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İngilizce - Türkçe

Sanırım John'un Jane ile olan ilişkilerini çok fazla okuyorsun. - I think you're reading too much into John's relationship with Jane.

Para her zaman insan ilişkilerinde çok önemli sayılmaz. - Money doesn't always count for much in human relationships.

{i} alâka
{i} bağ
{i} akrabalık
{i} (insanlar arasındaki) ilişki; arkadaşlık; dostluk
akrabalık bağı

Tom'la olan ilişkim seni ilgilendirmez. - My relationship with Tom isn't your concern.

Ciddi bir ilişki ile ilgilenmiyorum. - I'm not interested in a serious relationship.

{i} yakınlık
(Nükleer Bilimler) bağıntı

Dan en genç halası Linda'yla sapkın bir cinsel ilişkiye başladı. - Dan began an erratic sexual relationship with his youngest aunt, Linda.

O, şimdi bir ilişkiye girmek istemiyor. - He doesn't want to get into a relationship now.

relationship between
arasındaki ilişki
relationship marketing
bağlantılı pazarlama
relationship marketing
ilgili pazarlama
relationship based on interests
çıkar ilişkisi
relationship between cousins
kuzenler arasındaki ilişki
relationship marketing
(Pazarlama) İlişki pazarlaması
relationship orient
ilişki odaklı
relationship selling
(Pazarlama) Uzun süreli işbirliği ve ilişkiye yönelik satış
relationship with
relationship between
(Fiili Deyim ) akraba olmak , münasebet olmak
relationship manager
ilişki yönetmeni
relationship on the rock
bitmek üzere olan ilişki
reciprocal relationship
karşılıklı ilişki
committed relationship
ciddi ilişki
employment relationship
(Politika, Siyaset) istihdam ilişkisi
establish relationship
ilişki kurmak
inverse relationship
(Ticaret) ters ilişki
blood relationship
kan bağı
cause effect relationship
neden sonuç ilişkisi
conditional relationship
koşullu ilişki
friendly relationship
dostça ilişki
inter relationship
ara bağlantı
parent/child relationship
ana/çocuk ilişkisi
develop a closer relationship
daha yakın bir ilişki kurmak
entity relationship diagram
varlık ilişki diyagramı
entity relationship model
varlık ilişki modeli
entity-relationship diagram (10)
ilişkisel diyagramı (10)
established a relationship
ilişki kurdu
external economic relationship
dış ekonomik ilişkiler
handle a relationship
ilişki yürütmek
in a relationship
bir ilişki içinde
interpersonal relationship
kişilerarası ilişkiler
intimate relationship
yakın ilişki
journeyman-apprentice relationship
Usta-çırak ilişkisi
logical relationship
mantıksal ilişki
love-hate relationship
aşk-nefret ilişkisi
may-december relationship
Yaş farkı olan ilişki; ikinci bahar
open relationship
(Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim) Açık ilişki. Açık ilişki olarak tanımlanan modelde, bir çift birlikteliklerini sürdürürken, başka yakın ilişkiler kurarlar.Bireylerin birden çok sevgiliye sahip olabildikleri, sözkonusu ilişkiye dahil olan herkesin bu durumun bilincinde olup bunu onayladığı, monogaminin (tekeşliliğin) ya da monamorinin tersi niteliğinde, insanlararası ilişki türü
physical relationship
fiziksel ilişki
pursuing a deeper relationship
daha derin bir ilişkiyi aramak

Mutluluğun yüzde 90 kadarı tutum, yaşam kontrolü ve ilişkiler gibi unsurlardan geliyor. - As much as 90 percent of happiness comes from elements such as attitude, life control and relationships.

Tom çok meşgul ve ilişkiler için fazla zamanı yok. - Tom is very busy and doesn't have much time for relationships.

