cut out

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Englisch - Türkisch
(Askeri) aracı
kesip çıkarmak
stop etmek

Resimleri kesmek için makas kullan. - Use scissors to cut out the pictures.

kesip çıkar

Hiçbir şekilde kitaplıktaki kitaplardan resim kesip çıkaramazsın. - By no means may you cut out the pictures from the books on the bookshelf.

Yağı kesip çıkarsan iyi olur. - You had better cut out the fat.

konuşma dili - kesmek, bırakmak
(konuşma dili) kesmek, bırakmak
(giysi) biçmek
sollamak amacıyla şerit değiştirmek
sürüden uzaklaştırmak
(deyim) [kd] kesmek (cogu zaman it ile)
-i kesmek; -i kesip çıkarmak
oyundan çıkmak
(deyim) cikarmak
(deyim) bozulmak. cut someone out [kd] ortadan kaldirmak,yenilgiye ugratmak. cut sth. out
gölgede bırakmak
(Askeri) ARACI: Bir gizli teşkilat üyeleri arasında doğrudan teması önlemek için kullanılan aracı veya cihaz
(deyim) birakmak,kacinmak
k.dili. -i kesmek, -i bırakmak
cut out for
(Fiili Deyim ) -e uygun
cut out for
biçilmiş kaftan

Şehir hayatı için biçilmiş kaftan olduğumu sanmıyorum. - I don't think I'm cut out for city life.

Ben bu iş için biçilmiş kaftanım. - That is the sort of job I am cut out for.

cut out for
(deyim) biçilmiş kaftan olmak
cut out pattern
(Gıda) kalıptan çıkarmak
cut out for sth
cut out for sth
bir şey için biçilmiş kaftan
cut out the dead wood
ıskartaya çıkarmak
cut out dead wood
(the) ise yaramayan kısımları kesip atmak, çıkarmak, temizlemek
cut out for sth
bir şey için biçilmiş kaftan, uygun
cut out relay
akım kesme rölesi
cut it out
(Konuşma Dili) yeter
cut the ground out from under
(deyim) ayağını kaydırmak
devreden çıkarmak
devreden çıkarma
otomatik devre kesici
(Otomotiv) kesik
devre kesici
be cut out for
biçilmiş kaftan olmak
cut it, that out
(kavgayı) kesmek, bırakmak
have one's work cut out
(belli bir müddet içinde bitirecek) zor bir işi olmak
have one´s work cut out for one
k. dili (birinin) önünde zor bir iş olmak
toe box cut out
ayak parmaklarını saran
Cut it out
{k} Yapma!/Bırak!
be cut out for
uygun olmak
cut it out
cut it out
cut it out

Artık bir çocuk değilsin bu yüzden kes artık. - You're not a child anymore so cut it out!

cut it out
{k} (deyim) yapma ,birak
{i} kesilerek biçimlendirilmiş şey
{i} şalter
{i} kesme devresi
{i} egzoz supabı
cereyanı kesen cihaz
sigorta/kesilecek şey
electricity cut out
elektrik kesilmek
erection cut out
(Havacılık) düzeltme momentinin kesilmesi
Englisch - Englisch
To remove or shape by cutting

Cut out the letters and paste them on the poster.

To stop working, to switch off; (of a person on the telephone etc.) to be inaudible, be disconnected

Can you say that again? You keep cutting out.

Well suited; appropriate; fit for a particular activity or purpose

We've got our work cut out for us.

To intercept
To remove, omit

If we cut out the middle-man, we will both have better profits.

To refrain from (doing something, using something etc.)

He had to cut out smoking in order to be prepared for the marathon.

