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Sıcak iklim kuşaklarındaki insanların köri gibi baharatlı şeyler yemeleri garip. - It's strange that people in hot climate zones eat spicy things like curry.


Anlaşma, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'ne bir kanal bölgesi verdi. - The treaty gave the United States a canal zone.

O tehlikeli bir bölge;Gitme oraya. - That is a danger zone; don't go there.

disphotic zone
Disfotik kuşak
occupied zone
(Gıda) İşgal edilen bölge
organized industrial zone
Organize sanayi bölgesi
{f} kuşatmak
bead zone
(Otomotiv) damak bölgesi
beaten zone
(Askeri) vuruş sathı
blind zone
(Jeoloji) kör zon
coastal zone management
kıyı bölgesi yönetimi
combat zone
(Askeri) muharebe bölgesi
comfort zone
rahatlık bölgesi
comfort zone
konfor bölgesi
contingency planning zone
acil durum planlama alanı
control zone
(Askeri) kontrol bölgesi
dead zone
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) ölü kuşak
dead zone
(Askeri) ölü mıntıka
default zone
(Bilgisayar) varsayılan bölge
drop zone
(Askeri) atlama bölgesi
exclusive economic zone
(Politika, Siyaset) özel ekonomik bölge
fire zone
(Askeri) ateş bölgesi
fishery exclusion zone
(Denizbilim) fez
flood zone
(Coğrafya) taşkın bölgesi
foreign trade zone
(Ticaret) serbest ticaret bölgesi
greenery zone
(Askeri) yeşil alan
joint zone
(Askeri) müşterek bölge
life zone
(Meteoroloji) yaşam kuşağı
mild temperate zone
(Coğrafya) ılıman iklim kuşağı
missile intercept zone
(Askeri) füze önleme bölgesi
neuter zone
(Kanun) tarafsız bölge
neutral zone control
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) ölü bölgeli denetim
neutral zone control
(Bilgisayar) duyarsız bölgeli denetim
occupied zone
(İnşaat,Teknik) iskan edilen zon
prohibited military zone
(Askeri) askeri yasak bölge
rebel zone
(Politika, Siyaset) kurtarılmış bölge
restricted economic zone
(Politika, Siyaset) münhasır ekonomik bölge
rift zone
(Coğrafya) çöküntü kuşağı
root zone
(Tarım) kök salma sahası
root zone
kök alanı
rupture zone
(Askeri,Çevre) kırılma bölgesi
safe zone
(Askeri) güvenli bölge
safety zone
güvenli bölge
secure zone
(Askeri) güvenli bölge
security zone
(Askeri) güvenlik bölgesi
sensitive zone
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) duyarlı bölge
skip zone
(Telekom) atlama bölgesi
strict preservation zone
mutlak koruma alanı
tension zone
çekme zonu
trade zone
(Ticaret) ticaret bölgesi
weld zone
kaynak bölgesi
(Coğrafya) coğrafi kuşak
kentbilim bölge
(Spor) alan savunması
zone bit
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) bitler kümesi
zone file
(Bilgisayar) bölge dosyası
zone name
(Bilgisayar) alan adı
zone of influence
nüfuz alanı
zone reader
(Tıp) bölge okuyucu
Arctic Zone
Arktik Kuşak
abyssal zone
abisal bölge
agrarian zone
tarıma ayrılmış bölge
antarctic zone
güney kutup bölgesi
arctic zone
arktik bölge
brillovin zone
brillovin bölgesi
buffer zone
tampon bölge

Maalesef, keskin bir tampon bölgeden başka çaremiz yok. - Unfortunately, we have no choices but a certain buffer zone

building zone
yapı bölgesi
burning zone lining
pişirme bölgesi örgüsü
climatic zone
iklim bölgesi
combat zone
muharebe alanı
commercial zone
ticaret bölgesi
commutating zone
komütasyon bölgesi
contiguous zone
bitişik bölge
danger zone
tehlikeli bölge
dead zone
ölü bölge
dead zone unit
ölü bölge birimi
demilitarized zone
askerlere yasak bölge
enterprise zone
yatırım bölgesi
fault zone
kırık bölgesi
fault zone
kırık kuşağı
floating zone
yüzer bölge
free trade zone
serbest bölge
frigid zone
kutup bölgesi
hot zone
sıcak kuşak
industrial zone
sanayi bölgesi
littoral zone
kıyı bölgesi
pedestrian zone
yaya bölgesi
polar zone
kutup bölgesi
polar zone
eksenucu bölgesi
rainy zone
yağmurlu bölge
safety zone
güvenlik bölgesi

Şu günlerde, bir güvenlik bölgesi her zaman güvenli değildir. - Nowadays, a safety zone is not always safe.

temperate zone
ılıman bölge
tidal zone
med cezir bölgesi
time zone
zaman dilimi

ABD'de Pasifik Zaman Dilimi'nde yaşıyorum. - I live in the Pacific time zone in the USA.

