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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom bir reklamcılık ajansında başladı. - Tom started an advertising agency.


Bir reklam ajansının temel işi nasıl bir isteğin bir ihtiyaca çevrileceğini bulmaktır. - The basic job of an advertising agency is to figure out how to turn a desire into a need.

Hükümet televizyonda sigara reklamını yasakladı. - The government banned cigarette advertising on television.

reklam işi
{f} tanıt

Mağaza bir satış tanıtımı yapıyor. - The store is advertising a sale.

{f} reklam yap: prep.reklam yaparak,reklamcı
{i} duyurma
reklâmcılık ile ilgili
reklam yap/ver
{i} ilan

Onlar ilanla bir aşçı arıyorlar. - They are advertising for a cook.

ilan etme
reklam etmek
advertising management
(Reklam) reklamcılık yönetimi
advertising agency
reklam ajansı
advertising agent
reklam ajansı
advertising campaign
reklam kampanyası
advertising department
reklam bölümü
advertising agencies
reklam ajansları
advertising agent
reklam ajan
advertising brochure
reklam broşürü
advertising company
reklam firması
advertising journal
reklam dergi
advertising matter
reklam olsun
advertising medium
basın, radyo, televizyon, sinema gibi reklam yapma olanağı sağlayan belirli bir iletişim aracı, reklam yapmak amacıyla oluşturulmuş iletişim kanalı, reklamın hitap ettiği ortam
advertising premiums
reklam primleri
advertising supplement
reklam ek
advertising agency
reklâm ajansı
advertising agency
reklam bürosu
advertising agreement
reklam anlaşması
advertising campaign
reklâm kampanyası
advertising cards
(Reklam) reklam kartları
advertising costs
(Ticaret) reklam masrafları
advertising department
(Ticaret) reklam servisi
advertising equivalent
(Ticaret) reklam eşdeğeri
advertising expense
(Ticaret) reklam masrafı
advertising expenses
(Ticaret) reklam masrafları
advertising expenses
(Ticaret) reklam giderleri
advertising fund
(Reklam) reklam fonu
advertising messages
reklam mesajı
advertising program
reklam kampanyası planı
advertising psychology
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) reklam psikolojisi
advertising space
(Ticaret) reklam tahtası
advertising space
(Ticaret) reklam yeri
advertising spots
reklam spotları
advertising template
(Reklam) tanıtım şablonu
advertising template
(Reklam) reklam şablonu
advertising theme
(Ticaret) reklam teması
advertising works
reklam çalışmaları
advocacy advertising
(Reklam) savunucu reklamcılık
{i} reklam

Onlar satılık bir evleri olduğunu reklam ettiler. - They advertised that they had a house for sale.

Onlar televizyonda yeni bir ürünün reklamını yaptı. - They advertised a new product on TV.

ilan vermek

İlan vermek için yeterli param yok. - I don't have enough money to advertise.

{f} reklâmını yapmak
{f} reklâm yapmak

Reklam yapmak zorundasın. - You have to advertise.

{f} tanıtım yapmak
ilan etmek
(Bilgisayar) tanıtımını yap

Tom satılık saksafonunun tanıtımını yaptı. - Tom advertised his saxophone for sale.

ilanla aramak
institutional advertising
(Ticaret) endüstri
{f} reklamını yap

Onlar televizyonda yeni bir ürünün reklamını yaptı. - They advertised a new product on TV.

Biz, TV'de ürünlerimizin reklamını yaparız. - We advertise our products on TV.