rocky relationship
sallantılı ilişki
sales support and customer relationship management
Satış destek ve müşteri ilişkileri yönetimi
to bear no relationship to sth.
bir ilişki sth dönmek için
workplace privacy relationship
işyeri özel ilişkileri
aberrant relationship
(Tıp) sapkın ilişki
arms length relationship
(Askeri) mesafeli ilişki
causal relationship
nedensel iliski
continue a relationship
ilişki sürdürmek
establish a relationship with
münasebet kurmak
fiduciary relationship
güvene dayalı ilişki
helping relationship
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yardım ilişkisi
incest relationship
ensest ilişki
law of cross-cutting relationship
çapraz-kesme ilişki yasası/kuralı
maintain a relationship
ilişki sürdürmek
partnership relationship
ortaklık ilişkisi
precedence relationship
öncüllük ilişkisi
spatial relationship
mekansal ilişki
stormy relationship
fırtınalı ilişki
trust relationship
Güven İlişkisi
İngilizce - İngilizce
A romantic or sexual involvement
The level or degree of affinity between keys, chords and tones
Connection or association; the condition of being related
Kinship; being related by blood or marriage
{n} the state of being related
A link between two entities that’s based on attributes of the entities For example, the Department and Employee entities can have a relationship based on the deptID attribute as a foreign key in Employee, and as the primary key in Department (note that although the join attribute deptID is the same for the source and destination entities in this example, it doesn’t have to be) This relationship would make it possible to find the employees for a given department See also foreign key; primary key; many-to-many relationship; to-many relationship; to-one relationship
The OO concept of any Type of Association existing between two or more objects (e g Inheritance, Aggregation, Requires, Provides, Connection, Uses, etc ) All relationships are bidirectional (e g PARTS and PART_OF)
(1) An interaction between entities Usually expressed as verbs in English (2) A named business association between occurrences of one or more entity types which provides some relevant information value
A definition of how managed elements are related to each other
A reference or link between one object and one or more other objects Relationships may be one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, or many-to-many They may connect objects of the same class or different classes In Objectivity/DB, relationships are persistent objects that are stored in the database
A semantic connection among model elements Examples of relationships include associations and generalizations
A type of connection or business association of interest or meaning that can exist between two entity types Identifies the business reason (rule) within the Ministry why two or more entity types may be associated
Describes the dependency or connectivity between CIs using terms such as 'used by', 'part of', 'connected to', 'resides on' Relationships not only provide a means of assessing the potential full impact of a proposed Change, but can also indicate the potential damage likely to be caused by a single component failure Relationships are described as 'primary' if they are hierarchical and 'secondary' if not
Reason of relevance to the organization as to why entities from one or two entity types may be associated Can have one of three cardinalities, one-to-one, many-to-many, and one-to-many
The relationship between two people or groups is the way in which they feel and behave towards each other. the friendly relationship between France and Britain family relationships
The connection between your character and the other characters in the play
In data management, an associative or hierarchic link between two or more entity types
The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance
A relationship is a close friendship between two people, especially one involving romantic or sexual feelings. We had been together for two years, but both of us felt the relationship wasn't really going anywhere
ADD children need an adult coach who listens to them, recognizes their strengths, and treats them with respect so that they feel unthreatened as they begin to re-evaluate their past experiences with new information about ADD They need someone to take the pressure off them and give them a safe environment to try new ways of behaving
A variable is influenced by or has an influence on another variable other than a calculated field The fact that a relationship exists or possibly exists has to be decided by the person setting up the templates In the process of editing a field, any known or probable relationships can be defined and then the program will examine the validity of the relationship when the Relate command is in the Quality Window execute program The time to study a relationship is when one variable goes out of control use the relationship to see what moved at the same time
An association between the instances of one or more entity types that is of interest to the organization
A business associate between one or more entities
English Query semantic relationship between entities, for example, "publishers publish books" is a relationship between the major entities "publishers" and "books " (See phrasing )
An association between the instances of one or more entity types that is of interest to the organization (10)
A record if the transaction was between related parties as defined in Section 402(g)(1) of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended A "Y" for related and a "N" for not related
a relation between people; (`relationship' is often used where `relation' would serve, as in `the relationship between inflation and unemployment', but the preferred usage of `relationship' is for human relations or states of relatedness); "the relationship between mothers and their children"
Relationships are widely used in GRADE to represent interdependencies/interactions For example, in the GRADE Registrator, the Consists_Of/Is_Part_Of relationship can link two active objects; in that case, one object "consists" (at least in part) of another and the other "is part of" the first Another example is the Sends_To/Receives_From relationship, which represents interaction between two active objects; in this case, one of them sends a passive object and the other receives it Relationships are also depicted in GRADE business, object and system models In ER diagrams, relationships refer specifically to connecting lines reflecting the interdependencies among entity types
state of relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
