has occurred
A general term to include any kind of discontinuity in a body of rock if produced by mechanical failure, whether by shear stress or tensile stress Fractures include faults, shears, joints, and planes of fracture cleavage
– A break in the geological formation, e g , a shear or fault
breaking of a bone G
A fracture is a slight crack or break in something, especially a bone. At least one-third of all women over ninety have sustained a hip fracture
The act of breaking or snapping asunder; rupture; breach
the act of cracking something breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall" fracture a bone of; "I broke my foot while playing hockey" break (a bone); "She broke her clavicle" become fractured; "The tibia fractured from the blow of the iron pipe" violate or abuse; "This writer really fractures the language" break into pieces; "The pothole fractured a bolt on the axle" interrupt, break, or destroy; "fracture the balance of power
- a break in the rock along which there has been little or no movement
breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall"
Breach of continuity of a bone Types of fractures include simple, compound, comminuted, greenstick incomplete, impacted, longitudinal, oblique, stress, or transverse
A break or crack
A break in rigid body tissue, such as bone, cartilage, or tooth
break (a bone); "She broke her clavicle"
(geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other; "they built it right over a geological fault"
{i} break (i.e. in a bone); act of breaking; state of being broken; split, crack
A rupture of the surface of a laminate due to external or internal forces; may or may not result in complete separation
A complete or partial interuption of a bony surface
To cause a fracture or fractures in; to break; to burst asunder; to crack; to separate the continuous parts of; as, to fracture a bone; to fracture the skull
A general term for any break in a rock including cracks, joints, and faults
Any break or rupture formed in an ice cover or floe due to deformation
break in a bone; occasionally of some other structure, e g , liver or spleen
The breaking of a bone
If something such as a bone is fractured or fractures, it gets a slight crack or break in it. You've fractured a rib, maybe more than one One strut had fractured and been crudely repaired in several places He suffered a fractured skull
to break; a broken object
a break in a bone
interrupt, break, or destroy; "fracture the balance of power
means to break
violate or abuse; "This writer really fractures the language"
the act of cracking something breaking of hard tissue such as bone; "it was a nasty fracture"; "the break seems to have been caused by a fall"
the act of cracking something
Break in a bone
interrupt, break, or destroy; "fracture the balance of power"
If something such as an organization or society is fractured or fractures, it splits into several parts or stops existing. His policy risks fracturing the coalition It might be a society that could fracture along class lines. a crack or broken part in a bone or other hard substance. In mineralogy, the appearance of a surface broken in directions other than along cleavage planes. There are several kinds of fractures: conchoidal (curved concavities resembling shells, as in glass); even (rough, approximately plane surfaces); uneven (rough and completely irregular surfaces, the commonest type); hackly (sharp edges and jagged points and depressions); and splintery (partially separated splinters or fibres). In engineering, rupture of a material too weak to sustain the forces on it. A fracture of the workpiece during forming can result from flaws in the metal; these often consist of nonmetallic inclusions such as oxides or sulfides trapped in the metal during refining. Laps are another type of flaw, in which part of a metal piece is inadvertently folded over on itself but the two sides of the fold are not completely welded together. Structural and machine parts subject to vibrations and other cyclic loading must be designed to avoid fatigue fracture. See also ductility, metallurgy, strength of materials, testing machine. Break in a bone, caused by stress. It causes pain, tenderness, and inability to use the part with the fracture. The site appears deformed, swollen, and discoloured, and the bone moves in abnormal ways. It must be protected from weight bearing and movement between the broken ends while it heals, producing puttylike new tissue that hardens to join the broken pieces together. Complications include failure to heal, healing in the wrong position, and loss of function despite good healing. Fractures in joints present a particularly serious problem, often requiring surgery. See also osteoporosis
become fractured; "The tibia fractured from the blow of the iron pipe"
break into pieces; "The pothole fractured a bolt on the axle"
The texture of a freshly broken surface; as, a compact fracture; an even, hackly, or conchoidal fracture
A crack or break in a bone
A break in rigid body tissue, such as bone, cartilage or tooth
Generally any break in a rock, whether or not it causes displacement, due to mechanical failure by stress; includes cracks, joints and faults
Preparation of a specimen (as of tissue) for examination by an electron microscope after freezing, fracturing along natural structural lines, and preparing a replica (as by simultaneous vapor deposition of carbon and platinum)
compression fracture
Any fracture of a bone (most often a load-bearing bone such as a vertebra) caused by compression
Simple past tense and past participle of fracture
Broken into sharp pieces
Split into groups which disagree

Her fractured family could never agree on anything.