reklamını yapmak
satılığa çıkarmak
billboard advertising
ilan tahtalarıyla reklam yapma
cigarette advertising
sigara reklamı
direct advertising
doğrudan reklam
initial advertising
tanıtım reklamı
luminous advertising
ışıklı reklam
The best advertising is mouth to mouth
(Atasözü) En iyi reklam kulaktan kulağa olandır
commercial advertising
Ticari reklam
covert advertising
örtülü reklam
exterior advertising
taşıt üzerine konulan reklamlar
step model of advertising effect
reklam etkisi adım model
subliminal advertising
Bilinçaltını etkilediği düşünülen reklam
advertising agent reklâm ajansı
tanıt,v.reklamını yap: n.reklam
reklam yap/ver
billboard advertising
afişle reklam
comparative advertising
karşılaştırmalı reklam
cooperative advertising
(Ticaret) kooperatif reklam
cooperative advertising
(Ticaret) müşterek reklam
deceptive advertising
(Reklam) yanıltıcı reklam
direct advertising
adrese gönderilen reklâm
direct advertising
tüketiciyi hedef alan reklâm
display advertising
tanıtım reklâmcılığı
formal advertising
(Askeri) RESMİ İLAN: Fiyat vesaire gibi faktörleri dikkate alarak, en uygun teklifi yapana ihale etmek için resmi usullerle ilan yapılması
generate advertising revenue
reklam geliri elde etmek
illuminated advertising
ışıklı reklâm
institutional advertising
prestij artırmak için yapılan reklâm
outdoor advertising
(Reklam) açık hava reklamı
perceptual advertising
(Reklam) algısal haritalama
persuasive advertising
(Ticaret) kanıtlayıcı reklam
professional advertising
(Turizm) ticari reklamcılık
public service advertising
(Ticaret) kamu hizmeti reklamı
sky advertising
uçakla reklâm
surreptitious advertising
(Politika, Siyaset) gizli reklam
word of mouth advertising
sözlü reklâm
workgroup advertising
(Bilgisayar) çalışma grubu tanıtımı
İngilizce - İngilizce
communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services
Present participle of advertise
{a} giving notice, informing
Non-personal, paid communication such as newspaper, radio, direct mail and TV directed toward the general public or, in some cases, specific prospective client groups to provide information about the time, place, contents, and arrangements of an auction
Marketing messages brought to you in various forms such as: newspapers, magazines, billboards, letters, radio, television, and online Marketers pay for the space that carries their message to you (The word "ads" is short for advertisements )
The non-personal communication of information paid for by an identified sponsor, for example, an individual or an organisation
ShopSite merchants have chosen to advertise their stores in many different ways Of course, ICentral advertises the ShopSite itself, which brings traffic through, and larger stores advertise extensively, resulting in residual traffic, but the only way to ensure that your target clientele visits your site is to do advertising yourself You can pay for advertising on popular sites Advertising on well-travelled sites like yahoo and infoseek are very expensive, but a better way to approach the problem would be to determine which sites are most popular with your target clientele and advertise there See also: swapping links search engines internet directories
n (1) The fine art of lying to consumers about what is actually being sold (2) A notable amendment of capitalist theory, whereby the market comes to favor, not the producers who sell the best product, but those who sell the best image (3) A substantial misallocation of economic resources, whereby a tremendous portion of the economy which could do something useful, is wasted (This misfortune has the additional demerit of providing a substantial competitive edge to those who use it ) For example, for each packet of mixed vegetables sold at the supermarket, more money is spent to place a colored picture on the packet than actually goes to the farmer (4)
In a 1952 press cutting I read that Cadillac had spent $3,000,000 on advertising in 1951 and would spend $3,500,000 in 1952 Comfort, automobile performance and the lifestyles of the leisure class were big in auto advertising during the early Thirties; from reading the copy you would hardly know that a grim depression was going on
the business of drawing public attention to goods and services
the process of gaining the public’s attention through paid media announcements analyst: an individual representing a trade or professional association who reviews and comments publicly on products, services and companies
a public promotion of some product or service
Sales messages you see in newspapers, magazines, and letters; on billboards, television, or the Internet; and you hear on the radio Marketers pay for the space that carries their messages to you The word "ads" is short for advertisements
process to inform the public of important meetings and other public matters, as specified in provincial regulations
The laws relating to advertising, whether in publications, on billboards, by direct mail or by broadcasting on television or radio
Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor
Paid nonpersonal communication from an identified sponsor using mass media to persuade or influence an audience
A paid for message which seeks to persuade or influence you The two main cost elements are advertisement production and the cost of buying the space which the advert is seen in (e g newspaper page) The two key things to watch for in your advertising are The BIG IDEA (this is like the plot in a film) and DELIVERY (how good the film director is)
Advertising is the nonpersonal communication of information, usually paid for, and usually persuasive in nature, about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media
The structured and composed nonpersonal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products (goods and services) or ideas by identified sponsors through various media (Ch 1)
- Making known; calling public attention to a product, service, or company by means of paid announcements so as to affect perception or arouse consumer desire to make a purchase or take a particular action
{i} act or activity of marketing and promotion; promoting, drawing attention to (generally in order to sell goods or services); act of publicly announcing (also advertizing)
This category includes the cost of placing ads in papers, magazines, on radio or television
