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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} acıyan
{s} yaralı

Tom hâlâ biraz yaralı. - Tom is still a little sore.

{i} yara

Hemşireler yatak yaralarını önlemek için düzenli olarak hastayı çevirdi. - The nurses turned the patient regularly in order to prevent pressure sores.

Tom hâlâ biraz yaralı. - Tom is still a little sore.


Kendimi biraz kırgın hissediyorum. - I feel a little sore.


Tom ağrıyan ayağını ovaladı. - Tom rubbed his sore feet.

Benim ağrıyan bir boğazım var. Senin öksürük kesicin var mı? - I have a sore throat. Do you have a cough drop?

(isim) yara
{s} hassas (bir nokta/bir konu)
{s} k.dili. kızgın; gücenik, küs, dargın, küskün
acıyan yer
{s} vahim
acı veren şey
{s} alıngan
fena halde
fena sürette
{s} ağrılı

Tom sırtının ağrılı olduğunu söyledi. - Tom said his back was sore.

Neden bu ağrılı boğazla sigara içiyorum? - Why am I smoking with this sore throat?


Tom şiddetle özlemiş olacak. - Tom will be sorely missed.

{s} kızgın
feci şekilde
{s} iltihaplı
çok hassas
eski şiddetle
{s} öfkeli

Hâlâ öfkeli değilsin, değil mi? - You're not still sore, are you?

(Tıp) AĞrı

Benim bütün vücudum ağrıyor. - My whole body is sore.

Tom'un boğazı ağrıyor. - Tom has a sore throat.


Çok fazla sigara içtiğim için boğazım ağrıyor. - I have a sore throat because of too much smoking.

Bu yiyeceği çok fazla yersen boğazın ağlayabilir. - If you eat too much of this food, you may get a sore throat.

hassas (konu)
(Tıp) sore
sore throat
boğaz yangısı
sore foot
Ayak ağrısı
sore issue
hassas durum
sore of anthrax
sore throat
(Tıp) farenjit
sore throat
(Tıp) gırtlak iltihabı
sore point
hassas nokta
sore spot
sore throat
boğaz ağrısı

Senin boğaz ağrısı ve ateşin var. Dışarı çıkma. - You have a sore throat and fever. Don't go out.

Hastalığın ilk belirtileri ateş ve boğaz ağrısı. - The initial symptoms of the disease are fever and sore throat.

sore at
at yara
sore eyes
Acıyan gözler
sore muscles
ağrılı kas
sore throats
boğaz ağrısı
sore tooth
ağrıyan diş
sore loser
kaybetmeyi kaldıramayan kimse
sore loser
kaybedince kızan kimse
sore point
(deyim) a sore point (with someone) soylediginde sinirlendiren veya aci veren konu
sore spot
bam teli
sore throat
ağrıyan boğaz
soft sore
(Tıp) Zührevi hastalıklarda, genital bölgede meydanag elen ilk lezyon
{i} ağrı
oriental sore
(Tıp) şark çıbanı
pressure sore
(Tıp) bası yarası
get sore
bed sore
dekübitus ülseri
cold sore
cold sore
decubitus sore
dekübitus ülseri
eye sore
got sore
gotten sore
have a sore throat
anjin olmak
make sore
pressure sore
dekübitus ülseri
touch a sore point
bam teline basmak
touch a sore spot
damarına basmak
You´re a sight for sore eyes!
k. dili Ah, seni görmek ne kadar güzel!
aching, sore
Boğaz ağrıyan
be sore
boğaz olmak
canker sore
(Tıp, İlaç) Aft, aftöz ülser, pamukçuk
get sore over st.
st yara üzerine olsun
getting sore
yara alıyorum
heart sore
kalp yarası
mouth sore
ağız yarası
saddle sore
eyer acıyan
stick out like a sore thumb
k. dili kötü bir şekilde göze çarpmak
to be sore
boğaz olmak
touch a sore spot/point
hassas bir konuya/noktaya dokunmak
yol yorgunu
tropical sore
tropikal acıyan
wound, injury, sore
yara, yaralanma, yara
a kind of eye sore
(Tıp) kuşkanadı
a running sore
bitmek bilmeyen acı
a running sore
iltihaplı yara
an open sore
açık yara
an open sore
kanayan yara
be sore about
{k} -e kızgın/gücenik olmak
be sore all over
her tarafı ağrımak
can i have something for a sore throat
boğaz ağrısı için bir şeyiniz var mı
cold sore
(Biyoloji) herpes labialis
delhi sore
(Tıp) delhi çıbanı
have a sore throat
boğazı ağrımak/yanmak, anjin olmak
have a sore throat
boğazı ağrımak
i've got a sore throat
boğazım ağrıyor
sore throat

