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Englisch - Englisch
having breaks or interruptions; intermittent
having at least one discontinuity
{a} discontinued, broken off
Blame; censure; reproach
A lack of common possessions
To put inconvenience; to incommode; to trouble
To deprive of commonable quality, as lands, by inclosing or appropriating
of a function or curve; possessing one or more discontinuities
A process that is discontinuous happens in stages with intervals between them, rather than continuously. = intermittent. not continuous
of a function or curve; possessing one or more discontinuities To expose to censure or ill favor; to put out of the good graces of any one
To deprive of privileges
To deprive of the right of common
One who discommends; a dispraiser
To discommode
{s} not continuous, lacking sequence, discrete, intermittent
Disadvantage; inconvenience
Exhibiting a dissolution of continuity; gaping
Deserving, disapprobation or blame
Inconvenient; troublesome; incommodious
To deprive of a commission or trust
not continuing without interruption in time or space; "discontinuous applause"; "the landscape was a discontinuous mosaic of fields and forest areas"; "he received a somewhat haphazard and discontinuous schooling"
Not continuous; interrupted; broken off
discontinuous variation
Variation within a population in which few or no intermediate phenotypes fall between the extremes
In a discontinuous manner; not continuously
in an interrupted manner, in a broken manner, intermittently