The public promotion of one's products and services
tells people about a product or service Advertising usually focuses on the good parts of the product or service in an effort to get people to buy it
The means by which messages are brought to the attention of the public, through various media, in a persuasive and memorable fashion
Process by which services on a network inform other devices on the network of their existence The NetWare network operating system (NOS) uses the Service Advertising Protocol (SAP) to do this
A paid form of non- personal communication about an organisation and its products that is transmitted to a target audience through a mass medium p 464
There are a variety of definitions, with subtle but important distinctions While the general public frequently views advertising as encompassing all forms of promotional communication, most advertising practitioners limit it to paid communications conveyed by a mass medium The latter definition distinguishes advertising from other forms of marketing communication, such as Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and Direct Marketing
Any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor
Advertising is the activity of creating advertisements and making sure people see them. the activity or business of advertising things on television, in newspapers etc. Techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice for the purpose of persuading the public to respond in a certain way. Weekly newspapers in London first carried advertisements in the 17th century; by the 18th century such advertising was flourishing. The first advertising agencies were established in the 19th century to broker for space in newspapers, and by the early 20th century agencies were producing the advertising message itself, including copy and artwork. Most advertising promotes goods for sale, but similar methods are used in public service messages to promote causes, charities, or political candidates. In many countries, advertising is the most important source of income for the media through which it is conducted. In addition to newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media, advertising media include direct mail (see direct-mail marketing), billboards and posters, transit advertising, the Internet, and promotional items such as matchbooks or calendars. Advertisers attempt to choose media that are favoured by the advertisers' target audience. See also marketing; merchandising
has three basic objectives: (1) to inform the consumer about new products, product users, services available, or other facts that need to be known by consumers; (2) to persuade an audience to purchase a product, change brand preferences, or perceive a product different; and (3) to remind consumers about the need for need for a product or where it may be purchased fr The Marketing Glossary
advertising mail
Alternative expression for junk mail
advertising slogan
A short, often memorable phrase used in advertising campaigns
advertising agency
– An organization acting as an agent for a producer of goods or services (an advertiser) devoted to developing and placing advertising in order to further the acceptance of a brand product, service, or idea
advertising agency
An organization that decides on and implements an advertising strategy for a customer 2 7, 12 4
advertising agency
A marketing specialist firm that assists the advertiser in planning and preparing its advertisements
advertising agency
agency which creates campaigns to publicize and promote products
advertising agency
an agency that designs advertisement to call public attention to its clients
advertising agency
means any commercial concern engaged in providing any service connected with the making, preparation, display or exhibition of advertisement and includes an advertising consultant
advertising agency
A company engaged by an advertiser that specializes in the production of creative advertising material and its placement in the most favorable media (i e , newspaper, broadcast, billboards, magazines, etc ) The agency "spends" the ADVERTISER's budget and typically retains 15% as compensation for its efforts
advertising agency
a firm specialising in the creation, design and media placement of advertisements, and in the planning and execution of promotional campaigns See Full-Service Advertising Agency; Limited-Service Advertising Agency
advertising agency
A firm that specializes in creating and placing advertisements in the media for clients
advertising agency
A company that specialises in the planning, producing and placing of advertising on behalf of its clients
advertising agency
An advertising agency is a company whose business is to create advertisements for other companies or organizations. Advertising agencies are losing their once-powerful grip on brand marketing. W1S1 a company that designs and makes advertisements for other companies
advertising agent
publicist, advertiser, one who arranges publicity or advertising
advertising campaign
an organized program of advertisements
advertising campaign
An advertising campaign is a planned series of advertisements. The Government has launched an advertising campaign to encourage people to vote
advertising campaign
The creation and coordination of a series of advertisements (both broadcast and print) around a particular theme to promote a product
advertising campaign
public promotion (i.e. of a product to be sold, of a political candidate, etc.)
advertising campaign
An attempt to reach a particular target market by designing a series of advertisements and placing them in various advertising media p 489
advertising campaign
The arrangement of ads in selected media to reach target audiences
advertising column
newspaper section dedicated to advertisements and want ads
advertising department
the division of a business that is responsible for advertising
advertising gimmick
trick used by advertisers to create interest in a product
advertising products
different products upon which are written a company name as an advertising element
deceptive advertising
an exaggerated advertising that is attempting to deceive
experiential advertising
Commercials designed to evoke strong sensory responses from the audience as opposed to pitching a rational sales message, also known as emotional advertising