delete or remove; "Cut out the extra text"; "cut out the newspaper article"
strike or cancel by or as if by rubbing or crossing out; "scratch out my name on that list"
cut off and stop; "The bicyclist was cut out by the van"
switch that cuts off electricity in case of an overload; stop doing; leave out
having been cut out; "the cut-out pieces of the dress
intercept (a player)
having been cut out; "the cut-out pieces of the dress"
cease operating; "The pump suddenly cut out"
form and create by cutting out; "Picasso cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a guitar"
cut out 1
If you cut something out, you remove or separate it from what surrounds it using scissors or a knife. Cut out the coupon and send those cheques off today I cut it out and pinned it to my studio wall
cut out 1
If you cut out a part of a text, you do not print, publish, or broadcast that part, because to include it would make the text too long or unacceptable. I listened to the programme and found they'd cut out all the interesting stuff Her editors wanted her to cut out the poetry from her novel = cut, omit
cut out 1
to have your work cut out: see work see also cut out, cut-out
cut out 1
If an object cuts out the light, it is between you and the light so that you are in the dark. The curtains were half drawn to cut out the sunlight
cut out 1
To cut out something unnecessary or unwanted means to remove it completely from a situation. For example, if you cut out a particular type of food, you stop eating it, usually because it is bad for you. I've simply cut egg yolks out entirely A guilty plea cuts out the need for a long trial. = eliminate
cut out 1
If you cut someone out of an activity, you do not allow them to be involved in it. If you cut someone out of a will, you do not allow them to share in it. Environmentalists say this would cut them out of the debate over what to do with public lands `Cut her out of your will,' urged his nephew He felt that he was being cut out. = exclude include
cut out 1
feelings If you tell someone to cut something out, you are telling them in an irritated way to stop it. Do yourself a favour, and cut that behaviour out `Cut it out, Chip,' I said He had better cut out the nonsense. = stop
cut out 1
If an engine cuts out, it suddenly stops working. The helicopter crash landed when one of its two engines cut out
cut out 2
If you are not cut out for a particular type of work, you do not have the qualities that are needed to be able to do it well. I left medicine anyway. I wasn't really cut out for it
cut out a window
prepare an opening in a wall for a window
cut out area
specific area in which the use of firearms is forbidden
cut out for a sailor
a natural seaman, a born sailor
cut out for him
made for him, tailored for him, specially designed for him
cut out for it
made for it, built for it, designed for it
cut out of
deprived of -
cut out on someone
not to come as promised
cut it out
To stop; refrain from; halt

Would you please cut it out? I'm trying to get some work done here.

a railway cutting
the separation of a group of cattle from a herd; the place where they are collected
A space produced when something is removed by cutting; the piece so cut out
A trusted middleman, especially in espionage
A device that disconnects an electric circuit under certain dangerous circumstances
A free-standing, rigid print (usu. life-sized), often used for promotional purposes
An intermediary who communicates between members of a clandestine organization
Something that has been cut out from something else
have one's work cut out for one
To face a large task or project

If he plans to translate all the idioms, he has his work cut out for him.

be cut out for
(deyim) Have the right qualities for (a certain job or activity)

I wasn't cut out for the classroom.

To cut out
azimuth firing cut out
restriction of firing range
be cut out for
be suitable for -, be appropriate for -
cut it out
stop it, quit it, don't do that anymore (Slang)
cut it out!
stop!, enough!
cut someone out without a dime
leave little or nothing for someone in one's will
– The term applied to an envelope having a panel or panels cut out of the face or back and not having a covering over the panel
The temperature or the pressure value (setpoint) that opens a control circuit
A cut-out is a device that turns off a machine automatically in particular circumstances. Use a kettle with an automatic cut-out so it doesn't boil for longer than necessary
A cardboard cut-out is a shape that has been cut from thick card. You'd swear he was a cardboard cut-out except that he'd moved his rifle
Usually a record, but may also be a CD or a book
Wind speed at which a turbine shuts down
Temperature or pressure valve which opens control circuit
A pattern, usually cut from a sheet of wood or metal, based on the artist's sketch It acts as a template by which shapes can be accurately reproduced
A preparation for hardware and/or accessories, such as lites, mail slots, etc
a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out
An area of grating removed to clear an obstruction or to permit pipes, ducts, columns, etc to pass through the grating
a switch that interrupts an electric circuit in the event of an overload
a photograph from which the background has been cut away
Suggested layout of mounting holes and opening in the door or panel required for proper installation
Any of several devices that halt the flow of a current, especially an electric current
-See "Fused Cutout"
a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out a photograph from which the background has been cut away a switch that interrupts an electric circuit in the event of an overload
A mechanism or person that acts as a compartment between the members of an operation but which allows them to pass material or messages securely
An area of graing removed to clear an obstruction or to permit pipes, ducts, columns, etc to pass through the grating
A device for breaking or separating a portion of circuit
a halftone where the background has been removed to produce a silhouette
{i} cutoff switch (Electricity); clipping, something that has been cut from something else
A reference object found in page geometry (PG) files that represents the approximate location and shape of a continuous-tone image and its mask
The open portions of a strip shingle between the tabs
the open portions of a strip shingle between the tabs (See Figure 4 )
A species of switch for changing the current from one circuit to another, or for shortening a circuit
The open area between shingle tabs Also known as a "throat"
A device used manually or automatically to interrupt current through any particular apparatus or equipment
A hole or a pocket on a board
have the work cut out
have a hard job to do, have a job which demands a lot of work and effort
cut out