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İngilizce - İngilizce
To evaluate according to one's beliefs

She deemed his efforts insufficient.

To hold as a personal opinion
{v} to judge, conclude, think
{n} a judgment, opinion, belief
To be of opinion; to think; to estimate; to opine; to suppose
Opinion; judgment
To decide; to judge; to sentence; to condemn
To accept a document or an event as conclusive of a certain status in the absence of evidence or facts which would normally be required to prove that status For example, in matters of child support, a decision of a foreign court could be "deemed" to be a decision of the court of another for the purpose of enforcement
To consider or be of an opinion: e g , to deem it necessary
{f} suppose, believe, estimate; consider something in a particular way; judge according to one's beliefs; take for
To pass judgment
To evaluate according to ones beliefs
To account; to esteem; to think; to judge; to hold in opinion; to regard
To consider or be of opinion, e g , to deem it necessary
keep in mind or convey as a conviction or view; "take for granted"; "view as important"; "hold these truths to be self-evident"; "I hold him personally responsible"
If something is deemed to have a particular quality or to do a particular thing, it is considered to have that quality or do that thing. French and German were deemed essential He says he would support the use of force if the UN deemed it necessary I was deemed to be a competent shorthand typist. = judge. to think of something in a particular way or as having a particular quality = consider deem that
To consider as true without need of further proof ---- ---- by entering (competitors) are deemed to accept (the rules) without reservation GS 3 11 1
past of deem
present participle of deem
third-person singular of deem