Benim zaman dilimimde burada sabah. - It's morning here in my time zone.

time zone
zaman kuşağı
torrid zone
sıcak bölge
tropical zone
tropik bölge
{f} bölgelere ayır
bölgelere ayırmak
zone bit
bölge biti
zone fire
bölgesel yangın
Zone of Proximal Development
(Psikoloji, Ruhbilim) Yakınsal gelişim alanı
benthic zone
Okyanus,deniz, gol gibi su alanlarının en derin kısmı
breathing zone
içerisinde insan bulunan (meskun) bir mahalde döşemeden 1.50 m yükseklikte ve duvarlardan 600 mm uzaklıktaki bölge. Solunum bölgesi
canal zone
kanal bölgesi
capillary zone
kapiler bölge
combat zone
savaş bölgesi
crumple zone
çökmek bölge
depletion zone
Tükenim bölgesi
depth zone
(Jeoloji) Derinlik bölgesi

Gazlıgöl spa hotels boreholes tapping the hot geothermal water within depth zone.

drop zone
(Spor) Küme düşme hattı
end zone
son dilimi
erogenous zone
erojen bölge
green zone
yeşil kuşak
relegation zone
(Spor) Küme düşmüş takımlar bölümü
seismic zone
deprem kuşağı
survey zone
(Coğrafya) Araştırma alanı, inceleme alanı, haritası çıkarılan alan
transition zone
geçiş zonu
ventricular zone
karıncık bölgesi
war zone
Savaş alanı, savaş meydanı, muharebe meydanı
zone boundary
bölge sınır
zone digits
bölge sayıları
zone format
bölge format
zone out
Konsantrasyonunu kaybetmek
zone selector
bölge seçici
zone suppression
bölge bastırma
zone television
bölge televizyon
craft landing zone; cushion landing zone
(Askeri) uçak iniş bölgesi; yastıkla iniş bölgesi
İngilizce - İngilizce
The forehead and nose considered together as a region of the face that can, in some people, produce excess sebum compared to other parts of the face
Antarctic Zone
The part of the Earth between the geographical South Pole and the Antarctic Circle
Benioff zone
A deep level seismic zone on the line of subduction. This zone can be as deep as 700km
Canal Zone
The common shortening of Panama Canal Zone
Canal Zone
The shortening of Suez Canal Zone
Free Zone
A variety of groups and individuals practicing Scientology independently of the Church of Scientology
Fresnel zone plate
An optical device that uses diffraction through alternate transparent and opaque rings to function as a lens
Fresnel zone plates
plural form of Fresnel zone plate
Goldilocks zone
The zone around a star where a planet could experience temperatures like those on Earth, allowing for the possible existence of liquid water and of life
Panama Canal Zone
The territory within Panama, stretching along the course of the Panama Canal but excluding the sea port cities Panama City and Colon, which was exclusively administered by the U.S.A. (which appointed governors) under the 18 November 1903 lease treaty, even before the canal opened (in 1914), until the return of state control on 30 September 1979, after which only the canal itself remained under the US-controlled Panama Canal Commission till 1999
Suez Canal Zone
The territory, stretching around the course of the Suez Canal (built and administered by the Suez Canal Company), of which Britain took full control (appointing governors in Port Suez, also the posting of British (Vice) Consuls) from 14 November 1936 until its return to Egypt in 1956
Wadati-Benioff zone
A deep level seismic zone on the line of subduction. This zone can be as deep as 700km
adaptive zone
an environment that allows the development of adaptive radiation
aeration zone
A portion of the lithosphere in which the functional interstices of permeable rock or earth are not filled by water under hydrostatic pressure
annular zone
A ring of fibers on the stem of a mushroom that is not well enough defined to be called an annulus
aphotic zone
that part of the deep body of an ocean or lake that receives insufficient sunlight for photosynthesis to be possible
attacking zone
From one team's point of view, the area between the blue line of the other team's half of the rink and the end board behind the other team's goal
buffer zone
A transitional area between areas of different land use
buffer zone
A neutral area, between hostile forces, designed to prevent hostilities
comfort zone
The range of temperature, humidity and ventilation that a building's occupants feel to be comfortable
comfort zone
The range of circumstances in which a person feels relaxed or able to cope

The demanding interview panel took him well out of his comfort zone.

