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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} kirletme
(Kimya) safsızlık
(Dilbilim) etkileşim
(Gıda,Tıp) kontaminasyon

Bu yeşil takım elbiseler, biyolojik kirlenme riskini azaltmak için özel takım elbiselerdir. - Those green suits are special suits for reducing the risk of biological contamination.

{i} pislik
{i} atık
(Tıp) Yabancı madde etkisi ile kirlenme veya saflığını kaybetme, enfekte olma, bulaşma
(Askeri) KİRLENME, KİRLETME: Radyoaktif malzemenin, biyolojik ve kimyasal maddelerin yapılar, bölgeler, personel ve eşya üzerinde birikmesi veya bunlar tarafından emilmesi. Ayrıca bakınız: "induced radiation", "residual contamination" ve "residual radiation"
(Nükleer Bilimler) bulaşma,bulaşıklık,kirlenme,kirlilik, radyoaktif kirlilik
{i} (mikrop, zehir v.b. ile) kirletme/kirletilme/kirlenme; bulaştırma
contamination path
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) virüs bulaşma yolu
contamination meter
Geiger cihazı
contamination area
(Çevre) kirlenme alanı
contamination avoidance
(Çevre) kirlenme azaltıcı tedbir
contamination control
(Askeri) KİRLİLİK KONTROLU: Askeri harekatların etkili bir şekilde idare edilmesinin muhafazası veya bu durumun artırılması için zararlı nükleer, biyolojik veya kimyasal kirlilikten geçici veya daimi olarak kaçınmak veya söz konusu olguyu azaltmak, ortadan kaldırmak veya geriletmek için bulunan usuller
contamination control areas
(Askeri) kirlilik kontrol sahaları
contamination control line
(Askeri) KİRLİLİK KONTROL HATTI: Söz konusu kirleticinin belirli bir düzeyde kirlettiği bölgeyi teşhis eden yetkili makam tarafından oluşturulan hat. Ayrıca bakınız: "contamination"
contamination control line
(Askeri) kirlilik kontrol hattı
contamination control line
(Çevre) kirlilik denetim hattı
contamination control point
(Askeri) kirlilik kontrol noktası
contamination control point
(Askeri) KİRLİLİK KONTROL NOKTASI: Kirlenmiş bölgeye giriş ve bu bölgeden çıkışı kontrol etmek üzere personel tarafından kullanılan kirlilik kontrol hattının belirli bir kısmı. Ayrıca bakınız: "contamination"
contamination control point
(Çevre) kirlilik denetim noktası
contamination meter
radyoaktif kirlenme ölçüm cihazı
contamination path
virus bulasma yolu
contamination survey
(Çevre) kirlenme tespiti incelemesi
colour contamination
renk bulaşması
{f} (mikrop, zehir v.b. ile) kirletmek; bulaştırmak
{f} kirletmek

Temiz bardakları onları bulaşık makinesinden çıkararak kirletmek istemiyorum. - I don't want to contaminate the clean glasses by taking them out of the dishwasher.

{f} bozmak
(Tıp) kontamine etmek
wound contamination
(Tıp) yara kontaminasyonu
bacterial contamination
bakteriyel enfeksiyon
bath contamination
banyo kirlenmesi

Su petrolle kirletilmiş. - The water was contaminated with oil.

Pirinç arsenik ile kirletilmiş. - This rice is contaminated by arsenic.

