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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} ince

Mary koyu saçlı uzun ince bir genç kadındı. - Mary was a tall slender young woman with dark hair.

O, bir uzun ince sarışındı. - She was a tall, slender blonde.


Erkekler zayıf olsalar bile neden güçlüdür? - Why are men strong even if they're slender?

ince uzun
hatları ince ve güzel
dal gibi
{s} ufak tefek
ancak yetişecek kadar
{s} ince belli

Kız ince belli bir kadın haline geldi. - The girl has grown into a slender woman.

{s} sınırlı
elif gibi

Mary koyu saçlı uzun ince bir genç kadındı. - Mary was a tall slender young woman with dark hair.

O, bir uzun ince sarışındı. - She was a tall, slender blonde.

ceylan gibi
slender chance
zayıf ihtimal
slender laboratory tube
(Tıp) laboratuvar tüpü
slender rainbow sardine
(Denizbilim) hint sardalyası
slender sunfish
(Denizbilim) büyük pervane
slender sunfish
(Denizbilim) uzunpervane balığı
slender transition
uzatılmış geçiş
slender transition
uzatılmış rakorman
slender transition
uzatılmış tranzisyon
slender transition
uzatılmış redüksiyon
slender vowel
(Dilbilim) ön ünlü
slender waisted
ince belli
{i} narinlik
{i} kuvvetsizlik
as slender as
kadar ince
yetersiz olma
as slender as
gibi ince
having a slender, sharp, or spinelike tip
ucu ince, keskin veya spinelike sahip
having fine, slender toes or fingers
ince, ince ayak parmakları veya parmaklarını sahip
having the form of cilia; very fine or slender
kirpikler şeklinde olan; çok ince ya da ince
yetersiz bir şekilde
kısıtlı olma
{i} yetersizlik
{i} incelik
{i} anca yetme
Englisch - Englisch
Thin; slim

A rod is a long slender pole used for angling.

{a} thin, slight, small, weak, sparing, poor
Weak; feeble; not strong; slight; as, slender hope; a slender constitution
having little width in proportion to the length or height; "a slender pole"
very narrow; "a thin line across the page"
very narrow; "a thin line across the page
Spare; abstemious; frugal; as, a slender diet
being of delicate or slender build; "she was slender as a willow shoot is slender"- Frank Norris; "a slim girl with straight blonde hair"; "watched her slight figure cross the street"
small in quantity; "slender wages"; "a slim chance of winning"; "a small surplus"
gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease
Uttered with a thin tone; the opposite of broad; as, the slender vowels long e and i
Moderate; trivial; inconsiderable; slight; as, a man of slender intelligence
approval A slender person is attractively thin and graceful. She was slender, with delicate wrists and ankles. a tall, slender figure in a straw hat
{s} long and thin; slim; meager, scant
Small or narrow in proportion to the length or the height; not thick; slim; as, a slender stem or stalk of a plant
You can use slender to describe a situation which exists but only to a very small degree. The United States held a slender lead = slim
Small; inadequate; meager; pitiful; as, slender means of support; a slender pittance
slender sedge
A sedge species, Carex lasiocarpa
slender sedges
plural form of slender sedge
slender-horned gazelle
a gazelle with slender horns adapted to desert life
slender man
The Slender Man (Slenderman) is a fictional character that originated as an Internet meme created by user Victor Surge on the Something Awful forums in 2009. It is depicted as resembling a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and featureless face, and wearing a black suit. The Slender Man is commonly said to stalk, abduct, or traumatize people, particularly children
slender centaury
a slender variety of centaury
slender knapweed
a variety of knapweed
slender loris
slim-bodied lemur of southern India and Sri Lanka
slender loris
A very small, tailless loris (Loris gracilis) of southern India and Sri Lanka, having large eyes with dark circles around them and very short fingers and toes
slender rush
tufted wiry rush of wide distribution
slender salamander
any of several small slim salamanders of the Pacific coast of the United States
slender wheatgrass
North American grass cultivated in western United States as excellent forage crop
slender wild oat
oat of southern Europe and southwestern Asia
slender-tailed meerkat
a meerkat with a thin and elongated tail
having a small waist
red slender loris
A species of slender lorises
Thinly, slightly, delicately

The columns slenderly rose to support a heavy platform and statue.

{a} without much bulk, slightly, poorly
{n} thinness, want of bulk, slightness
with a slender appearance, thinly
in a slim or slender manner; "a slenderly built woman"; "slightly built
relatively small dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width; "the tenuity of a hair"; "the thinness of a rope"
{i} slimness, thinness, slightness; meagerness
the property of an attractively thin person
The property of being slender
Türkisch - Englisch

Definition von slender im Türkisch Englisch wörterbuch

filiz gibi slender and beautiful
servi boylu tall, slender, and graceful



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈslendər/ /ˈslɛndɜr/


    [ slen-d&r ] (adjective.) 14th century. From Middle English slendre, sclendre, from Old French esclendre (“thin, slender”), of Germanic origin, from Old Dutch slinder (“thin, lank”), from Proto-Germanic *sli(n)draz (“sliding, slippery”), from Proto-Indo-European *sleidh- (“to slip”). Cognate with Bavarian Schlenderling (“that which dangles”), German schlendern (“to saunter, stroll”), Dutch slidderen, slinderen (“to wriggle, creep like a serpent”), Low Saxon slindern (“to slide on ice”). More at slide, slither.


    ... say zero to four as there are aged 85 or 90, but it’s basically a slender column.   ...
    ... banana right behind the gate was called the slender minarets after which the ...

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