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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} artma
{i} artış

Artan iyileşme, artış görülecek kadar geniş olduğu sürece iyidir. - Incremental improvement is fine as long as the increments are large enough to see.

{i} çoğalma
{i} kazanç
(Tıp) iç salgı
(Tıp) inkrement
(Bilgisayar) artış değeri
artış aralığı
(Tıp) enkreman
(Bilgisayar) artır
Stoktan Numune Alma İşlemi


(Askeri) İLAVE BARUT HAKKI: Mesafe farklarını karşılamak için, yarı terkipli (kartuş) veya terkipsiz (hartuş) cephanenin, sevk barutuna ilave edilen veya bundan çıkarılan barut miktarı. İlave barut hakları, genellikle ayrı keselerde bulunur
artma miktarı
unearned incrementbir servet veya bir değerin emeksiz olarak artması
{i} artım
{i} kâr
artırma, artma miktarı artım
(Bilgisayar) birer arttırma
(Askeri) ilave barut hakkı
(Bilgisayar) artan

Artan iyileşme, artış görülecek kadar geniş olduğu sürece iyidir. - Incremental improvement is fine as long as the increments are large enough to see.

(Ticaret) marjinal artış
increment value
(Ticaret) değer artışı
increment borer
artım burgusu
increment value
artan değer
increment value tax
değer artış vergisi
increment change
(Politika, Siyaset) büyüme değişimi
increment number
(Askeri) ilave barut hakkı sayısı
increment of pressure
basınç ilavesi
increment of settlement
oturmada artma
increment of settlement
oturma artması
increment register
(Bilgisayar) artım yazmacı
increment tax
(Ticaret) artan gelir vergisi
increment value lax
(Ticaret) değer artış vergisi

Artan iyileşme, artış görülecek kadar geniş olduğu sürece iyidir. - Incremental improvement is fine as long as the increments are large enough to see.

