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Englisch - Türkisch
uygun zaman

Sen uygun zaman için ödüyorsun. - You pay for convenience.

{i} kolaylık

Bir istasyonun yakınında yaşamak büyük bir kolaylık. - It is a great convenience to live near a station.

{i} elverişlilik
{i} müsait oluş
at your convenience size uygun gelen bir zamanda
umumi tuvalet
{i} İng. tuvalet, WC, lavabo

Lüks ve rahatlık mutluluğa eşit değildir. - Luxury and convenience do not equate to happiness.

halk tuvaleti
{i} yarar

Kendi yararı için insanları kullanmayı bırakması için Keiko'ya baskı yaptım. - I urged Keiko to stop using people for her own convenience.

Kamu yararına saygı duyulmalıdır. - The public convenience should be respected.

{i} hayatı kolaylaştıran şey
{i} çoğ. konfor
münasip oluş
{i} uygunluk, rahatlık, kolaylık, elverişlilik
{i} tuvalet [brit.]
(Mukavele) uygunluk, kullanılabilirlik
mümkün olduğu kadar yakın bir zamanda
{i} kazanç
Uygunluk arayan
convenience callback
(Bilgisayar) kolay geri arama
convenience foods
hazır yemek
convenience goods
(Ticaret) kolayda mallar
convenience marriage
mantık evliliği
convenience samples
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) kolaylık örneklemleri
convenience translation
(Ticaret) uygunluk çevirisi
convenience food
uygun besin
convenience center
kolaylık merkezi
convenience center
Günlük ihtiyaçların karşılanabileceği alışveriş merkezi
convenience product
kolaylık ürün
convenience samples
kolaylık örnekleri
convenience sampling
kolaylık örnekleme
convenience store, mini-mart
market, mini-mart
convenience food
hazır yemek
convenience food
(Gıda) tüketime hazır gıda
convenience of the government
(Askeri) HÜKÜMETÇE GÖRÜLEN LÜZUM ÜZERİNE: Mevzuatta yeri olmayan hareketler için ileri sürülen sebep. Örn. hizmet süresini bitiren bir askeri, gerekli hizmet aracının o sırada elde bulunmaması yüzünden terhis etmemek ve bunu açıkça söylemeyip, bir lüzuma müsteritmiş gibi göstermek
convenience store
(Ticaret) mahalle bakkalı
customer convenience
(Ticaret) müşteriye uygunluk
provide convenience
kolaylık sağlamak
Termination for Convenience
(Kanun) Uygun görüldüğü hallerde fesih
at convenience
balance of convenience
denge Kolaylık
for your convenience
konforunuz,rahatınız düşünülerekkonforunuz,rahatınız için
in convenience
rahatlık içinde
its a great convenience.
onun büyük bir kolaylık
marriage of convenience
Kolaylık evlilik
at your convenience
size uygun bir zamanda, mümkün olduğu kadar yakın bir zamanda
marriage of convenience
formalite evliliği
public convenience
İng. umumi tuvalet/hela
public convenience
umumi tuvalet
Englisch - Englisch
anything that makes for an easier life

Fast food is popular because of its cost and convenience.

