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English - Turkish
{i} kalay

Bronz, bakır ve kalaydan oluşmaktadır. - Bronze is composed of copper and tin.

Kalayı gümüşten ayırt edebilir misin? - Can you distinguish silver from tin?

{i} teneke

Tom günbatımına bakarken teneke düdüğünü çalarak rıhtımda oturmayı sever. - Tom likes to sit on the dock playing his tin whistle while looking at the sunset.

Fakat maymun geri geldiğinde, teneke bardak her zaman boştu. - But when the monkey came back, the tin cup was always empty.

{i} konserve kutusu
{f} konservelemek
{f} teneke kutuya koymak
teneke,v.teneke kutuya koy: n.teneke
kalay tabakasıyla kaplamak
{i} para
tenekeden yapılmış
{f} kalaylamak
teneke kutu

Teneke kutu içinde altı tane balık var. - There are six fish inside the tin can.

{f} teneke kutuya koy
(yiyecek/vb.) konservelemek
tin hat askerlere mahsus
tin god tanrı gibi ululanan değersiz kimse
(Nükleer Bilimler) (sn) kalay
(Tıp) Sn sembolü ile bilinen, atom no: 50 ve atom ağırlığı: 118.70 olan kimyasal element, kalay
{f} İng. (bir şeyi) teneke
{i} İng. teneke kutu, teneke
teneke (kutu)
teneke kutu içine koymak
tin coated
kalay örtülü
tin oxide
kalay oksit
tin plated
kalay kaplı
tin plating
tin plating
(Kimya,Teknik) kalaylama
tin bronze
kalay tuncu
tin can
teneke kutu

Teneke kutu içinde altı tane balık var. - There are six fish inside the tin can.

tin foil
ince levha
tin hat
tin hat
teneke şapka
tin loading
kalay şarjı
tin mordant
kalay mordanı
tin opener
konserve açacağı
tin plate
tin plate
teneke kaplı çelik
tin plating
kalay kaplama
tin pot
teneke kap
tin salt
kalay klorürü
tin tack
kalaylı döşeme çivisi
tin weighting
kalay şarjı
tin whistle
oyuncak düdük
kalay kaplı
tin ear
kalay kulak
tin lid
kalay kapak
tin of
tin of apricots
kayısı kalay
tin of shoe polish
ayakkabı cilası kalay
tin pan alley
tin pot
kalay pot
tin pot game
kalay pot Oyun
tin snip
(Araçlar) Tenekeci makası
tin tack
nalın çivisi
tin ammonium chloride
(Tekstil) amonyaklı kalay klorürü
tin box
teneke kutu
tin can
tin caps
rutubet ölçüm kapları
tin chloride
kalay klorür
tin coat
tin coating
kalay kaplama
tin cry
kalay çıtırtısı
tin fish
tin foil
kalay folyo
tin foil
tin foil
kalay yaprağı
tin free steel
(Gıda) kalaysız teneke
tin god
tin hat
tin lizzie
külüstür araba
tin lizzie
hurda araba
tin mordant
(boya) kalay mordanı
tin number
(Ticaret) vergi kimlik numarası
tin pan alley
popçuların oturduğu semt
tin plate
tin plated sheet
kalay kaplı sac
tin roofing
teneke çatı örtüsü
tin snips
tenekeci makası
tin solder
kalay lehimi
tin soldiers
oyuncak askerler
tin sulphate
kalay sülfat
tin sulphide
kalay sülfür
tin tack
(isim)lın çivisi
block tin
külçe halindeki kalay
symbol of tin
(Kimya) sn
be like a cat on tin roof
burnundan solumak
copper tin alloy
bakır kalay alaşımı
hot dip tin plate
sıcak daldırılmış teneke plaka
iron tin diagram
demir kalay diyagramı
iron tin system
demir kalay sistem
lacquered tin plate
laklı teneke
lead tin coated sheet
kurşunlu kalay örtülü sac
sheet tin
teneke levha
a tin of
Bir kalay
baking tin
kalay pişirme
cake tin
kek kalay
copper, aluminum, lead, nickel, tin
bakır, alüminyum, kurşun, nikel, kalay
grease the tin
gres kalay
lacquered tin plate
lakli teneke
mess tin
place the pastry tin aside
kek kalıbını kenara köy
containing tin
honey tin
(Arılık) bal tenekesi
interes tin
-e ilgi
lead tin overlay
kurşun kalay kaplama
little tin god
(deyim) tanri gibi ululanan degersiz kimse
mess tin
aş kabı
pig tin
külçe kalay
put the tin
(deyim) put the tin lid on sth. [kd] bir isi plani vb. sona erdirmek veya berbat etmek
tin foil
kalay folyo ile kaplamak
tin snips
(Gıda) kutulama (teneke)
kalayla kaplama
toad's eye tin
kurbağa gözü kalay
vacuum tin
(fiil)kumlu konserve
vacuum tin
vakumlu konserve
Turkish - Turkish
(felsefe) Birtakım fizik ötesi kurucularının, gerçeği ve evreni açıklamak için her şeyin özü, temeli veya yapıcısı olarak benimsedikleri madde dışı varlık
Tın Süresi, Mekke'de indirilmiştir
ayettir. "Tın", dağ adı veya incir demektir
Ruh. Birtakım fizik ötesi kurucularının, gerçeği ve evreni açıklamak için her şeyin özü, temeli veya yapıcısı olarak benimsedikleri madde dışı varlık
Birtakım fizik ötesi kurucularının, gerçeği ve evreni açıklamak için her şeyin özü, temeli veya yapıcısı olarak benimsedikleri madde dışı varlık
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Mektup gibi şeyleri mühürlemek
(Osmanlı Dönemi) (C.: Etyân) Balçık
Tin 1
(Kuran) İncir ve zeytine and olsun
Tin 2
(Kuran) And olsun Sina dağına
Tin 3
(Kuran) And olsun bu güvenli Mekke şehrine ki
Tin 4
(Kuran) Biz insanı en güzel şekilde yarattık
Tin 5
(Kuran) Sonra onu aşağıların en aşağısı kıldık
Tin 6
(Kuran) Yalnız, inanıp yararlı iş işleyenler bunun dışındadır. Onlara kesintisiz ecir vardır
Tin 7
(Kuran) Öyleyken, sana dini yalan saydırtan nedir?
Tin 8
(Kuran) Allah, hükmedenlerin en iyi hükmedeni değil midir?*
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Kur'an-ı Kerim'in 95. suresinin ismidir. Mekkîdir. Vettîni Suresi de denir
tin tin
Sessiz, patırtısız olarak
English - English
To cover with tin
Made of tin
To coat with solder in preparation for soldering
A malleable, ductile, metallic element, resistant to corrosion, with atomic number 50 and symbol Sn
To place into a tin in order to preserve
The bottom part of the front wall, which is "out" if a player strikes it with the ball
A metal pan used for baking, roasting, etc