make free from contamination
lekesiz hale getir
remove the contamination
surface contamination
yüzey kirliliği
contamina tion bulaştırma
cross contamination
çapraz kontaminasyon
surface contamination
yüzey kirliliği, yüzey bulasimi
water contamination
su kirliliği
air borne contamination
(Nükleer Bilimler) havadaki radyoaktif kirlilik
airborne contamination
(Nükleer Bilimler) havadaki bulaşma
bath contamination
banyo bulaşımı
geçirmek lekelemek
(Tıp) Kirletmek, yabancı madde etkisiyle saflığını bozmak, bulaştırmak, enfekte etmek
drug contamination
(Eczacılık,Tıp) ilaç kontaminasyonu
hand and food contamination
(Nükleer Bilimler) el ayak radyoaktif kirlenme
hand and foot contamination monitor
(Nükleer Bilimler) el ayak bulaşma izleme cihazı el ayak radyoaktif kirlenme ölçüm cihazı
noise contamination
gurultu kirlenmesi
nuclear contamination
(Askeri) Nükleer kirlenme
nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) contamination survivability
(Askeri) nükleer, biyolojik ve kimyasal (nbc) kirlenme bekası
radioactive contamination
(Askeri) RADYOAKTİF KİRLENME: Radyoaktif kirletme
radioactive contamination
(Nükleer Bilimler) ışınım kirliliği,ışır bulaşıklık, radyoaktif bulaşma,radyoaktif kirlenme
residual contamination
(Askeri) ARTIK KİRLENME: Temizleme teşebbüslerine girişildikten sonra kalan kirlenme miktarı. Bu teşebbüsler sadece kirlenmenin normal şekilde kaybolmasını beklemekten ibaretde ol. abilir. Ayrıca bakınız: "contamination", "induced radiation" ve "residual radiation"
sediment contamination
(Askeri) katı madde kirlenmesi
source of contamination
(Kimya) kirlenmenin kaynağı
İngilizce - İngilizce
The act or process of contaminating; pollution; defilement; taint; also, that which contaminates
A process whereby words with related meanings come to have similar sounds
The process of making a material or surface unclean or unsuited for its intended purpose, usually by the addition or attachment of undesirable foreign substances
{i} pollution, something which contaminates; spreading of impurities; infection (by a disease)
When a substance is present in the environment at high enough levels to make water unfit for drinking or other intended uses Leaking waste lagoons and run-off from sprayfields can contaminate water supplies by adding unnaturally high amounts of nitrates (see lagoon, sprayfield, nitrates)
the presence of any foreign substance (organic, inorganic, radiological, or biological) in water, which tends to degrade its quality and can constitute a hazard or impair the usefulness of the water
a tendency for the assessor's data, the scorer's ratings and judgments, or the evaluator's conclusions to be influenced or confounded by irrelevant knowledge about the teacher, other personnel, or other factors that have no bearing on the teacher's level of performance See Bias, Error of Measurement, Rater Effect
Radioactive material deposited or dispersed into materials or places where it does not belong
the state of being contaminated
Introduction into water, air and/or soil of microorganisms, chemicals, toxic substances, wastes, or wastewater in a concentration that makes the medium unfit for its next intended use Also applies to surfaces of objects and buildings, and various household and agricultural use products
An impairment of the quality of water by microorganisms, chemicals, sewage or industrial waste which renders water unfit for its intended use In California, this means the water poses an actual hazard to public health
Presence of radioactive substances in a material, on the surface of objects or in places where they should not be present or where they can have harmful consequences For humans, a distinction is made between external and internal contamination In the case of internal contamination, radioactive particles are present in the body, for instance through the inhalation or ingestion of solids, liquids or gas contaminated by radioactive substances In the case of external contamination, the radioactive substances are in contact with the skin or the external parts of the organism
The presence of any substance in a product that makes it impure, unclean, or unfit for use There are three types of contamination: microbial, particulate, and cross-contamination
Deposition of radioactive material in any place where it is not desired
The addition of any physical, chemical, biological or radiological substance to water which reduces the value of the water, or interferes with its intended use
Radioactive material deposited or dispersed in materials or places where it is not wanted
the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors
the tendency of unconscious contents to run together, making them hard to tell apart from one another Discrimination of each falls to consciousness As each personification from down under connects to awareness, it differentiates from the other figures contaminating it
The deposition of radioactive material on the surfaces of structures, areas, objects, or people The material also may be airborne, external, or internal (inside components or people)