An association, linkage, or connection, either real or suspected, between entities of the same or different set which describes their interaction, the dependence of one upon the other, or their mutual interdependence
(Ticaret) The link between two entities in a system or network, such as the relationship between a vendor and a customer or two activities in a project
this is a relationship
{i} emotional connection that exists between two people; connection, association; closeness, kinship
It must be distinguished between a mere phenetic relationship, which is based on overall similarity, and a true genealogical relationship, which is based on common ancestry Furthermore one has to distinguish between horizontal indirect relationship, which is based on shared ancestors (sistergroup-relations) and vertical direct relationship, which is based on parental relationships (ancestor-descendant-relations) A co
the connection between one or more parties
a state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries
The relationship between two things is the way in which they are connected. There is a relationship between diet and cancer
The way in which two features are associated or affiliated Relationships between features are stored in the REL table There are only two possible types of relationships in the NHD: 'is composed of' where compound features (reaches) are said to be composed of basic features; and 'flows' where reaches are related to each other by means of their flow The ability to navigate up and down through the reach file is accomplished by means of the flow relationship
a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection); "he didn't want his wife to know of the relationship"
{i} proportionality
relationship marketing
(Pazarlama) Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that evolved from direct response marketing in the 1960s and emerged in the 1980s, in which emphasis is placed on building longer term relationships with customers rather than on individual transactions. It involves understanding the customer's needs as they go through their life cycles. It emphasizes providing a range of products or services to existing customers as they need them
relationship selling
(Pazarlama) Selling in which the primary objective is the building of long-term relationships with customers from which repeat business will flow
Relationship Type
A meaningful association between (or among) entity types (3) See also Binary relationship, Relationship instance, Ternary relationship, Unary relationship
Relationship Type
Is a classification of relationships based on certain criteria The numerical relationship between two entities is called the cardinality
Relationship Type
is a meaningful association between (or among) entity types
Relationship Type
A meaningful association between (or among) entity types (3)
relationship between cause and effect
connection between a cause and a result, link between the source and the outcome
relationship marketing
All of the activities an organisation uses to build, maintain and develop customer relations p 152
relationship marketing
The process of creating, maintaining, and enhancing strong, value-laden relationships with customers and other stakeholders
relationship marketing
The ongoing process of identifying and creating new value with individual customers over the lifetime of the relationship
relationship marketing
The process of creating, maintaining, and enhancing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with customers
relationship marketing
This vaguely oxymoronic term refers to the process of finding out who your visitors are and what they want, then tailoring your site content to meet those specific needs Whether you've got a simple homepage or a heavy duty e-commerce site, relationship marketing can help you create the kind of bond with your users that'll keep the competition drooling
relationship marketing
Marketing with a focus on building long-term relationships where the target customer is encouraged to continue his or her involvement with the marketer
relationship marketing
Creating a long-term relationship with existing customers The aim is to build strong consumer loyalty
relationship marketing
The creation of customer loyalty
relationship marketing
The overt attempt of exchange partners to build a long-term association characterized by purposeful cooperation and mutual dependence and the development of social, as well as structural bonds
relationship marketing
The overt attempt of exchange partners to build a long-term relationship and association in marketing
relationship marketing
Identifying and establishing, maintaining and enhancing, and, when necessary, also terminating relationships with customers and other stakeholders, at a profit, so that the objectives of all parties involved are met, through a mutual exchange and fulfillment of promises
rebound relationship
A relationship proceeding a longterm relationship, usually short in duration and used to help mend the "broken heart"
entity relationship diagram
Alternative spelling of entity-relationship diagram
entity relationship diagrams
plural form of entity relationship diagram
entity-relationship diagram
A graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other in a conceptual data model
entity-relationship diagrams
plural form of entity-relationship diagram
entity-relationship model
An abstract conceptual representation of structured data
entity-relationship models
plural form of entity-relationship model
Long Term Relationship
Long term relationship is a common, contemporary term for intimate interpersonal relationships that may be lifelong and may or may not consist of marriage. Long term relationships are considered the opposite of casual relationships, which are short in duration. People often consider about six months as a reasonable milestone for a relationship to be recognized as long term. The notation "LTR" is used to designate "long term relationship" in personals advertisements. In some countries, when a long term relationship that is neither a marriage nor a civil union ends and both partners have a financial interest in the relationship, a suit for palimony may be filed by one or both partners
account relationship strategy
(Pazarlama) The account relationship strategy a company chooses to follow represents the type of relationship, it is going to develop towards its customers. Within the account relationship strategy, there are three different kinds in which the relationship of you and your customer can be differentiated: The transactional relationship, consultative relationship and enterprise relationship

