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The action of continuing
An order issued by a court granting a postponement of a legal proceeding for a set period
{n} duration, perserverance, abode
the period of time during which something continues
The adjournment or delay of a scheduled session of a court
Postponing your court hearing to a later date
a postponement
Self-restraint; self-command
In actual contact; touching; also, adjacent; near; neighboring; adjoining
A request to postpone a court date Top of Page
from unlawful indulgence; sometimes, moderation in sexu
The entry of such adjournment and the grounds thereof on the record
Postponement of a legal proceeding to a later date Also, adjournment
A framework or fabric, as of beams
The cessation, interruption or adjournment of a proceeding until a future date Usually refers to a postponement which amounts to a substantial delay in the proceedings
The continuance of something is its continuation. thus ensuring the continuance of the human species. = continuation. the state of continuing for a long period of time
A holding on, or remaining in a particular state; permanence, as of condition, habits, abode, etc
{i} continuing, prolonging; deferring of a lawsuit or trial till a later date (Law)
The state of being contiguous; intimate association; nearness; proximity
perseverance; constancy; duration; stay
Persuading an audience to continue present behavior or beliefs (See 541)
1 The adjournment or postponement to a specified subsequent date, of an action pending in a court
A court order postponing proceedings
Uninterrupted succession; continuation; constant renewal; perpetuation; propagation
A request to postpone a court date
Putting off a court case to a later date (See adjournment; compare with recess )
the act of continuing an activity without interruption
The adjournment of the proceedings in a cause from one day, or from one stated term of a court, to another
Contiguous; touching
A delay of court proceedings
A holding together; continuity
The restraint which a person imposes upon his desires and passions; the act or power of refraining from indulgence of the sexual appetite, esp
Postponement of a legal proceeding to a later date
The postponement of a scheduled court hearing
the act of continuing an activity without interruption The act or process of framing together, or uniting, as beams in a fabric
When a court hearing is delayed
The act of postponing a scheduled court date
the property of enduring or continuing in time
The adjournment or postponement of an action pending in a court to a future date (see Adjournment; compare Recess)
hearing continuance
postponement of a trial (Law)