Commercials that make you want to run to the fridge for a soda or drive to the restaurant for a burger are examples of one type of experiential advertising.

two-price advertising
A sales and marketing practice whereby the seller shows two prices, a normal price and a lower special discounted price, in order to attract customers by the apparent saving, but where the "normal" price is in fact a fiction, the goods having never actually been sold and/or offered at that price. (Genuine reduced prices are not considered two-price advertising, only the case where the higher price is invented to look like a saving.)

2006: the advertising crackdown is concentrating on two-price advertising in catalogues such as “was $150, now $100” — Western Australian Department of Consumer and Employment Protection press release Jewellers targeted in swoop on advertisements, 10 May 2006.

viral advertising
Viral marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzz are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networking services and other technologies to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of viruses or computer viruses (cf. Internet memes and memetics). It can be delivered by word of mouth or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet and mobile networks. Viral marketing may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, text messages, email messages, or web pages. The most common utilized transmission vehicles for viral messages include: pass-along based, incentive based, trendy based, and undercover based. However, the creative nature of viral marketing enables an "endless amount of potential forms and vehicles the messages can utilize for transmission", including mobile devices
{v} to warn, inform, tell, publish
Humor Amateur Radio Engineering Software
To make public announcement of something, usually to promote goods or services
Windows Installer method for making an application available to the user without installing it When the user attempts to use the application, the application is installed and run See also assign, publish
to let people know about a business (marketing) in order to get them to come and buy a product or service
In Windows 2000 and Systems Management Server, to make a program available to members of a collection (group)
the way to increase the sale of products or services through commercial on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, or other
The administrative process of making a program available to members of a collection See also assigning
Advertising usually means showing down a mediocre hand, to give the impression that you play overly loose or that you play a generally weak game The idea is that other players will then give you more action when you make a legitimate hand Since people are bad at revising first impressions, this potentially beneficial effect can be long-lasting Typical advertising plays in hold'em might be to show down top pair with a weak kicker (e g , K2), middle pair, or a gutshot draw that missed These hands have marginal intrinsic value, but playing them early in a session might pay off later Of course, it's best to advertise if you actually want to be called down more often, e g , at an especially tight table At a table full of calling stations, it might be unnecessary or even harmful More generally, advertising can mean anything you do at the poker table to manipulate how other players assess you
(v ) In networking, to make a file system available for access over the network Compare to the "export" mechanism of the NFSTM system
{f} publicise, promote, draw attention to (generally in order to sell goods or services); publicly announce; give notice, inform; (in Poker card game) bluff in order to make the bluff apparent (also advertize)
To give public notice of; to announce publicly, esp
If you advertise for someone to do something for you, for example to work for you or share your accommodation, you announce it in a newspaper, on television, or on a notice board. We advertised for staff in a local newspaper
If you advertise something such as a product, an event, or a job, you tell people about it in newspapers, on television, or on posters in order to encourage them to buy the product, go to the event, or apply for the job. The players can advertise baked beans, but not rugby boots Religious groups are currently not allowed to advertise on television
call attention to; "Please don't advertise the fact that he has AIDS"
To give public notice of; to announce publicly; as to advertise goods for sale, a lost article, the sailing day of a vessel, a political meeting
by a printed notice; as, to advertise goods for sale, a lost article, the sailing day of a vessel, a political meeting
call attention to; "Please don't advertise the fact that he has AIDS" make publicity for; try to sell (a product); "The salesman is aggressively pushing the new computer model"; "The company is heavily advertizing their new laptops
If you do not advertise the fact that something is the case, you try not to let other people know about it. There is no need to advertise the fact that you are a single woman see also advertising
To provide information about a person or goods and services to influence others
To provide information about in communications media, especially about goods or services for sale
make publicity for; try to sell (a product); "The salesman is aggressively pushing the new computer model"; "The company is heavily advertizing their new laptops
To give notice to; to inform or apprise; to notify; to make known; hence, to warn; often followed by of before the subject of information; as, to advertise a man of his loss
co-op advertising
Advertising funded by two or more destinations and /or suppliers
co-op advertising
Advertising run by a local retailer featuring the product of a national manufacturer usually on a shared-cost, "cooperative" basis
co-op advertising
Joint participation in the content and cost of a commercial by two entities, usually a national company that manufactures the product and a local company that sells it 12 3
co-op advertising
Where two organizations, such as a bookseller and a publisher, share the cost of advertising The publisher usually pays the larger percentage
co-op advertising
The shared cost of advertising between an advertiser and a manufacturer
direct mail advertising
advertisements mailed directly to individuals
indirect advertising
advertisement of a product by having it appear casually in the background (of a movie, television program, etc.)
massive advertising
advertising designed to reach a large segment of the population
outdoor advertising
billboard advertising, advertising outside in public spaces
standard advertising unit
basic size unit used in the print advertising industry (one SAU is equal to one newspaper column X 2 1/16"), SAU
truth in advertising
honest marketing, promotions which can be believed