Tom şiddetle özlemiş olacak. - Tom will be sorely missed.

acılı bir biçimde
feci şekilde
fena halde
(isim) ağrı
stick out like a sore
{k} kötü bir şekilde göze çarpmak
stick out like a sore thumb
(deyim) üstü kalay altı kaval
stick out like a sore thumb
(deyim) yama gibi durmak
touch someone on his sore spot
(deyim) bam teline basmak
touch someone on his sore spot
(deyim) zülfü yare dokunmak
you're a sight for sore eyes
yüzünü gören cennetlik
İngilizce - İngilizce
Causing pain or discomfort; painfully sensitive

Her feet were sore from walking so far.

Dire; distressing

The school was in sore' need of textbooks, theirs having been ruined in the flood.

Very, excessively, extremely

They were sore afraid.

An injured, infected, inflamed or diseased patch of skin

They put ointment and a bandage on the sore.

Feeling animosity towards; annoyed or angered

Joe was sore at Bob for beating him at checkers.


were often sore pressed to follow the trail at all, and at best were so delayed that in the afternoon of the second day, they still had not overhauled the fugitive.

Tom will be sorely missed. - Tom is going to be sorely missed.

Tom is going to be sorely missed. - Tom will be sorely missed.

{a} with pain or vehemence, much
{n} a place tender and painful, wound, buck
{a} tender to the touch, painful, grievous
hurting; "the tender spot on his jaw"
A sore is a painful place on the body where the skin is infected. see also cold sore
If part of your body is sore, it causes you pain and discomfort. It's years since I've had a sore throat like I did last night My chest is still sore from the surgery. + soreness sore·ness The soreness lasted for about six weeks
Reddish brown; sorrel
(Archaic) greatly, very much; harshly, gravely, severely
A young buck in the fourth year
If something is a sore point with someone, it is likely to make them angry or embarrassed if you try to discuss it. The continuing presence of American troops on Korean soil remains a very sore point with these students
Greatly; violently; deeply
If you are sore about something, you are angry and upset about it. The result is that they are now all feeling very sore at you = annoyed
causing misery or pain or distress; "it was a sore trial to him"; "the painful process of growing up"
A place in an animal body where the skin and flesh are ruptured or bruised, so as to be tender or painful; a painful or diseased place, such as an ulcer or a boil
Severe; afflictive; distressing; as, a sore disease; sore evil or calamity
{i} inflammation, wound, abscess; source of pain or grief, sensitive issue
See the Note under Buck
inflamed and painful; "his throat was raw"; "had a sore throat"
roused to anger; "stayed huffy a good while"- Mark Twain; "she gets mad when you wake her up so early"; "mad at his friend"; "sore over a remark"
Grief; affliction; trouble; difficulty
Tender to the touch; susceptible of pain from pressure; inflamed; painful; said of the body or its parts; as, a sore hand
{s} painful; raw, tender, sensitive; inflamed; hurting; annoying; distressing; aggrieved, offended
to stick out like a sore thumb: see thumb. a painful, often red, place on your body caused by a wound or infection
Sensitive; tender; easily pained, grieved, or vexed; very susceptible of irritation
In a sore manner; with pain; grievously
A young hawk or falcon in the first year
an open skin infection
Criminal; wrong; evil
sore loser
One who doesn't take failure well, especially one who complains or contests it
sore point
An state of affairs, action, or belief which is an enduring basis for disagreement or dissatisfaction

he talks have touched on Iran's suspected nuclear-weapons program, its sponsorship of terrorism and other sore points.

sore throat
Any inflammation of the pharynx that causes soreness
sore throat
The same, as a common symptom for many viral and bacterial infections
sore winner
One who gloats over a victory
Attributive form of sore loser, noun
Attributive form of sore winner, noun
sore tooth
tooth that hurts
sore foot syndrome
Erosion of the pads in recently captured large cats caused by ceaseless walking and pivoting on a concrete floor
sore throat
pain in the throat, redness of the throat
sore throat
inflammation of the fauces and pharynx
sore throat
Any of various inflammations of the tonsils, pharynx, or larynx characterized by pain in swallowing
sore evil
constant evil, continuous problem
sore subject
sensitive topic, painful topic
having sore eyes; suffering from pinkeye or conjunctivitis
canker sore
An ulcer in the mouth, called an aphthous ulcer, caused by a break in the mucous membrane
cold sore
a small bump on the lips resulting from infection by the herpes virus
saddle sore
A gall, a sore developed by a horse from an ill-fitting or ill-adjusted saddle
saddle sore
Pertaining to a horse with saddle sores, or to a rider who has been riding too long
sight for sore eyes
A pleasing sight, something that is beautiful to look at

When the fog lifted, the view of the glacier was a sight for sore eyes.

stick out like a sore thumb
Be very noticeably different, especially in a negative way; to be particularly obtrusive, conspicuous, blatant, or prominent; to attract undue attention or notice

With that guilty smile of his, he stuck out like a sore thumb.

