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Consent or agreement in spite of fact; indulgence

They call this pond a lake by courtesy only.

Willingness or generosity in providing something needed

They received free advertising through the courtesy of the local newspaper.

Given or done as a polite gesture

We paid a courtesy visit to the new neighbors.

Polite behavior

Please extend them the courtesy of your presence.

Free of charge

The event planners offered courtesy tickets for the reporters.

A polite gesture or remark

I offered them a ride simply as a courtesy.

politeness originating in kindness and exercised habitually
To make a respectful salutation or movement of respect; esp
{n} civility, kindness, female act of respect
{v} to do an act of reverence
If you say that one thing happens courtesy of another or by courtesy of another, you mean that the second thing causes or is responsible for the first thing. The air was fresh, courtesy of three holes in the roof As millions will have seen, by courtesy of the slow motion re-runs, the referee made a mistake
Politeness; civility; urbanity; courtliness
An act of civility or respect; an act of kindness or favor performed with politeness
You use good manners You are polite You are thoughtful of others
a courteous or respectful or considerate act
To treat with civility
Polite behavior, gracious manners
A courtesy call or a courtesy visit is a formal visit that you pay someone as a way of showing them politeness or respect. The President paid a courtesy call on Emperor Akihito
Courtesy is used to describe services that are provided free of charge by an organization to its customers, or to the general public. A courtesy shuttle bus operates between the hotel and the town. a courtesy phone
politeness, as in: Your staff extended me every courtesy during my stay at your hotel
Favor or indulgence, as distinguished from right; as, a title given one by courtesy
The right which a husband by law in his deceased wife's estate; applicable in only a few states
Type of conduct specifically mandated by the rules
a courteous manner
a courteous or respectful or considerate act a courteous manner a courteous or respectful or considerate remark
Courtesy is politeness, respect, and consideration for others. a gentleman who behaves with the utmost courtesy towards ladies He did not even have the courtesy to reply to my fax. = politeness
(with reference to women), to bow the body slightly, with bending of the knes
A right that a husband has in his wife's property at her death It does not exist in all states
Courtesies are polite, conventional things that people say in formal situations
A courtesy title is a title that someone is allowed to use, although it has no legal or official status. Both were accorded the courtesy title of Lady
{i} politeness, good manners, cordiality, civility
If something is provided courtesy of someone or by courtesy of someone, they provide it. You often use this expression in order to thank them. The waitress brings over some congratulatory glasses of champagne, courtesy of the restaurant
a courteous or respectful or considerate remark
If you refer to the courtesy of doing something, you are referring to a polite action. By extending the courtesy of a phone call to my clients, I was building a personal relationship with them
An act of civility, respect, or reverence, made by women, consisting of a slight depression or dropping of the body, with bending of the knees
courtesy copy
carbon copy
courtesy copy
A copy of an email sent to a person other than the main recipient
courtesy name
from Chinese culture, a given name to be used later in life in place of one's given name, as a symbol of adulthood and respect
courtesy of
thanks to
courtesy bus
A free bus for a hotel’s guests, a company’s workers etc
Courtesy Copy
copy of an electronic mail message which is sent to another person in addition to the original recipient, CC
courtesy call
visit which is made for the sake of good manners
courtesy card
{i} card that entitles its bearer to special privileges and benefits (such as prices at a hotel, club, store etc.)
courtesy card
A card that confers on its bearer a special right or privilege, as at a supermarket or bank
courtesy of
donated by
courtesy title
honorary title, title given for respectful reasons
courtesy visit
visit made for the sake of good manners
common courtesy
Accumulated wisdom, and community norms for how to treat strangers considerately
Blind Courtesy Copy
copy of a document given as a courtesy to a third party without the primary receiver's knowledge, BCC
by courtesy
through the kindness of
plural of courtesy
senatorial courtesy
The custom in the U.S. Senate of refusing to confirm a presidential appointment to office opposed by both senators from the state of the appointee or by the senior senator of the President's party