diameter increment
(Çevre) çap artımı
(Tıp) inkremental
(Ticaret) artan maliyet
(Askeri) marjinal
loop increment
döngü artımı
unearned increment
kendi emeği ile kazanılmamış kıymet artışı
unearned increment
emekle ile kazanılmamış kıymet artışı
auto increment
özdevimli artır
base and increment charge
(Askeri) ESAS VE İLAVE BARUT HAKKI: Mesafe değişikliklerinde gerekli uyarmaları yapabilmek için esas olarak hazırlanmış sevk barutu ile buna ilave edilebilecek veya çıkarılabilecek şekilde hazırlanmış, seri halinde küçük barut hakları
bass increment
(Bilgisayar) bas artış
cargo increment number
(Askeri) yük artış numarası
daily growth increment
(Denizbilim) günlük halka
graduated increment scale
(Havacılık) kademeli nicel fark ölçeği
fark değişiklik
personnel increment number
(Askeri) personel artış sayısı
propelling increment
(Askeri) İLAVE BARUT HAKKI: Barut hakkının, mesafe tanzimleri maksadıyla, tam barut hakkından ayrılacak şekilde hazırlanmış bir kısmı. Buna " increment" de denir
İngilizce - İngilizce
The action of increasing or becoming greater
The waxing of the moon
The amount of increase
To increase by steps or by a step, especially by one
Increase the value of a variable by one The increment operator in Java is ++
A part of a computer system that is delivered for use in the business environment
An increment is an amount by which your salary automatically increases after a fixed period of time. Many teachers qualify for an annual increment
The increase in the numerical contents of a counter An increment of one is usually assumed, unless otherwise specified See DECREMENT
To add one number to a value
Increase, usually by 1
a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important; "the increase in unemployment"; "the growth of population"
For fifth and sixth studies completed at VCE units 3 and 4 level, 10 per cent of the score for each study will be added to the score from which the ENTER is derived
To add one to something
These terms are often used interchangeably to indicate how well a scale displays the correct results Increment is the value of the finest division of the scale See also: Accuracy, readability, resolution
The increase of a variable quantity or fraction from its present value to its next ascending value; the finite quantity, generally variable, by which a variable quantity is increased
is where there are intermediate steps, a progression from one step to the next higher step in any range of pay rates (augmentation)
increase in a quantity The number of counts in the histogram was incremented by one
An increase Most frequently used to refer to the increase of value of land that accompanies population growth and increasing wealth in the community The term "unearned increment" is used in this connection since values are supposed to have increased without effort on the part of the owner
occurs when there is a current-year increase in inventory at base cost compared to the previous year
An increment in something or in the value of something is an amount by which it increases. The average yearly increment in labour productivity in industry was 4.5 per cent
An amplification without strict climax
the increase in diameter, basal area, height, volume, quality or value of individual trees or stands during a given period
The defined scope of the portion of the data warehouse selected for implementa-tion Each increment satisfies elements of the total data warehouse solution
An additional increase
To increase an index variable or counter with a specified value
The act or process of increasing; growth in bulk, guantity, number, value, or amount; augmentation; enlargement
The change in the size of a compartment during a year For example, leaf mass in July 1970=812 g -2 and leaf mass in July 1971=826 g-2 The increment is therefore 14 g -2 yr -1 Note that increment in this case does not include leaf litterfall Similar definitions are used for branch and bole increments, with branch and bole litterfall not included in the increment
an increase, e g an annual rise in a salary
{i} increase, addition; growth; gain, profit
the amount by which something increases; "they proposed an increase of 15 percent in the fare"
Matter added; increase; produce; production; opposed to decrement
The amount a bid is raised from a prior bid
This command adds an amount to the current value of a variable If you do not specify the amount, then the variable will be incremented by one This command works exactly the same for global and local variables
An increment operation that takes place after evaluation of the expression that contains the variable being incremented
To perform such an operation upon
To perform such an operation upon
An increment operation that takes place prior to evaluation of the expression that contains the variable being incremented
{n} an increase, produce, fluxion
Increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions; "Steady incremental growth in salary"
cost of increment
addition to wages due to an increase in the cost of living
cost of living increment
addition to a salary due to an increase in the cost of consumer goods
Incremental is used to describe something that increases in value or worth, often by a regular amount. our ability to add production capacity at relatively low incremental cost
increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions; "lecturers enjoy
a property of a development process whereby units of work are repeated to produce additional new work products or capabilities of work products Development cycles are typically incremental because applications are too large and complex to be built all at once in a big bang fashion Contrast with iterative
{s} of or pertaining to an increase or addition; of or pertaining to growth; of or pertaining to profit
increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions; "lecturers enjoy steady incremental growth in salary"
DATE NOT NULL Timestamp of last incremental export
steady incremental growth in salary
refers to an output that is measured in known increments from a known reference point; e g , a step motor provides incremental motion based on an initial position and an incremental encoder provides incremental feedback information based on a known zero point
A small increase, implying one of several regular steps
Pertaining to an increment
Pertaining to, or resulting from, the process of growth; as, the incremental lines in the dentine of teeth
A backup level in which only files that have changed since the last backup are backed up
Recording method allowing subsequent append or overwrite operations without reformatting or loss of adjacent pre-recorded information
In an incremental fashion; in small increments
increasingly, in the manner of growing
plural of increment
An enhancement to teaching and non-teaching staff salaries payable in recognition of additional experience and skill gained by staff in the previous year Increments are payable within the constraints of the salary scales in accordance with which staff are paid
> Regular amounts that the auctioneer uses to advance the bidding For details, see General information about bidding
unearned increment
an unearned rise in the market value of property resulting from general market factors
unearned increment
profit that was not earned through work (e.g. real estate rents, interest on savings, etc.)
unearned increment
The increase in property value resulting from factors independent of the owner, such as a general rise in demand for land