roasting tin.

An airtight container, made of tin or another metal, used to preserve food
To cover with tin or tinned iron, or to overlay with tin foil
{n} a whitish gray metal, very malleable and flexible
Its compounds are designated as stannous, or stannic
An explosive consisting of sodium nitrate, charcoal, sulphur, and petroleum
Triangulated irregular network A surface representation derived from irregularly spaced sample points and breakline features The tin data set includes topological relationships between points and their neighboring triangles Each sample point has an x,y coordinate and a surface, or z-value These points are connected by edges to form a set of non-overlapping triangles used to represent the surface Tins are also called irregular triangular mesh or irregular triangular surface model
{i} type of silvery metallic element which is easily shaped; (British) can, aluminum container
news reading program
Thin plates of iron covered with tin; tin plate
Heb bedil (Num 31: 22; Ezek 22: 18, 20), a metal well known in ancient times It is the general opinion that the Phoenicians of Tyre and Sidon obtained their supplies of tin from the British Isles In Ezek 27: 12 it is said to have been brought from Tarshish, which was probably a commercial emporium supplied with commodities from other places In Isa 1: 25 the word so rendered is generally understood of lead, the alloy with which the silver had become mixed (ver 22) The fire of the Babylonish Captivity would be the means of purging out the idolatrous alloy that had corrupted the people
Silvery-white metal, harder and less dense than lead Its principal ore is cassiterite Tailings pond: Pool where worthless waste rock and sludge from mining activities are stored Talc: Soft greyish, green or blue mineral composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen Tectonics: Branch of geology that studies the architecture and deformations of the geological regions on the surface of a planet Tellurium: Rare silvery-white chemical element close to the metals (it is a non-metal) Thorium: Radioactive grey metal Titanium: Very hard white metal extracted mainly from ilmenite iron ore Topography: General configuration of a region
Tin is a soft silvery-white metal. a factory that turns scrap metal into tin cans. a tin-roofed hut
Chemical symbol Sn Soft, silvery-white metal with high malleability and ductility, but little tensile strength One of the earliest metals known; because of its hardening effects on copper, used to make bronze for fabrication of construction and hunting tools and war weapons as early as 3500 B C With a melting point of 449-degrees F and a boiling point of 4384-degrees F, tin has the longest molten-state range of any common metal; thus, its principal use as a steel coating and constituent in alloys to make bronze, pewter, die-casting alloys, and specialty titanium alloys Used in biocides to control insect infestation, and in solders for joining pipes or electrical conductors
preserve in a can or tin; "tinned foods are not very tasty"
A baking tin is a metal container used for baking things such as cakes and bread in an oven. Pour the mixture into the cake tin and bake for 45 minutes. made of tin. Metallic chemical element, chemical symbol Sn, atomic number
Triangluated Irregular Network - A spatial data structure, generated by the TESSELLATION of space into irregular, exclusive triangles
Transaction Identification Number
A silvery-white malleable metal mainly extracted from the mineral cassiterite and used in alloys such as bronze Melting point: 232° C Mined in Cornwall, Spain and central Europe
prepare (a metal) for soldering or brazing by applying a thin layer of solder to the surface
{f} preserve, can; plate with tin
Triangulated Irregular Network A series of triangles constructed using elevation data points taken from coverages These triangles are used for surface representation and display
Symbol Sn (Stannum)
An ion that causes haze
It is not easily oxidized in the air, and is used chiefly to coat iron to protect it from rusting, in the form of tin foil with mercury to form the reflective surface of mirrors, and in solder, bronze, speculum metal, and other alloys
Atomic weight 117
= 1st Ammonite, 2
