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Bireysel özgürlük demokrasinin temelidir. - Individual liberty is the essence of democracy.

Hürriyetin özü matematiktir. - The essence of liberty is mathematics.

{i} ruh
{i} nitelik
{i} esas

Bu, esas itibariyle, bilimin sırrıdır. - This, in essence, is the secret of science.

Sonuç olarak, o teknik olarak doğru bir şey alır ama esasen o bir taklittir. - As a result, he gets something which technically is correct, but in its essence is just a mockery.

esas nitelik
{i} cevher
{i} esans, ıtır
öz varlık
(Tıp) Tasfiye edilmiş durumdaki alkol ruhu içinde bulunan uçucu bir yağ çözeltisi
essence de menthae
(Tıp) nane esansı
essence of lavender
(Tıp) lavanta esansı
essence of peppermint
essence of the matter
mevzunun mahiyeti
essence of the matter
konunun özü
essence of the topic
mevzunun mahiyeti
essence/spirit of peppermint
essence/spirit of
in essence
esas itibariyle

Bu, esas itibariyle, bilimin sırrıdır. - This, in essence, is the secret of science.

in essence
özü itibariyle
in essence
İşin özü, işin esası
in essence, but not in fact
özü, ama değil aslında
juice, essence, pith
suyu, özü, öz
of much essence
büyük öneme sahip
time is of the essence
(deyim) Erken kalkan, yol alır
time is of the essence
zaman hakikatin
cedar essence
(Tıp) sedir esansı
devoid of essence
(Ticaret) davanın konusuz kalması
floral essence
çiçek esansı
honey essence
bal özlü
neroli essence
(Tıp) neroli esansı
of the essence
çok gerekli
of the essence
kritik öneme sahip
Englisch - Englisch
The inherent nature of a thing or idea
A significant feature of something
The true nature of anything, not accidental or illusory
Fragrance, a perfume
The concentrated form of a plant or drug obtained through a distillation process
that which makes a thing to be what it is
that which makes an entity what it is; that defining characteristic in whose absence a thing would not be itself
To perfume; to scent
{v} to perfume, scent, sprinkle
{n} the nature, substance or being of any thing, existence, a perfume, smell, scent, odor
The constituent quality or qualities which belong to any object, or class of objects, or on which they depend for being what they are (distinguished as real essence); the real being, divested of all logical accidents; that quality which constitutes or marks the true nature of anything; distinctive character; hence, virtue or quality of a thing, separated from its grosser parts
French term for gasoline
Those features of an object that make it the kind of object it is, as opposed to its accidents (e g a person's ability to reason is an essential human feature, while hair color would be an accident) - Essentialism is the view that the accident - essence distinction is not arbitrary but rooted in the nature of reality
the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work
{i} inherent nature of something, spirit, central or outstanding characteristic; extract obtained from a plant or other substance by means of distillation; perfume, scent
Two meanings: Refers to "odor kits" containing vials of representative flavor essence Used occasionally by wineries to describe a late harvest, sweet red wine Most frequently appears on bottle labels for Zinfandel red wine made from grapes picked at 35 deg Brix or higher sugar content
A Substance stored in the Kidneys, responsible for birth, growth, reproduction and development
Being That which a thing is per se and is not available to perception through the physical senses From the Latin essentia formed in imitation of the Greek ousia, from einai - to be
The constituent elementary notions which constitute a complex notion, and must be enumerated to define it; sometimes called the nominal essence
a fluid substance that provides the basis of reproduction, growth, sexual power, conception and preganancy It is the material foundation of qi and is stored in the kidney Also referred to as Jing
Constituent substance
The eternal, changeless, and complete part of something (a form or idea) Platonic philosophy
A being; esp
Perfume; odor; scent; or the volatile matter constituting perfume
That which makes something what it is; quality of a thing separated from its dispensable parts
the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; "the gist of the prosecutor's argument"; "the heart and soul of the Republican Party"; "the nub of the story"
The attribute or attributes that make a specific thing or substance what it is and not something else; its nature; that without which it would not be one and the same (type of) individual it is For instance, I can cease sitting or being shod and still be one and the same human being; but I can't cease being alive be the same human being Contrast: accident
The predominant qualities or virtues of a plant or drug, extracted and refined from grosser matter; or, more strictly, the solution in spirits of wine of a volatile or essential oil; as, the essence of mint, and the like
a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor
n The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something The most important ingredient; crucial element The inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things, as distinguished from its existence (also see spirit)
for Aristotle, that which remains the nature of a thing throughout its change from potentiality to actuality More generally, the necessary defining characteristic of a thing, such that without that characteristic the thing would not be the thing it is ethical intuition the immediate awareness of an ethical property or an ethical truth, but for Rawls intuitionism is the claim that there is an irreducible body of first principles which cannot be ordered in terms of priority
The "that-about-a-thing-that-makes-it-what-it-is," in contrast with those properties ("accidents") that the thing may happen to possess but need not possess in order to be itself Thus we distinguish between Socrates' accidental and non-essential properties (e g dying by hemlock) and his essential properties (e g those traits of character and personality that made him the man he was)
The fragrant oil extracted from a plant or herb
(a) the permanent as contrasted with the accidental element of being; (b) the fundamental true of self; (c) the truth from which all growth comes
The essence of something is its basic and most important characteristic which gives it its individual identity. The essence of consultation is to listen to, and take account of, the views of those consulted. the essence of life emphasis You use in essence to emphasize that you are talking about the most important or central aspect of an idea, situation, or event. Though off-puttingly complicated in detail, local taxes are in essence simple. If you say that something is of the essence, you mean that it is absolutely necessary in order for a particular action to be successful. Speed was of the essence in a project of this type. = crucial
Two meanings: Refers to "odour kits" containing vials of representative flavour essence Used occasionally by wineries to describe a late harvest, sweet red wine Most frequently appears on bottle labels for Zinfandel red wine made from grapes picked at 35 deg Brix or higher sugar content
any substance possessing to a high degree the predominant properties of a plant or drug or other natural product from which it is extracted
Comprised of those properties or characteristics that account for what a thing is E g , Descartes claims that thinking is essential to the self (that thing referred to by "I" in the claim "I am")
Essence properly denotes the intrinsic constitutive elements by which a thing is what it is and is distinguished from every other Essence furnishes an answer to the question What? (Quid?) See the related terms Nature and Substance
a purely spiritual being
Essence is a very concentrated liquid that is used for flavouring food or for its smell. a few drops of vanilla essence
That by which a thing is that which it is, or that by which it is constituted in a species; the whatness of a thing Essence answers the question: What is it?
essence of the matter
true nature of the issue, heart of the matter, crux of it, the bottom line
of the essence
Important, indispensable, crucial

