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Englisch - Türkisch

İstisna, kuralı geçersiz kılmaz. - The exception does not void the rule.

{i} boşluk

Fadıl hayatında bir boşluk hissetti. - Fadil felt a void in his life.

Tom Gençliğime baktığımda manevi bir boşluk görüyorum. dedi. - When I look back on my youth, I see a spiritual void, said Tom.

{f} iptal etmek
{f} hükümsüz kılmak
{f} atmak
{i} eksiklik
{i} hükümsüzlük
(idrar vb) çıkarmak
boş hacim
{f} boş bırakmak
hükmü kalmamış
ilga etmek
{i} geçersizlik
(Ticaret) lükümsüz
yürürlükten kaldırılmış
{f} boşaltmak
{f} boşalt
{i} iptal
(of ile) -den yoksun
{s} ıssız

Uçurumun üstünde duran bir adam boşluğa atlayarak intihar etmek üzereydi. - A man standing on the cliff was about to commit suicide by jumping into the void.

Fadıl hayatında bir boşluk hissetti. - Fadil felt a void in his life.

{f} çıkarmak
{f} tahliye etmek
{f} terketmek
{s} faydasız
(Mukavele) geçersiz, -den yoksun, yasal geçerliği olmayan; boş; boşluk, açıklık
{f} geçersiz hale getirmek
ihraç etmek
boş,v.boşalt: n.boşluk
(Tıp) Boşaltmak, çıkarmak (idrar, v.s.)
{s} of -siz, -den yoksun, -den mahrum: His ideas were void of common sense. Fikirleri sağduyudan yoksundu
{i} boş yer
-den yoksun
(Hukuk) işlemin batıl sayılması
void of
void cement ratio
çimento boşluk oranı
void coefficient of reactivity
(Çevre) reaktivite boşluk katsayısı
void disposition
(Kanun) batıl tasarruf
void end
boş uç
void fraction
(Gıda) boşluk oranı
void grouting
boşluk içitimi
void of
void of
-den yoksun
void of warranty
garanti dışı
void volume
(Biyokimya) ölü oylum
void volume
(Tıp) boş hacim
void water
boşluk suyu
void of
den mahrum
void of action
Projenin iptal
void of understanding
anlayış geçersiz
void ratio
boşluk oranı
void coefficient
(Nükleer Bilimler) boşluk katsayısı,reaktivite boşluk katsayısı
void contract
(Kanun) batıl sözleşme
void marriage
(Kanun) geçersiz evlenme
void marriage
(Kanun) hükümsüz evlenme
void of
-den mahrum
void process
(Kanun) hükümsüz yargılama
voting papers null and void
(Politika, Siyaset) geçersiz ve boş oy pusulası
deem void
hükümsüz addetmek
null and void
bağlayıcı olmayan
null and void
(Kanun) gayrımuteber
(Kimya) boşluklar
ara boşluklar
air void
hava boşluğu
air void
tenek boşluğu
asphalt void ratio
asfalt boşluk oranı
declare null and void
geçersiz saymak
declare void
geçersiz ifade et
make void
null and void
null and void
null and void
{f} boşalt
{i} boş
a void
bir boşluk
leave behind a void, leave a cavity
bir boşluk geride bırakıp, bir boşluk bırakın
the contract is null and void.
sözleşme hükümsüz ve geçersiz olacaktır
to be in a void
boşlukta olmak
to declare null and void
hükümsüz ve geçersiz ilan
act declared void
(Avrupa Birliği) hükümsüz ilan edilen tasarruf
automatically void
(Politika, Siyaset) kendiliğinden geçersiz
automatically void
(Avrupa Birliği) kendiliğinden hükümsüz
central void diameter
(Nükleer Bilimler) merkezi boşluk çapı
critical void ratio
kritik boşluk oranı
declare void
geçersiz ifade etmek
fill the void
boşluğu doldurmak
maximum void ratio
maksimum boşluk oranı
minimum void ratio
minimum boşluk oranı
null and void
huk. hükümsüz, geçersiz
percentage void
yüzde boşluk
percentage void
boşluk yüzdesi
regulation declared void
(Avrupa Birliği) iptal edilen tüzük
surface void
yüzey boşlukları
surface void
yüzey boşluğu
void of
void of
hükümsüz kılınmı
Englisch - Englisch
Having lost all legal validity

null and void.