Element number 50, symbol Sn, a metal (Latin, stannum) A silver white soft ductile metal occasionaly found in its native state Tin is one of the earliset known metals and was used both in its pure form as well as an alloying ingrediant by the ancients Pure tin was used by the Ancient Greeks as parts of light tight fitting armor such as shin guards (Homer's, Illiad Tin is the secondary metal in the alloy bronze and the primary metal in solder along with lead (Pb) Tin is corrosion resistant and has a very low melting point as well as an affinity for adhearing to other metals, thus tin plate, tin cans, babbit and solder Average density of tin, 7 298 g/cm3, 2637 lbs/cuin, 455 62 lbs/cuft Los Alamos National Laboratory periodic table entry tin
plate with tin
The 9 digit number assigned by the IRS or Social Security Administration to identify an individual (Social Security number) or inanimate entities such as corporations and trusts
a USEnet news reader for UNIX that allows users to read and post to the thousands of Internet newsgroups worldwide
Money A depreciating synonym for silver, called by alchemists “Jupiter ”
It is a soft, silvery white metal with a bluish tinge, employed since antiquity in the traditional form of bronze, its alloy with copper. It occurs chiefly as the dioxide (stannic oxide, SnO2) in cassiterite. Since it is nontoxic, ductile, malleable, and easily worked, it is used to plate steel cans ("tin cans") for use as food containers and to coat and plate other items. Pure tin is too weak to be used alone, but its many alloys include soft solder, pewter, bronze, and low-temperature casting alloys. It has valence 2 or 4 in compounds, including stannous chloride (used in tin galvanizing and manufacturing polymers and dyes), stannous oxide (used to make tin salts for chemical reagents and plating), stannous fluoride (used as an anticavity ingredient in toothpastes), stannic chloride (a stabilizer for perfumes and a source of other tin salts), and stannic oxide (a catalyst and a polishing powder for steel). Tin bonds with carbon to form organotin compounds, used to stabilize PVC and in biocides and fungicides
metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour
When present in steel it is an undesirable impurity which gives rise to temper brittleness When used as a coating on steel, it has a good resistance to corrosion for many applications
Triangulated Irregular Network
A tin is a metal container with a lid in which things such as biscuits, cakes, or tobacco can be kept. Store the cookies in an airtight tin A tin of something is the amount contained in a tin. They emptied out the remains of the tin of paint and smeared it on the inside of the van
Situated between the board and the floor covering the full width of the court and constructed in such a manner as to make a distinctive noise when struck by the ball
An elementary substance found as an oxide in the mineral cassiterite, and reduced as a soft white crystalline metal, malleable at ordinary temperatures, but brittle when heated
Tax Identification Number
airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc
{s} of tin, made from tin, consisting of tin
a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion; used in many alloys and to coat other metals to prevent corrosion; obtained chiefly from cassiterite where it occurs as tin oxide
A tin is a metal container which is filled with food and sealed in order to preserve the food for long periods of time. She popped out to buy a tin of soup. A tin of food is the amount of food contained in a tin. He had survived by eating a small tin of fruit every day
{i} stannum
Tin Man
The Tin Woodsman, a metallic character in the fictional Land of Oz who travels with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion to the Emerald City in search of a heart
Tin Pan Alley
The songwriting and publishing industry
Tin Pan Alley
District in New York City centered on 28th Street during the period roughly from 1885 to the 1920's where thousands of popular songs were commercially written
tin can
a container, usually cylindrical, made out of sheet metal coated with tin, or aluminum
tin can
a destroyer
tin cans
plural form of tin can
tin cries
plural form of tin cry
tin cry
The sound heard when a bar of tin is bent
tin dog
Contraction of tinned dog (any unappetizing tinned meat)