greenstick fracture
An incomplete fracture of a long bone in which one side of a bone is broken while the other is bent
nightstick fracture
An isolated fracture of the ulna due to direct trauma to the forearm. The name refers to a situation in which a person raises an arm and exposes the medial aspect of the forearm in anticipation of a overhead blow
stress fracture
A small crack in a bone caused by repeated stress
greenstick fracture
a partial fracture of a bone (usually in children); the bone is bent but broken on only one side
bone fracture
A bone fracture is a medical condition in which a bone becomes cracked, splintered, or bisected as a result of physical trauma. A bone fracture can also occur as a result of certain medical conditions that weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis or certain types of cancer. A broken bone is not always defined as a fracture, much as a fracture is not always defined as a broken bone. (U.S. Gov't 2005) A broken bone is defined as a complete severing of the bone, as in opposition to a fracture covering any type of crack or break in the bone
greenstick fracture
(Tıp, İlaç) A bone fracture in a young individual in which the bone is partly broken and partly bent
penile fracture
(Tıp, İlaç) A penile fracture is an injury caused by the rupture of the tunica albuginea, which envelops the corpus cavernosum penis. It is most often caused by a blunt trauma to an erect penis
Colles fracture
{i} (Medicine) typical wrist fracture, radial fracture in the radius bone exactly above the wrist
To fracture
comminuted fracture
fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed
comminuted fracture
fracture of a bone in which the parts are splintered or crushed
complete fracture
break involving the entire width of the bone
compound fracture
A compound fracture is a fracture in which the broken bone sticks through the skin. A fracture in which broken bone fragments lacerate soft tissue and protrude through an open wound in the skin. a broken bone that cuts through someone's skin
compound fracture
bone fracture in which the broken bone is protruding through the skin
compound fracture
bone fracture associated with lacerated soft tissue or an open wound
compression fracture
fracture in which the bone collapses (especially in short bones such as vertebrae)
depressed fracture
fracture of the skull where the bone is pushed in
displaced fracture
fracture in which the two ends of the broken bone are separated from one another
ductile fracture
Layers of atoms break apart completely due to stress resulting from plastic deformation that causes the material to fracture
ductile fracture
a fracture characterized by plastic deformation
ductile fracture
Fracture characterized by tearing of metal accompanied by appreciable gross plastic deformation and expenditure of considerable energy Contrast with brittle fracture
fatigue fracture
fracture resulting from excessive activity rather than a specific injury
past of fracture
used of a break or crack or tear in bone or cartilage; "serious injuries such as broken bones and fractured skulls
{s} broken (i.e. a bone); cracked, split
broken or cracked fractured skull/jaw/rib etc
a partial or complete break in the bone
The bones of the elbow can break (fracture) into the elbow joint or adjacent to the elbow joint Fractures generally require immobilization and casts and can require orthopedic pinning or open joint surgery
Deformation process whereby ice is permanently deformed, and fracture occurs
third-person singular of fracture
The nucleation and growth of cracks
A well stimulation technique in which fluids are pumped into a formation under extremely high pressure to create or enlarge fractures for oil and gas to flow through Proppants such as sand are injected with the liquid to hold the fractures open
Method of dividing an electoral group into multiple districts to reduce their electoral influence Ant: packing
greenstick fracture
(Medicine) bone fracture in which one side of the bone is bent and the other side is broken (most often occurs in children)
hairline fracture
a fracture without separation of the frgments and the line of the break being very thin
hairline fracture
A minor fracture in which the bone fragments remain in alignment, appearing on x-ray film as a fine line
impacted fracture
fracture in which one broken end is wedged into the other broken end
incomplete fracture
fracture that does not go across the entire width of the bone
incomplete fracture
A fracture that does not extend through the full transverse width of a bone
simple fracture
A bone fracture that causes little or no damage to the surrounding soft tissues. an injury in which a bone in your body is broken but does not cut through the flesh that surrounds it compound fracture
simple fracture
an uncomplicated fracture in which the broken bones to not pierce the skin
stress fracture
A fracture of bone caused by repeated application of a heavy load, such as the constant pounding on a surface by runners, gymnasts, and dancers
stress fracture
fracture in the feet caused by over straining them
submarine fracture zone
Long, narrow, and mountainous submarine lineation that generally separates ocean-floor ridges differing in depth by as much as 1 mi (1.6 km). The largest fracture zones, in the eastern Pacific, are more than 1,000 mi (1,600 km) long and 60-125 mi (100-200 km) wide. Numerous shorter fracture zones in the Atlantic are associated with the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
vowel fracture
The change of a vowel to a diphthong; breaking