speed is of the essence.

time is of the essence
Said when something must be done immediately: When transporting organs for transplant, time is of the essence
time is of the essence
Used to express a need for haste in action or response
time is of the essence
When used in a contract, places the other party on notice that failure to complete a required performance by a date certain set forth therein will constitute an incurable breach
in essence
By nature; essentially

He is in essence a reclusive sort.

of the essence
Of the greatest importance; crucial

Time is of the essence.

time is of the essence
(deyim) It is important to work as quickly as possible, make the most of an opportunity, take advantage of something, strike while the iron is hot
time is of the essence
(deyim) Said to encourage someone to hurry
Brand Essence
(Reklam) The brand's promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded terms. For example, Volvo = safety; AA = Fourth Emergency Service. The most powerful brand essences are rooted in a fundamental customer need
brand essence
The brand's promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded terms For example, Volvo = safety; AA = Fourth Emergency Service The most powerful brand essences are rooted in a fundamental customer need Also, in Interbrand's model, a vivid distillation of the Brand Platform
brand essence
Also referred to as "brand soul" "brand mojo", "brand mantra", etc The answer to the great spiritual question "what's this brand all about?", brand essence is really about the primary customer experience Brand essence is best not expressed overtly in marcom or internal communications Beware, however, of a tendency to hastily sum up all that an organization is about in a single word or phrase Brand essence should be a resonant organizing principle for a brand, not a buzzword
brand essence
The core characteristic that defines a brand
plural of essence
in essence
being the essence or essential element of a thing; "substantial equivalents"; "substantive information"
in essence
at bottom or by one's (or its) very nature; "He is basically dishonest"; "the argument was essentially a technical one"; "for all his bluster he is in essence a shy person"
in essence
in essence
with regard to fundamentals although not concerning details; "in principle, we agree"
of the essence
of the greatest importance; "the all-important subject of disarmament"; "crucial information"; "in chess cool nerves are of the essence"