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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} uygulamak
{f} idare etmek

Okulu yeni bir okul müdür idare etmektedir. - A new principal is administering the school.

(Ticaret) yapmak
ilaç vermek
(Bilgisayar) yönetme
vermek (ilaç/ceza vb)
tatbik etmek

Belediye başkanı kent işlerini yönetir. - The mayor administers the affairs of the city.

Bakanlık iç işlerini yönetir. - The ministry administers the internal affairs.

{f} verdirmek
{f} ettirmek
administer idare et
(fiil) yönetmek, idare etmek; uygulamak; vermek (ilâç, ceza vb), verdirmek, ettirmek, hizmet etmek
{f} hizmet etmek
levazımını temin etmek
{f} vermek ilâç
{f} ceza vb
(Bilgisayar) yönetici
tayin etmek
müdürlük etmek
yemin ettirmek
yerine getirmek
administer an oath
ant içirmek
administer bribe
rüşvet vermek
administer dosage
administer medication
ilaç vermek
administer a medicine
ilaç vermek
administer an examination
sınava yönetmek
administer justice
yargıçlık yapmak
administer to
doğru yönetmek
administer a shock
administer a shock
administer an oath
yemin ettirmek
administer an oath to smb
yemin ettirmek
administer file system
Yönetici Dosya Sistemi
administer fund
fon yönetmek
administer justice
adaleti yerine getirmek
administer oxygen
oksijen vermek
administer the law
yargıçlık yapmak
administer the law
adaleti yerine getirmek
administer treatment
tedavi uygulamak

O, arkadaşlarının işlerini idare etti. - He administered his friend's affairs.

İngilizce - İngilizce
To cause to take, either by openly offering or through deceit

We administered the medicine to our dog by mixing it in his food.

To minister to, as in administering to the sick
To manage or supervise the conduct, performance or execution of; to govern or regulate the parameters for the conduct, performance or execution of; to work in an administrative capacity
To apportion out, as in administering justice
{v} to give, conduce, supply, execute, enforce, dispense, settle an intestate estate
work in an administrative capacity; supervise; "administer a program"
To discharge the duties of an office; to give (as in the giving of an oath)
Managing or directing the execution of affairs Topic areas: Governance, Staff Development and Organizational Capacity, Volunteer Management, Operations Management and Leadership
to collect the assets, pay all debts owed from the estate and distribute the rest to the beneficiaries
administer ritually; of church sacraments
administer or bestow, as in small portions; "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone"
(to make it work ;-) To control the operation and use of a computer or other device; the task of a system administrator
give or apply (medications)
An EXChange User who can create, modify, and delete other EXChange Users, as well as use all other EXChange functions
security policy and schema
If someone administers something such as a country, the law, or a test, they take responsibility for organizing and supervising it. The plan calls for the UN to administer the country until elections can be held
To perform the office of administrator; to act officially; as, A administers upon the estate of B
If a doctor or a nurse administers a drug, they give it to a patient. Paramedics are trained to administer certain drugs
To dispense; to serve out; to supply; execute; as, to administer relief, to administer the sacrament
{f} manage, supervise; implement, execute; supply, dispense, give (i.e. drugs, medication, etc.)
give or apply (medications) administer ritually; of church sacraments work in an administrative capacity; supervise; "administer a program
Extended to a blow, a reproof, etc
To settle, as the estate of one who dies without a will, or whose will fails of an executor
To apply, as medicine or a remedy; to give, as a dose or something beneficial or suitable
To manage or conduct, as public affairs; to direct or superintend the execution, application, or conduct of; as, to administer the government or the state
To tender, as an oath
To contribute; to bring aid or supplies; to conduce; to minister
administer a medicine
give medication, give medicine
administer justice
implement the law, try in a court of law, punish
administer to
care for, tend to, look after
administer to hospital
hospitalize, admit to a hospital
Present participle of administer
To administer
past of administer
{i} managing; implementing; supplying, dispensing
third-person singular of administer