Tin Dog, Damper and Dust — title of autobiography by shearer Don Munday.

tin dog
Literally, a dog figurine or model made out of metal
tin dog
A noise-making device used by a farmer to get sheep or cattle moving. Almost any rough tin container with stones or containers within each other on a wire can be used. Some rattle-like devices are made commercially

2005: I was with the cattle on my own at that stage, and to get them going, I inserted a few stones in the quart pot and used that as a tin dog. It got the cattle moving. — stockman Bruce Simpson on the Australian Broadcasting Commission Landline program, 30 October 2005.

tin ear
Insensitivity to and inability to appreciate the elements of performed music or the rhythm, elegance, or nuances of language

Despite their careless scholarship and a less tangible quality that some would call a tin ear for poetry, Morris Halle and S. J. Keyser, as metrists, have the considerable virtue of explicitness.

tin god
An individual that abuses or exceeds his authority over others, frequently in petty ways; for example a low-level manager in situational comedies and other entertainment
tin knocker
A sheet metal worker, especially one who works with HVAC ductwork

We can't hang drywall in here until the tin knockers are done.

tin man
A toy soldier or other human figure made from tin
tin men
plural form of tin man
tin opener
a can opener
tin openers
plural form of tin opener
tin plate
A thin sheet of steel coated with tin to prevent rusting; used to make cans etc
tin plates
plural form of tin plate
tin pyrites
the mineral stannite
tin sandwich
Term for a simple harmonica

The reason that the harmonica sometimes is called a tin sandwich is that you hold it just like a sandwich.

tin sandwiches
plural form of tin sandwich
tin soldier
A toy soldier made out of tin
tin soldiers
plural form of tin soldier
tin whistle
A small, high pitched whistle that is blown from the end like a flute and is made of metal
tin whistles
plural form of tin whistle
tin-foil hat
A piece of headgear made from one or more sheets of tin foil, aluminium foil, or other similar material, the hats worn in the belief that they act to shield the brain from such influences as electromagnetic fields, or against mind control and/or mind reading
tin-foil hats
plural form of tin-foil hat
To coat (something, especially steel sheet) with tin, either by dipping or electroplating
Present participle of tin-plate
The process of applying a protective layer of tin, especially to steel sheet
Inferior; shoddy
tin-pot dictator
An autocratic ruler with little political credibility, but with self-delusions of grandeur
tin-pot dictators
plural form of tin-pot dictator
tin lid
Tin lid is London Cockney rhyming slang for a Jew (Yid)
tin snip
Tin snips are tools used to cut thin sheet metal. They use the same principles as common scissors, but are able to handle thicker and harder material. There are three different types of tin snips; straight cutting, left cutting, and right cutting. Straight cutting in a straight line, left cutting snips (usually red) will cut in a curve to the left, and right cutting snips (usually green) will cut in a curve to the right
Tin Man
a character from the book and film The The Wizard of Oz. He is made of metal and does not have a heart, but in the story goes to see the Wizard of Oz to ask him to give him a heart
Tin Pan Alley
the people who produce popular music and their way of life, especially in the US. Genre of U.S. popular music that arose in New York in the late 19th century. The name was coined by the songwriter Monroe Rosenfeld as the byname of the street on which the industry was based 28th Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway in the early 20th century, around Broadway and 32nd Street in the 1920s, and ultimately on Broadway between 42nd and 50th Streets. "Tin pan" referred to the sound of pianos furiously pounded by "song pluggers" demonstrating tunes to publishers. The genre comprised the commercial music of writers of ballads, dance music, and vaudeville songs, and its name eventually became synonymous with U.S. popular music. Its demise resulted from the rise of film, audio recording, radio, and TV, which created a demand for more and different kinds of music, and the growth of commercial songwriting centres in cities such as Hollywood and Nashville
tin can
can (made of tin) for preserved food; (US Navy slang) a destroyer
tin can
airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc
tin can
informal term for a destroyer
tin ear
insensitivity to the appropriateness or subtlety of language; "he has a tin ear for dialogue
tin ear
An insensitivity to music or to sounds of a given kind: a writer with a tin ear for dialogue
tin foil
strong paper made of aluminum with a silver color used in the kitchen
tin foil
foil made of tin or an alloy of tin and lead
tin foil
foil made of aluminum
tin hat
metal cap, cap made from tin
tin hut
cottage made from metal
tin opener
a device for cutting cans open
tin opener
can opener, instrument for opening canned goods
tin opener
A tin opener is a tool that is used for opening tins of food
tin pan alley
a city district (originally in New York) where composers and publishers of popular music do business
tin parachute
An employment agreement that guarantees a severance payment to employees who are dismissed after a company has had a change in ownership
tin pest
the transformation of ordinary white tin into powdery gray tin a very cold temperatures
tin plate
Thin sheet iron or steel coated with tin to prevent rusting, used especially to make cans and pots
tin plate
steel or sheet iron covered with thin coating of tin
tin plate
thin sheet metal (iron or steel) coated with tin to prevent rusting; used especially for cans and pots
tin whistle
A tin whistle is a simple musical instrument in the shape of a metal pipe with holes. Tin whistles make a high sound and are often used in folk music, for example Irish music. a musical instrument like a small pipe with six holes, that you play by blowing
tin whistle
small inexpensive wind instrument similar to a recorder, fipple flute
a tin-pot person, organization etc is not very important, although they think that they are - used to show disapproval
{s} (Informal) inferior; small-time; inferior in quality, cheap, two-bit; paltry
butter of tin
tin tetrachloride pentahydrate
like a cat on a hot tin roof
Jumpy, nervous
coat a metal with solder or tin alloy prior to soldering or brazing it
Coated, or plated with tin
Simple past tense and past participle of tin
what it says on the tin
Exactly what is described or what one would expect from the name

