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İngilizce - İngilizce
Increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions; "Steady incremental growth in salary"
Incremental is used to describe something that increases in value or worth, often by a regular amount. our ability to add production capacity at relatively low incremental cost
increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions; "lecturers enjoy
A backup level in which only files that have changed since the last backup are backed up
Pertaining to, or resulting from, the process of growth; as, the incremental lines in the dentine of teeth
Pertaining to an increment
A small increase, implying one of several regular steps
Recording method allowing subsequent append or overwrite operations without reformatting or loss of adjacent pre-recorded information
refers to an output that is measured in known increments from a known reference point; e g , a step motor provides incremental motion based on an initial position and an incremental encoder provides incremental feedback information based on a known zero point
a property of a development process whereby units of work are repeated to produce additional new work products or capabilities of work products Development cycles are typically incremental because applications are too large and complex to be built all at once in a big bang fashion Contrast with iterative
DATE NOT NULL Timestamp of last incremental export
increasing gradually by regular degrees or additions; "lecturers enjoy steady incremental growth in salary"
{s} of or pertaining to an increase or addition; of or pertaining to growth; of or pertaining to profit
steady incremental growth in salary
incremental backup
a backup method where only the information that changed since a previous backup is saved
incremental capital output ratio
The Incremental Capital-Output Ratio (ICOR), is the ratio of investment to growth which equals to 1 divided by the marginal product of capital. The higher the ICOR, the lower the productivity of capital. The ICOR can be thought of as a measure of the inefficiency with which capital is used. In most countries the ICOR is in the neighborhood of 3. It is a topic discussed in Economic growth
incremental backup
backup only of files which have been changed since the last backup
incremental cost
The additional cost that the GEF funds between the cost of an alternative project that a country would have implemented in the absence of global environmental concerns and a project undertaken with global objectives in mind It is a measure of the future economic burden on the country that would result from its choosing the GEF-supported activity in preference to one that would have been sufficient in the national interest
incremental cost
The difference between the cost of an intervention of interest and the cost of the comparator
incremental cost
(Ticaret) The cost added to an existing product or project status by processing the next operation or performing an additional activity
incremental cost
- The additional costs incurred from the production or delivery of an additional unit of utility service, usually the minimum capacity or production that can be added The additional cost divided by the additional capacity or output is defined as the incremental cost
incremental cost
The cost of one more item after the cost of an initial quantity has been established For example, assume that 10,000 catalogs will cost you $20,000 dollars to produce and print ($2 00 each) If you increase the quantity to 12,000 and the price increases to $22,000, the additional 2,000 are costing you only $1 00 each (the incremental cost)
incremental cost
the increase or decrease in costs as a result of one more or one less unit of output
incremental cost
The immaterial marginal or added cost that increases total costs when additional services are provided or existing resources are shared with new funding sources
incremental cost
The absolute difference between the costs of alternative management strategies of the same disease or disorder
incremental cost
The amount by which the cost of one action exceeds that of another See also differential cost
incremental cost
The increase of the cost of one alternative over another
iterative and incremental development
Iterative and Incremental development is a cyclical software development process developed in response to the weaknesses of the waterfall model. It is an essential part of the Rational Unified Process, the Dynamic Systems Development Method, Extreme Programming and generally the agile software development frameworks
In an incremental fashion; in small increments
increasingly, in the manner of growing



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    /ˌənkrəˈmentəl/ /ˌɪnkrəˈmɛntəl/


    [ 'i[ng]-kr&-m&nt, 'in- ] (noun.) 15th century. Middle English, from Latin incrementum, from increscere to increase.


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