{a} with pain or vehemence, much
{n} the tenderness of a hurt or cut, pain
canker sore
A small, painful ulcer or sore, usually of the mouth
canker sore
(Tıp, İlaç) An aphthous ulcer or canker sore is a type of mouth ulcer which presents as a painful open sore inside the mouth, caused by a break in the mucous membrane. The condition is also known as aphthous stomatitis, and alternatively as "Sutton's Disease," especially in the case of multiple or recurring ulcers

Tom is going to be sorely missed. - Tom will be sorely missed.

Tom will be sorely missed. - Tom is going to be sorely missed.

be sore at
be angry at; be irritated with
canker sore
small ulcer located in the mouth
cold sore
the common name for Herpes simplex, a skin infection caused by a virus
cold sore
is a cluster of small blisters on the skin, most frequently around the mouth and lips caused by the herpes simplex virus Cold sores can be activated by sunlight Wearing a lip protectant with sunscreen may prevent a cold sore Collagen: A natural substance within body tissues It can be injected into the skin to plump up particular areas A fibrous protein found in skin, bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissues A fibrous substance, derived from bovine placenta used as a super moisturizer
cold sore
caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)
cold sore
small blisters around and in the mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus
cold sore
Cold sores are small sore spots that sometimes appear on or near someone's lips and nose when they have a cold. A small blister occurring on the lips and face and caused by herpes simplex. Also called fever blister, herpes labialis. a painful spot on your lip or inside your mouth that is caused by a virus
cold sore
An ulcer or blister on lip A form of herpes simplex
feel sore about
be angry about, be offended by
has a sore throat
has an inflamed throat, his throat hurts
like a sore thumb
noticeably, conspicuously, prominently
open sore
sore that has not yet healed
saddle sore
sore on a horseback rider chafed by a saddle an open sore on the back of a horse caused by ill-fitting or badly adjusted saddle
feeling stiff and sore after riding a horse or bicycle
(of a rider) sore after riding a horse
septic sore throat
Strep throat
septic sore throat
infectious pain in the throat
sight for sore eyes
something pleasurable to behold, refreshing sight
In a sore manner; grievously; painfully; as, to be sorely afflicted
to a great degree; "I missed him sorely"; "we were sorely taxed to keep up with them
to a great degree; "I missed him sorely"; "we were sorely taxed to keep up with them"
In a sore or desperate manner
severely, badly, grievously; very much, extremely
in or as if in pain; "she moved painfully forward"; "sorely wounded"
emphasis Sorely is used to emphasize that a feeling such as disappointment or need is very strong. I for one was sorely disappointed. the potential to earn sorely needed money for Britain from overseas orders He will be sorely missed. very much or very seriously
a pain that is felt when the area is touched
an uncomfortable feeling in some part of the body
The property of being sore, painfulness
The quality or state of being sore; tenderness; painfull; as, the soreness of a wound; the soreness of an affliction
{i} achiness, tenderness, discomfort
More sore
plural of sore
Most sore
streptococcal sore throat
an infection of the oral pharynx and tonsils by streptococcus
touch one's sore spot
touch a sensitive area, touch a place that causes someone pain
veldt sore
An infective sore mostly on the hands and feet, often contracted in walking on the veldt and apparently due to a specific microörganism
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    good, well, delighted, happy, pleased


    /ˈsôr/ /ˈsɔːr/


    [ 'sOr, 'sor ] (adjective.) before 12th century. Middle English sor, from Old English sār (noun) 'ache, wound' and sār (adj.) 'painful, grievous', from Proto-Germanic *sairan (noun) (compare Dutch zeer 'sore, ache', Danish sår 'wound'), and *sairaz (adj.) 'sore' (compare German sehr 'very'), from Proto-Indo-European *seHi- 'to be fierce, afflict' (compare Hittite sāwar 'anger', Welsh hoed 'pain', Latin saevus 'wild, fierce', Tocharian saiwe 'itch', Latvian sievs, sīvs 'sharp, biting', Ancient Greek aimōdía 'toothache').

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    sore throat, sore foot


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