does exactly what it says on the tin: presents erotic art.

Tin foil
baking tin
(British) pan used for baking
be like a cat on a hot tin roof
be restless; be agitated and nervous and unable to remain still
block tin
See under Tin
cake tin
A cake tin is a metal container that you bake a cake in
galvanized tin
tin covered with a thin layer of zinc
like a cat on a hot tin roof
restless; agitated and nervous and unable to remain still
mess tin
soldier's eating utensils
the Tin Soldier
children's stories in which a tin soldier toy was the main character
Packed in a tin can; canned
Covered, or plated, with tin; as, a tinned roof; tinned iron
Tinned food is food that has been preserved by being sealed in a tin. tinned tomatoes. tinned salmon. tinned food is food that is sold in small metal containers which can be kept for a long time before they are opened American Equivalent: canned
past of tin
sealed in a can or jar
Packed in tin cases; canned; as, tinned meats
The process of coating metallic surfaces with a thin layer of solder
present participle of tin
covering the soldering iron tip or the tip of a wire with solder
Coating of a metal surface with tin or solder alloy to improve or maintain solderability, or to aid a later soldering process
The covering or lining of tin thus put on
the application of a thin layer of soft solder to the ends of wires before soldering them; "careful tinning of the ends of wires results in a better joint when you solder them"
Dipping the stripped leads of a conductor into solder to a specified length
the process of adding a thin layer of solder to the tip of a soldering iron
Applying a thin coating of solder to something
the application of a protective layer of tin
the application of a protective layer of tin the application of a thin layer of soft solder to the ends of wires before soldering them; "careful tinning of the ends of wires results in a better joint when you solder them
The act, art, or process of covering or coating anything with melted tin, or with tin foil, as kitchen utensils, locks, and the like
plural of tin
third-person singular of tin
undulated tin plate
tin sheet that is bent into a corrugated or wavy shape

    Turkish pronunciation



    can, tin can


    /ˈtən/ /ˈtɪn/


    [ 'tin ] (noun.) before 12th century. From Old English tin, from Proto-Germanic *dīno, from Proto-Indo-European dei- 'to shine'; compare Sanskrit dídeti 'to shine, be bright', Ancient Greek déato 'seemed'.

    Common Collocations

    tin opener, tin snips, tin foil


    ... Copper and tin, Bronze Age. ...
    ... cuts off trade routes for copper and tin, ...

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