communications zone
Rear part of a theater of war or theater of operations (behind but contiguous to the combat zone) which contains the lines of communications, establishments for supply and evacuation, and other agencies required for the immediate support and maintenance of the field forces. Also called COMMZ
crumple zone
A structural feature of an automobile / motor car designed to compress during an accident and absorb impact energy
death zone
Land at sufficiently high altitudes that there is not enough oxygen to sustain human life
defending zone
The zone between the blue line and the end board in a team's own end of the rink. Same area is the attacking zone for the opposing team
defensive zone
The ice between a team's own blue line and its end board
demilitarized zone
An area, often on a border between military factions, in which military forces and operations are prohibited
drop zone
Alternative spelling of dropzone
drop zone
relegation zone
end zone
the area between the end line and goal line bounded by the sidelines. It is bordered on all sides by a white line indicating its beginning and end points
end zone
the portion of the rink behind the goal line
erogenous zone
A part of the human body that is particularly responsive to sexual stimulation

His neck, shoulders, upper back, and spine were erogenous zones.

euphotic zone
The photic zone
exchange zone
The area in which the baton must be passed from one runner to another during a relay race
exclusion zone
A geographic area in which some sanctioning authority prohibits specific activities

If the demolition is to use explosives, an exclusion zone must be established at a distance from and surrounding the structure.

feed zone
A designated place along the course of a bicycle race where it is permitted for the riders to receive food and energy drinks from their team support personnel
free zone
An area that is free of some specified thing e.g. a vehicle-free zone
free zone
An area within a port where goods may be temporarily stored without paying duty
friend zone
The situation in which one is viewed by a potential partner as a platonic friend, precluding the possibility of a romantic relationship

Stuck in the Friend Zone, said Sasha wisely, although I don't think she's dipped a toe in the Friend Zone in her life.

frigid zone
Either of two zones of the Earth that lie between the poles and either the Arctic Circle or the Antarctic Circle
habitable zone
The zone around a star where a planet could experience temperatures like those on Earth, allowing for the possible existence of liquid water and of life
in the zone
In a mental state of focused concentration on the performance of an activity, in which one dissociates oneself from distracting or irrelevant aspects of one's environment

These elements represent the essential features of optimal performances, which athletes have described as hot, in a groove, on a roll, or in the zone.

life zone
any large portion of the Earth's land area which has a generally uniform climate and soil and therefore a high degree of uniformity in the composition of species; a number of different classifications have been proposed by different people
loading zone
An area of a street or a parking lot indicating that spot is only to be used for the immediate loading or unloading of passengers, baggage or freight, or short term parking (10 minutes or less) is permitted for that purpose
lower leaf zone
That part of a leaf and petiole that grows from a basal meristem
neutral zone
zone between the defensive line of scrimmage and the offensive line of scrimmage
neutral zone
zone on the playing surface between the attacking zone and the defending zone as delineated by the two blue lines
Attributive form of neutral zone

neutral-zone infraction.

neutral-zone infraction
an infraction in which a football player, on defense, gets into or crosses the neutral zone before the snap, causing an offensive player to false start. The penalty is against the defense, not the offense
no lone zone
Alternative spelling of no-lone zone
no-fly zone
an airspace in which aircraft, especially military aircraft, are forbidden to fly
no-lone zone
An area into which entry by a single individual is prohibited; commonly areas with accessibility to a nuclear weapon. Correctly written with capital letters and no hyphen, i.e., No Lone Zone
north temperate zone
The temperate zone between the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Cancer
nuclear-free zone
An area in which the local or regional authorities have banned nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations
offensive zone
The ice between opposing team's blue line and their end board
photic zone
that part of the near-surface body of an ocean or lake that receives enough sunlight for photosynthesis to be possible
red zone
An area of a street where the curb has been painted red, indicating that stopping, standing or parking is prohibited at that spot (except, in some places, for buses)
red zone
The area extending twenty yards from the end zone, where a team in possession of the ball is expected to score
relegation zone
The bottom part of e.g. a sports table, listing how well teams have played over a period of time. All teams that end up in the relegation zone are relegated
seismogenic zone
the layer of the Earth's crust, at the top of the asthenosphere, where most earthquakes originate
south temperate zone
The temperate zone between the Antarctic Circle and the Tropic of Capricorn
strike zone
The area through which if a pitched ball passes, it will be called a strike, typically from the batter's knees to the belt and the width of home plate

That umpire often compresses the strike zone late in the game.

subduction zone
A region of the Earth where one tectonic plate is diving beneath another into the interior of the Earth
temperate zone
Those parts of the Earth's surface between the tropics and the polar regions
time zone
A range of longitudes where a common standard time is used
Alternative form of time zone
torrid zone
The region, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, characterised by a hot and humid climate; the tropics
transition zone
Any of several physical zones in which the properties, or the behaviour of something undergoes a radical change

The area between a central business district and residential housing in a city.

twilight zone
a region in which surreal, supernatural, or fantastic events occur

Suddenly, to her astonishment and mine, it turned black and blue! I wondered if we'd just entered the twilight zone.