We will talk about the accout relationship strategy element of the sales program.

entity relationship model
In computer science, an entity-relationship model (ERM) is a model providing a high-level description of a conceptual data model
interpersonal Relationship
In the contexts of sociology and of popular culture, the concept of interpersonal relationships involves social associations, connections, or affiliations between two or more people. Such persons may interact overtly, covertly, face-to-face; or may remain effectively unknown to each other (as in a virtual community whose members maintain anonymity and do not socialize outside of a chat-room)
open relationship
An open relationship denotes a relationship (usually between two people) in which participants are free to take other partners; if the couple making this agreement are married, it is an open marriage. While "open relationship" is sometimes used as a synonym for "polyamory" or "polyamorous relationship", these terms are generally differentiated. The "open" in "open relationship" usually refers to the sexual aspect of a non-closed relationship, whereas "polyamory" refers to the extension of a relationship by allowing bonds to form (which may be sexual or otherwise) as additional long term relationships
Customer Relationship Management
(Reklam) (CRM) Tracking customer behavior for the purpose of developing marketing and relationship-building processes that bond the consumer to the brand. Developing software or systems to provide one-to-one customer service and personal contact between the company and the customer
Enterprise Relationship Management
ERM, business program that analyzes information about the company's clients (in order to improve service and customer relations)
agency relationship
In law, the relationship between two parties by which one party, the agent, is authorized to perform certain acts on behalf of the other party, the principal
agency relationship
This type of relationship arises when a donor and an organization or two organizations consent that one shall act for the benefit, and under the direction, of the other (See agent and principal)
agency relationship
The relationship between a firm and its owners, managers, and workers and between a firm and other firms
agency relationship
A relationship in which an agent is authorized to perform certain acts on behalf of a principal
agency relationship
A relation between two parties in which one party (the agent) is authorized by the other party (the principal) to make decisions or take actions for the benefit of the authorizing party
blood relationship
{i} relationship by bloodline, relationship by a common ancestor
broke off the relationship
ended a relationship, cut off contact, stopped a friendly relation
building a relationship
developing a bond or association, fostering a relationship
business relationship
connection made or maintained because of business interactions
close relationship
firm relations, very warm and friendly kinship
customer relationship management
(Ticaret) (CRM) The processes and systems that combine sales, marketing, contact management and support activities in managing customer interaction. They provide tools to analyze customer/product sales history and profitability, campaign tracking and management, contact and call center management, order status information, and returns and service tracking
customer relationship management
systems and software developed to help companies build and maintain good relationships with their customers (by efficiently and cleverly storing information about each customer)
established a relationship
created a relationship, brought about a relationship, built up a connection (with someone or some organized group)
fabric of a relationship
basis of a relationship, style of a relationship, manner in which a relationship is managed
good business relationship
work well together
had a relationship
associated with, had an affair with, dated, was close to, was friendly with, was intimate with
interpersonal relationship
relationship between persons, relations between individuals
intimate relationship
close relationship, strong bond
inverse relationship
a relationship in which a change in the independent variable causes a change in the opposite direction of the dependent variable
inverse relationship
Two variables move in different directions (See negative relationship )
inverse relationship
A relationship that goes in the reverse direction of another relationship Also known as a back relationship
kinship relationship
family relationship, relation between family members
logical relationship
(Ticaret) The connection of two variables or project tasks based on a direct cause or dependency, rather than coincidence
long-distance relationship
interpersonal relationship (often romantic) in which the two people live very far from one another
love-hate relationship
If you have a love-hate relationship with someone or something, your feelings towards them change suddenly and often from love to hate. a book about the close love-hate relationship between two boys. if you have a love-hate relationship with someone or something, sometimes you really like or love them, and sometimes you really dislike or hate them love-hate relationship with
marital relationship
the relationship between wife and husband
permanent relationship
lasting relationship with a person
personal relationship
personal relation: a relation between persons
Plural of relationship
The key gap between developers and users Relationships are what breaks down when communication isn't effective or when needs are not communicated or satisfied
The body's position relative to something or someone
Familial, spousal or associative relationships of the artist who is the subject of the record to other artists who are represented in the Bainbridge Bunting Slide Library collections   e g Helen Hardin is the daughter of Pablita Velarde
Regular, ongoing contacts between businesses and their customers p 630
Body Parts: round/curved/narrow/wide/twisted/symmetrical and nonsymmetrical - With Objects/People: over/under/off/on/near/far/front/back
sexual relationship
a relationship involving sexual intimacy
striking up a relationship
becoming acquainted through conversation, making friends
trust relationship
relationship between a trustee and beneficiary; relationship of dependability and confidence