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İngilizce - Türkçe

Çar, Rusya'nın hükümdarıydı. - The czar was the ruler of Russia.

İmparatora gelince, o dünyanın hükümdarıdır. Barbarlara gelince, onlar dünyanın uşaklarıdır. - As for the Emperor, he is the ruler of the world. As for the barbarians, they are the servants of the world.

{i} hakim

Bir cetvel ödünç alabilir miyim? - May I borrow a ruler?

Cetvelini ödünç alabilir miyim? - Could I borrow your ruler?

cetvel tahtası
şerit metre

Yönetici devrildi ve ülkeden sürüldü. - The ruler was overthrown and banished from the country.

Biz sizin yeni yöneticileriniziz. - We are your new rulers.

{i} idareci
{i} çizgi makinesi
ruler of a province
(Tarih) ilhan
ruler of ancient egypt
Antik Mısır hükümdarı
ruler change
Cetvel değişikliği
ruler line
cetvel çizgisi
ruler marks
(Bilgisayar) cetvel işaretlerine
ruler mode
(Bilgisayar) cetvel modu
ruler mode
Cetvel kipi
ruler scale
Cetvel ölçeği
ruler setting
Cetvel Ayarları
activate ruler
(Bilgisayar) cetveli etkinleştir
(Bilgisayar) cetveller
(Politika, Siyaset) hükümranlık
turkish ruler
cerpenter's ruler
marangoz cetveli
drawing ruler
çizim cetveli
log ruler
tomruk hesap cetveli
slide ruler
sürgülü hesap cetveli
absolute ruler
mutlak hükümdar
collection of laws (of a frankish ruler)
Bir Frenk cetvel kanunları (toplama)
folding ruler
katlama cetvel
give the receipt to the ruler of the apartment
fişi apartman yöneticisine ver
activate ruler
hide ruler
Cetveli Gizle
hide ruler lines
Cetvel Çizglerini Gizle
hide tab ruler
Tab Duraklarını Gile
i would like a ruler
cetvel rica ediyorum
insert ruler
Cetvel Koy
(isim) hükümdarlık
show ruler lines
Cetvel Çizgilerini Göster
show tab ruler
Tab cetvelini göstr
topple a ruler
(Askeri) bir lideri devirmek
wrap to ruler
(Bilgisayar) cetvele kaydır
İngilizce - İngilizce
A person who rules or governs; a person who exercises dominion or controlling power over others
A (usually rigid), flat, rectangular measuring or drawing device with graduations in units of measurement; a rule; a straightedge with markings; a measure
{n} a governor, an instrument to rule lines
Guides that help you precisely measure the vertical or horizontal distance between an object and boundaries of the drawing area
one who governs, determining policy and making decisions; a commander, such as a chief, king, or other authority figure, who leads through power and enforcement
A status line (qv) displayed by an application, often used to indicate tab positions, margins and a scale
a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe
Located below the formatting toolbar; it provides ongoing page measurement as well as quick access to margins, tabs, and indents
In some application programs, anon-screen measuring tool extending horizontally across the page, marked off in inches or some other unit of measure, used to show line and column wides, tab settings, paragraph indents, and so on Some programs may also employ a ruler along the vertical edge of the document
A measuring tool in any word processing or publishing application
A leader of a nation, one who rules
An instrument of measure often with a picture
A (usually rigid), flat, rectangular measuring or drawing device with graduations in units of measurement, a rule, a straightedge with markings, a measure
a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
One who rules; one who exercises sway or authority; a governor
with a smooth edge, used for guiding a pen or pencil in drawing lines
measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths
A straight or curved strip of wood, metal, etc
{i} governor, sovereign; flat tool used for measuring distances
Rule, n
A tool used to measure the length of a line segment (Lesson 0 2)
A measuring bar displayed at the top and left of the document window The ruler can be used to set tabs, adjust indents and margins
A ruler is a long flat piece of wood, metal, or plastic with straight edges marked in centimetres or inches. Rulers are used to measure things and to draw straight lines
The ruler of a country is the person who rules the country. the former military ruler of Lesotho
7 (a)
The planet which corresponds to the house or sign in question Example: Jupiter is the ruler of the 9th house and of Sagittarius Actually, when speaking of houses, the correct term is Lord In this case, Jupiter is Lord of the 9th and ruler of Sagittarius Various systems of correspondences exist, most widely used is from Ptolemy See also Dignity
architect's ruler
A scale ruler
drafter's ruler
A scale ruler
home ruler
One who favors or advocates home rule
scale ruler
A ruler marked with a range of calibrated scales (ratios) for drawing and measuring from reduced scale drawings, such as blueprints and floor plans
standard ruler
Any astronomical object of known diameter whose distance can then be calculated from the angle it subtends
enlightened ruler
ruler who is free from prejudice
measure ruler
stick with equidistant markings on it that is used to measure objects
puppet ruler
a leader or ruler who is chosen by a despot to head a government
Measurement aids found along two edges of the layout display window The rulers have a zero point that can be repositioned to any point on the screen for convenient measurement
Use rulers to help align and size objects on your slide
plural of ruler, one who rules
Guides on screen display to enable accurate measurements
The rulers are located below the formatting toolbar and on the left side of the screen They are used to place and show tabs, margins, indents, and cell dimensions
plural of ruler, a measuring device
a position in which one rules or has sovereignty over others
{i} status of a governor, position of a sovereign
the position of ruler