draw on

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Englisch - Englisch
To advance, continue; to move or pass slowly or continuously, as under a pulling force

As the day draws on, the oxen will begin to show fatigue.

To approach, come nearer, as evening

In his bones, he sensed winter was drawing on sooner than usual.

(also draw upon) To appeal to, make a demand of, rely on; to utilize or make use of, as a source

The reporter drew heavily on interviews with former members of the secretive group.

To sketch or mark with pencil, crayon, etc., on a given surface
If you draw on or draw upon something such as your skill or experience, you make use of it in order to do something. He drew on his experience as a yachtsman to make a documentary programme
gain inspiration from, take ideas from; take advantage of (resources), make use of (support or help); suck in; approach, come near to; make marks on a surface with a writing implement
As a period of time draws on, it passes and the end of it gets closer. As the afternoon drew on we were joined by more of the regulars. = wear on
draw on