To empty

void one’s bowels.

That does not return a value

The return value can safely be ignored if it is a void function.

An extended region of space containing no galaxies
To make invalid or worthless

He voided the check and returned it.

To withdraw, depart

suche ii brethren as is kyng Ban & kyng bors ar not lyuynge, wherfore we must nedes voyde or deye.

An empty space; a vacuum

Nobody had crossed the void since one man died trying three hundred years ago; it's high time we had another go.

{v} to quit, leve, emit, evacuate, annul
{a} empty, enoccupied, destitute, vain, null
{n} an empty space, emptiness, vacuum
Being without; destitute; free; wanting; devoid; as, void of learning, or of common use
Having no incumbent; unoccupied; said of offices and the like
Volume in the wood structure that is not occupied by wood tissue
Having no legal force or binding effect; a nullity; not enforceable A void agreement is no contract at all A void contract need not be disaffirmed, nor can it be ratified A contract for an illegal purpose (for example, gambling) is void A voidable contract is one that is able to be voided Voidable implies a valid act that may be rejected by an act of disaffirmance, rather than an invalid act that may be confirmed For example, if a minor contracts to buy a diamond ring, the contract can be voided by the minor because of lack of sufficient age If, however, the minor elects to enforce the contract, the contract is valid and the other party cannot assert the minor's lack of age as a defense
a dimensional place with no time where aliens hide from view - aliens use voids to travel long distances in their ships in a very short time
Of no legal force or effect, incapable of confirmation or ratification; null
If you are void of something, you do not have any of it. He rose, his face void of emotion as he walked towards the door
an unfilled space within a solid material
To remove the contents of; to make or leave vacant or empty; to quit; to leave; as, to void a table
Containing nothing; empty; vacant; not occupied; not filled
Of no legal effect A nullity
To render void; to make to be of no validity or effect; to vacate; to annul; to nullify
To have no force or effect; that which is unenforceable
The reversal of an approved transaction, one that has been authorized but not settled Settled transactions require processing of a credit in order to be reversed A void does not remove any hold on the customer's open-to-buy
take away the legal force of or render ineffective; "invalidateas a contract"
Not producing any effect; ineffectual; vain
without legal effect
an empty area or space; "the huge desert voids"; "the emptiness of outer space"; "without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum"
declare invalid; "The contract was annulled"; "void a plea"
1) Invalid, not legally binding 2) An insurance contract that is prohibited by law and thus cannot be held to be a valid contract
The return type of a method whose invocation does not return anything Contrast null
To empty the bladder in order to obtain a urine sample for testing
of something; "The chemist voided the glass bottle"; "The concert hall was voided of the audience" containing nothing; "the earth was without form, and void
To throw or send out; to evacuate; to emit; to discharge; as, to void excrements
To be emitted or evacuated
The undesirable absence of ink in a bar
an empty area or space; "the huge desert voids"; "the emptiness of outer space"; "without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum" clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place, receptacle, etc
{s} lacking legal validity, null
The absence of ink in a printing area where ink should appear A void creates an area of white space that can interfere with the first-read rate of a printed code and, depending on the size and location of the area, may even render the code unreadable
excrete or discharge from the body
containing nothing; "the earth was without form, and void
of something; "The chemist voided the glass bottle"; "The concert hall was voided of the audience"
as if the contract was never formed in the first place The consequence is that anything that has changed hands must be returned even if it is now in the possession of an innocent third party who acquired the goods for value
lacking cards in a particular suit With the pass back to the partner, the declarer will usually make his or her hand void in one or more suits to increase its potency
clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place, receptacle, etc
Void means to empty or evacuate waste from the body For instance, throughout the day, the human being excretes urine several times; each of these is called a void The composition of urine changes in a cycle every 24 hours The first void in the morning contains many minerals, electrolytes and metabolism-end products During the day, the amount of dissolved substances is reduced
This means that a check is not good or not usable You would write "VOID" across a check that has a mistake written on it, tear it up, and throw it away
Containing no immaterial quality; destitute of mind or soul