a convenient time, especially in the phrase at one's convenience
the quality of being suitable, useful or convenient
a public toilet
fitness, as of time or place
Conveniences are pieces of equipment designed to make your life easier. an apartment with all the modern conveniences
If something is done for your convenience, it is done in a way that is useful or suitable for you. He was happy to make a detour for her convenience. the need to put the rights of citizens above the convenience of elected officials. If something is arranged to happen at your convenience, it happens at a time which is most suitable for you. Delivery times are arranged at your convenience
If you describe something as a convenience, you mean that it is very useful. Mail order is a convenience for buyers who are too busy to shop
{n} fitness, accommodation, use
{i} serviceableness; comfort; something useful
A building or room set apart with a container for body waste products
the quality of being useful and convenient; "they offered the convenience of an installment plan"
That which is convenient; that which promotes comfort or advantage; that which is suited to one's wants; an accommodation
Freedom from discomfort, difficulty, or trouble; commodiousness; ease; accommodation
the quality of being useful and convenient; "they offered the convenience of an installment plan" the state of being suitable or opportune; "chairs arranged for his own convenience
the state of being suitable or opportune; "chairs arranged for his own convenience"
a convenient time, especially in the phrase at ones convenience
A convenience method is an operation on an object that could be accomplished by a program consisting of more basic operations on the object Convenience methods are usually provided to make the API easier and simpler to use or to allow specific programs to create more optimized implementations for common operations A similar definition holds for a convenience property
A public convenience is a building containing toilets which is provided in a public place for anyone to use. the cubicles of a public convenience. see also convenient
a toilet that is available to the public
The state or quality of being convenient; fitness or suitableness, as of place, time, etc
A convenient or fit time; opportunity; as, to do something at one's convenience
a device that is very useful for a particular job
the state of being suitable or opportune; "chairs arranged for his own convenience
convenience food
A food or meal that needs little preparation or cooking, especially one sold prepackaged
convenience store
A small retail store, often in a residential area, that carries a limited selection of items such as staples, junk food, and drugstore items, and which is open long hours for the convenience of shoppers
convenience stores
plural form of convenience store
convenience center
An open shopping center with fewer than half a dozen stores offering dayto-day necessities,such as basic groceries,dry cleaners,liquor stores,and video rental stores
convenience amount
amount to be paid (price, cost)
convenience food
any packaged dish or food that can be prepared quickly and easily as by thawing or heating
convenience food
Convenience food is frozen, dried, or canned food that can be heated and prepared very quickly and easily. I rely too much on convenience food. A prepackaged food that can be prepared quickly and easily. food that is partly or completely prepared already and that is sold frozen or in cans, packages etc, so that it can be prepared quickly and easily
convenience products
Products that are lowest in terms of both effort and risk
convenience products
Goods and services that the consumer wants to purchase frequently and with a minimum of effort
convenience products
Merchandise that is purchased frequently, without advance planning, including staples, impulse items, and emergency items
convenience products
products meant for the final consumer
convenience products
Inexpensive, frequently purchased and rapidly consumed items that demand only minimal purchasing effort p 250
convenience sampling
A nonprobabilistic method of sampling whereby elements are selected on the basis of convenience
convenience sampling
a method in which convenient groups, such as a class of students or members of a social club, are contacted for sampling purposes
convenience sampling
an easily accessible group of people is chosen, and everyone in that group is surveyed
convenience sampling
The selection of a sample that can be obtained simply and conveniently
convenience store
A modest, single-story rectangular structure fabricated of metal or masonry where beverages, snacks, and usually gasoline can be purchased, the front facade of which is "opened up" through extensive use of plate glass
convenience store
mini-market, small grocery store
convenience store
a neighbourhood store which stocks frequently purchased items such as milk, bread and cigarettes
convenience store
a store selling a limited variety of food and pharmaceutical items; open long hours for the convenience of customers
convenience store
A small retail self-service store selling a limited line of fast-moving food and nonfood items, usually with extended hours of operation
convenience store
A small store, located near a residential area, that is open long hours seven days a week and carries a limited line of high-turnover convenience goods
convenience store
A store of less than 1,500 square feet of floor space intended to service the convenience of a residential neighborhood with such items as, but not limited to, basic foods, newspapers, emergency home repair articles, and other household items
convenience store
Article 4-512 Retail and Personal Service Uses
convenience store
A convenience store is a shop which sells mainly food and which is usually open until late at night. A small retail store that is open long hours and that typically sells staple groceries, snacks, and sometimes gasoline. a shop where you can buy food, alcohol, magazines etc, that is often open 24 hours each day
flag of convenience
Registration of a ship in a country chosen for its low taxes, permissive regulations, and so on
flag of convenience
The flag flown by a ship so registered (which flag then corresponds to the country of registration)
marriage of convenience
A marriage motivated by some reason other than love; especially one conducted to obtain entry or residence rights in a country
marriages of convenience
plural form of marriage of convenience
Termination for Convenience
(Kanun) Standard clause in government contracts which gives the government the right to unilaterally terminate the contract at any time with or without giving any reason. The contractor is generally entitled to a negotiated settlement for an equitable recovery of costs and losses incurred. See also termination for default
at your convenience
when you can, when it is possible for you
at your earliest convenience
when you can, as soon as it is possible for you
balance of convenience
comparison between the conveniences of both aspects
things that make you comfortable and at ease; "all the comforts of home"
plural of convenience
flag of convenience
A ship registered under the flag of a country that offers conveniences regarding taxes, crew, and safety requirements
flag of convenience
Registry of the vessel is foreign to that of the country in which the company that owns the ship is located
flag of convenience
A ship registered under the flag of a nation which offers conveniences in the areas of taxes, crew, and safety requirements » Back to top of screen
flag of convenience
The granting of nationality (and the right to fly a flag) to a ship by a state when there is little or no connection (such as ownership, nationality of the crew, routes followed, etc ) between the ship and the state
flag of convenience
The flag of a country with easy or lax maritime regulations and low fees and taxes, flown by ships that register their vessels in such countries, even though their ownership and main cruising areas are elsewhere
flag of convenience
A ship registered under the flag of a nation which offers conveniences in the areas of taxes, crew, and safety requirements
flag of convenience
A foreign flag under which a merchant vessel is registered for purposes of reducing operating costs or avoiding government regulations
marriage of convenience
marriage entered into for practical reasons (and not for love)
marriage of convenience
A marriage or joint undertaking arranged for political, economic, or social benefit rather than from personal attachment
marriage of convenience
a marriage for expediency rather than love
public convenience
A public convenience is a toilet in a public place for everyone to use. a toilet in a public place
public convenience
public restroom, public bathroom