twilight zone
A region or context located in between others and therefore not subject to their norms

But is there not a twilight zone over which both Church and State put forth claims?.

upper leaf zone
That part of a leaf and petiole that grows from an apical meristem
war zone
A region where war is ongoing
war zone
A region where structures are damaged or in disarray, appearing similar to the effects of a military conflict
war zone
By extension, any area with a significant display of damage or disarray
white zone
also known as a loading zone: an area of a street where the curb has been painted white, indicating that spot is only to be used for the immediate loading or unloading of passengers, baggage or freight, or short term parking (10 minutes or less) for that purpose. In some places (an airport for example), a white zone is further restricted in that the vehicle is not to be left unattended
work zone
An area where work is being done
work zone
A segment of road along which road construction is being done

Posted speed limit is 45mph( uncovered and highly visible) with work zone signs posted stating 25 mph.

To enter a daydream state temporarily, for instance as a result of boredom, fatigue, or intoxication; to doze off

Everyone just put their goddamn heads together and zoned. (Byron Coley, liner notes for the album Piece for Jetsun Dolma by Thurston Moore).

Any given region or area of the world
A belt or girdle

In putting on the zone or belt, worn by both bishops and priests, he says: Blessed is God, Who girded me with power, and hath made my path blameless... (Ps. 47:32-33). The zone denotes the priest's readiness to serve the Lord and is also a sign that he is bound to Christ.

The frustum of a sphere
A logical group of network devices on AppleTalk
That collection of a domain's DNS resource records, the domain and its subdomains, that are not delegated to another authority
To divide into or assign sections or areas

Please zone off our staging area, a section for each group.

A given area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic, use, restriction, etc

The white zone is for loading and unloading only.

Short for the strike zone

That pitch was low and away, just outside of the zone.

Each of the five regions of the earth's surface into which it was divided by climatic differences, namely the torrid zone (between the tropics), two temperate zones (between the tropics and the polar circles), and two frigid zones (within the polar circles)

To avoid which, we will take any pains ; we will dive to the bottom of the sea, to the bowels of the earth, five, six, seven, eight, nine hundred fathom deep, through all five zones, and both extremes of heat and cold .

A high performance phase or period

I just got in a zone late in the game, everything was going in.

To define the property use classification of an area

This area was zoned for industrial use.

zone defense
A defense in which each player covers an area of the court

Outside shooting is essential to beating a zone defense.

zone defenses
plural form of zone defense
zone melting
A technique used to purify a metal, semiconductor or other solid in which a heating system slowly causes a series of molten zones to traverse the solid, leaving purer material behind it
zone of action
A tactical subdivision of a larger area, the responsibility for which is assigned to a tactical unit; generally applied to offensive action
zone of avoidance
The region of the Universe in alignment with the galactic plane of the Milky Way where few galaxies were initially seen due to dust interfering with the view of ground-based telescopes
zone of fire
An area into which a designated ground unit or fire support ship delivers, or is prepared to deliver, fire support. Fire may or may not be observed
zone out
To stop paying attention and think about something else, or to think about nothing
zone plate
A Fresnel zone plate
zone plates
plural form of zone plate
zone punch
A hole punched (normally in the top two or three positions) of a punched card in addition to another in order to designate a different (sometimes related) character or to add a plus or minus sign
zone punches
plural form of zone punch
zone refining
zone melting
zone-tailed hawk
a medium-sized hawk of warm, dry parts of the Americas
zone-tailed hawks
plural form of zone-tailed hawk
rift zone
A large area of the earth in which plates of the earth's crust are moving away from each other, forming an extensive system of fractures and faults
occupied zone
The zone occupée (occupied zone; German: Besetztes Gebiet) was the area of France where German occupying troops were deployed during the Second World War after the signature of the Second Armistice at Compiègne
{n} a girdle, belt, division of the earth, disease
auto-free zone
Auto-free zones (also known as car-free zones and pedestrianised zones) are areas of a city or town in which automobile traffic is prohibited. They are instituted by communities who feel that it is desirable to have areas not dominated by the automobile. Converting a street or an area to car-free use is called pedestrianization
car-free zone
Car-free zones (also known as auto-free zones and pedestrianised zones) are areas of a city or town in which automobile traffic is prohibited. They are instituted by communities who feel that it is desirable to have areas not dominated by the automobile. Converting a street or an area to car-free use is called pedestrianization
commercial zone
A commercial district or commercial zone is any part of a city or town in which the primary land use is commercial activities (shops, offices, theaters, restaurants and so on), as opposed to a residential neighbourhood, an industrial zone, or other types of neighbourhoods
depth zone
1. (geology) A zone within the earth giving rise to different metamorphic assemblages. 2. (oceanography) Any one of four oceanic environments: the littoral, neritic, bathyal, and abyssal zones


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