A transaction type that cancels a transaction that has not yet been Settled
Voidable, 2
Null, not legally enforceable
If you describe a situation or a feeling as a void, you mean that it seems empty because there is nothing interesting or worthwhile about it. His death has left a void in the cricketing world which can never be filled
A physical and mechanical discontinuity occurring within a material or part which may be two-dimensional (e g , disbonds, delaminations) or three-dimensional (e g , vacuum-, air-, or gas-filled pockets) Porosity is an aggregation of micro-voids Voids are essentially incapable of transmitting structural stresses or nonradiative energy fields (See Inclusion )
{i} emptiness, space, vacuity, opening, gap
{f} empty; make invalid
You can describe a large or frightening space as a void. He stared into the dark void where the battle had been fought
to urinate; to empty the bladder
clear (a room, house, place) of occupants or empty or clear (a place, receptacle, etc ) of something; "The chemist voided the glass bottle"; "The concert hall was voided of the audience"
The space between particles or other units in a compact, such as a close-packing of spheres or TRDs In Reflexive Material Technology, a three-dimensional zone through which significant forces are not transmitted A void can be empty, or it can be filled with a material of less stiffness (see Modulus of Elasticity) than the material of the skeleton of an RMT structure
A space in the column packing, generally at the inlet of the column, or also a settling of the packing at the column inlet to create a space between the top of the packing and the frit A void usually makes the column unsuitable for use -- Void Volume The total internal volume of a connection or fluid pathway DEAD VOLUME + SWEPT VOLUME = VOID VOLUME
To void something means to officially say that it is not valid. The Supreme Court threw out the confession and voided his conviction for murder
the state of nonexistence
containing nothing; "the earth was without form, and void"
Something that is void or null and void is officially considered to have no value or authority. The original elections were declared void by the former military ruler The agreement will be considered null and void. = invalid
without legal force or effect; not binding by law
the pore space or other openings in rock The openings can be very small to cave size and are filled with water below the water table
lacking any legal or binding force; "null and void"
void fraction
Porosity or void fraction is a measure of the void (i.e., "empty") spaces in a material
in programming language void operator evaluates the given expression and then returns a value of undefined. stays on same page
void ab initio
lacked validity from the start, is not obligatory
void ballot
blank ballot, blank vote
void contract
agreement which is lacking legal validity
null and void
invalid, cancelled, unenforceable
Spaces between superclusters that are relatively free of luminous matter Also called bubbles volume - The space occupied by an object
deemed null and void
no longer valid
left a void behind him
left everyone with a sense of emptiness when he left, left behind him shoes too big to fill
null and void
Unenforceable, no longer of any effect A contract for which a condition precedent has failed is considered "null and void"
null and void
canceled and revoked
null and void
Of no legal or binding force; invalid
null and void
that which cannot be legally enforced, as with a contract provision that is not in conformance with the law
null and void
Of no legal or binding force
verb void 3
to make a contract or agreement void so that it has no legal effect
Emptied; evacuated
Having the inner part cut away, or left vacant, a narrow border being left at the sides, the tincture of the field being seen in the vacant space; said of a charge
past of void
{s} invalid, canceled; empty
Annulled; invalidated
present participle of void
the bodily process of discharging waste matter
Receiving what is ejected or voided
That which is voided; that which is ejected or evacuated; a remnant; a fragment
The act of one who, or that which, v&?;ids
A general term for pore spaces or other openings in rock
Pockets of entrapped gas that have been cured into a laminate
The undesirable absence of ink within a bar of the UCC/EAN symbol
Holidays or holes in a coating
The undesirable formation of large cavities or pockets in a foam structure Voids are usually caused by poor moldability or incorrect mold filling In the case of foam buns, voids occur when then blowing and polymerization reactions are out of balance
hollow spaces underground
third-person singular of void
If the hand you're dealt contains no cards of one or more of the suits, those suits are called voids
Empty spaces in sand, mortar, or grout
Pockets of entrapped gas that have been cured into laminate
plural of , void
The percent by volume of the interstices to the total bed volume The space between the granules
The spaces between soil particles filled by air or water
The undesirable formation of large cavities or pockets in a foam structure Voids are usually caused by poor moldability or incorrect mold filling