Introduction into water, air and soil of microorganisms, chemicals, toxic substances, wastes, or wastewater in a concentration that makes the medium unfit for its next intended use Also applies to surfaces or objects and buildings, and various household and agricultural use products
A buildup of foreign matter on the radiation-entrance window caused by particles in the SEM chamber, e g , due to outgasing by samples or oil from diffusion pumps on the SEM Contamination layers absorb X-rays and thus reduce efficiency, distort spectra and affect the results
the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors the state of being contaminated
Any physical, chemical biological, or radiological substance found in a water source Contamination can be naturally occurring or manmade
To make something bad To pollute or infect something To reduce the quality of the potable (drinking) water and create an actual hazard to the water supply by poisoning or through spread of diseases
Deposition of radioactive material in any place where it is not desired, particularly where its presence can be harmful
a substance that contaminates
The impairment of water, sediments, plants, or animals by chemicals or bacteria to such a degree that it creates a hazard to public and environmental health through poisoning, bioconcentration (bioaccumulation), or the spread of disease Contamination can be naturally occurring or manmade
The deposit and/or absorption of radioactive material or biological or chemical agents on and by structures, areas, personnel, or objects; food and/or water made unfit for human or animal consumption by the presence of environmental chemicals, radioactive elements, bacteria or organisms in decomposing material (including the food substance itself), or waste, in food or water (FM3-4)
1 The presence of an infectious agent on a body surface; also in or on clothes, bedding, toys, surgical instruments or dressings, or other inanimate articles or substances including water, milk and food (Last's epidemiological definition) 2 The undesirable deposition of a chemical, biological, or radiological material on the surface of structures, areas, objects, or people (FEMA definition) See also biological contamination; infection
A grammatical blend, grammatical contamination
Radioactive substances dispersed in materials and places where it is undesirable An object is contaminated when radioactive particles attach themselves to unradioactive materials Exposure to radiation does not contaminate a material
The deposit of radioactive material on the surfaces of structures, areas, objects, or personnel, following a nuclear (or atomic) explosion This material generally consists of fallout in which fission products and other weapon debris have become incorporated with particles of dirt, etc Contamination can also arise from the radioactivity induced in certain substances by the action of neutrons from a nuclear explosion See Decontamination, Fallout, Induced radioactivity, Weapon debris
a general term signifying the introduction into water of microorganisms, chemicals, wastes or sewage which renders the water unfit for its intended use
The transfer of a contaminant from one source to another
to pollute
{a} defiled, polluted, corrupted
The process by which bacteria or other microorganisms are unintentionally transferred from one substance or object to another
to pollute something or make it impure by adding a foreign substance See our Clean Water & Your Health section for more information
To spread filth or germs; contaminated food can cause illness or death
make radioactive by adding radioactive material; "Don't drink the water--it's contaminated"
{f} pollute, make impure; infect with a disease
Contaminated; defiled; polluted; tainted
make radioactive by adding radioactive material; "Don't drink the water--it's contaminated
If something is contaminated by dirt, chemicals, or radiation, they make it dirty or harmful. Have any fish been contaminated in the Arctic Ocean? vast tracts of empty land, much of it contaminated by years of army activity. + contaminated con·tami·nat·ed Nuclear weapons plants across the country are heavily contaminated with toxic wastes More than 100,000 people could fall ill after drinking contaminated water. + contamination con·tami·na·tion The contamination of the sea around Capri may be just the beginning
to make impure (not pure) by contact or addition of something; to pollute or soil
To introduce impurities or foreign matter; to soil or defile
to make something unpure, in waste this is when materials are mixed If glass or plastics are separate they are useful, but they contaminate organic matter so that it is does not produce good compost Food matter on the other hand contaminates glass or paper for recycling
To pollute, or make impure, often used in connection with water
To soil, stain, or corrupt by contact; to tarnish; to sully; to taint; to pollute; to defile
To make impure or unclean by contact or mixture
(v) to make unfit for use
make impure; "The industrial wastes polluted the lake"
to make dirty or impure by touching or mixing with
dust contamination
the act of contaminating with dust particles state of being contaminated with dust
level of contamination
level of pollution, degree to which something is polluted