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İngilizce - Türkçe
kan bağı
kan akrabalığı
aynı soydan gelme
{i} soydaşlık
kan bağ
{i} akrabalık
consanguinity tree
İngilizce - İngilizce
A consanguineous or family relationship through parentage or descent. A blood relationship
{n} relationship by blood or birth
A blood relationship exists between two people The degree of consanguinity refers to how closely the two people are related This may be a factor when close relatives marry Related Topic: Relationship Chart
the familial relationship of persons united by one or more common ancestors
relation by blood; descended from a common ancestor
when people are members of the same family (consanguinité, from , from com- ( COM-) + sanguis )
related by blood
Blood relationship; relationship among descendants of a common ancestor
The relation of persons by blood, in distinction from affinity or relation by marriage; blood relationship; as, lineal consanguinity; collateral consanguinity
{i} kinship, blood relation, connection through common ancestry
the degree of relationship between persons who descend from a common ancestor A father and son are related by lineal consanguinity, uncle and nehpew by collateral sanguinity
Blood relationship
Genetic relationship Consanguineous individuals have at least one common ancestor in the preceding few generations