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İngilizce - Türkçe

Yarışmaya katılacak mısınız? - Are you going to take part in the contest?

Çok sayıda öğrenci yarışmaya katıldı. - Many students took part in the contest.

{f} itiraz etmek
{f} rekabet etmek
{i} itiraz

O, mahkemedeki suçlamalara itiraz etmemeye karar verdi. - She decided not to contest the charges in court.

{f} yarış

O, yarışmaya katılmaktan diskalifiye edildi. - He was disqualified from taking part in the contest.

O, yarışmaya katılmak istiyor. - He wants to participate in the contest.

doğruluğu hakkında tartışmak
itiraz et(mek)
{f} itiraz et

O, mahkemedeki suçlamalara itiraz etmemeye karar verdi. - She decided not to contest the charges in court.

muhalefet etmek
contest against mücadele etmek
itiraz ed
{i} karşılaşma
{i} maç
{f} (bir şeye) itiraz edip yanlış olduğunu ispatlamaya çalışmak
{i} tartışma

2014 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması için Conchita Wurst'un seçilmesi Avusturya'da tartışmalara yol açtı. - Conchita Wurst's selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 sparked controversy in Austria.

{i} inkâr
contested election yeterinden fazla aday bulunan seçim
{i} mücâdele
itiraz kaldırır
contestable münakaşa edilebilir
{f} karşı koymak
{i} çekişme
doğruluğu h
{i} iddia

O, yarışmayı kazandığı için bir ödül aldı. - He got a prize for winning the competition.

Yarışmada birinci geldiğin için tebrikler. - Congratulations on coming first in the competition.

{i} rekabet

Yabancı firmalardan kaynaklanan bir rekabetle karşı karşıyayız. - We face competition from foreign suppliers.

İşte çok rekabet var. - There's a lot of competition in business.

contest a seat
seçime aday olmak
contest a seat
adaylığını koymak
contest an election
adaylığını koymak
compete in the contest
yarışmaya katılmak

Çok müsabaka kazandı. - He won many competitions.

{i} çekişme
{i} tic. rekabet
{s} itiraz edilebilir
(Tıp) kompetisyon
enter the contest
yarışmaya katılmak
eurovision song contest
erovizyon şarkı yarışması
join a contest
yarışmaya katılmak
join the contest
yarışmaya katılmak
knowledge contest
bilgi yarışması
painting contest
resim yarışması
song contest
şarkı yarışması
beauty contest
güzellik yarışması
Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest
(deyim) (Aus) Hiç bir şey yapmamak, bir şey ile meşgul olmamak, aylak aylak oturmak
close contest/game
beraberliğe yakın oyun/yarış
{s} tartışılabilir
{s} su götürür
{s} şüpheli
enter in a contest
yarışmaya girmek
field of contest
er meydanı
organize a contest
yarışma düzenlemek
spelling contest
heceleme yarışması
will contest
(Kanun) (mirasta) iptal davası
win the contest
yarışmayı kazanmak
win the elimination contest
eleme müsabakasını kazanmak
İngilizce - İngilizce
controversy; debate

no contest.

a competition

The child entered the spelling contest.

to call into question; to oppose

The rival contested the dictator's re-election because of claims of voting irregularities.

to contend

I will contest for the open seat on the board.

struggle for superiority; combat
{i} competition

He would like to take part in the competition. - He wants to participate in the contest.

Competition based on skill, in which prizes are offered Proof-of-purchase is usually required with entry
{n} a dispute, wrangle, strive, vie with
to make the subject of dispute, contention, or litigation; "They contested the outcome of the race"
To strive earnestly to hold or maintain; to struggle to defend; as, the troops contested every inch of ground
To dispute or challenge the terms of a Will or Trust
Earnest dispute; strife in argument; controversy; debate; altercation
an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants
A type of promotion which requires a degree of skill and therefore 1) every enter must be judged and 2) proof-of-purchase can be required to accompany each entry (See sweepstakes, game
A sales promotion device for creating consumer involvement in which prizes are offered based on the skill of the entrants (Ch 9)
A contest is a competition or game in which people try to win. Few contests in the recent history of British boxing have been as thrilling. a writing contest. see also beauty contest
Question the validity of a Will
To dispute or challenge a will through the High Court
To make a subject of litigation; to defend, as a suit; to dispute or resist; as a claim, by course of law; to controvert
Timzizwert Tamenyugart
A contest is a struggle to win power or control. The state election due in November will be the last such ballot before next year's presidential contest a clear contest between church and state
a struggle between rivals
(as used in e-learning): Motivational tool intended to build interest or attention to a subject For example, an organization might run a contest that rewards a department for reaching certain levels of safety or for levels of usage for a new computer system
If someone contests an election or competition, they take part in it and try to win it. He quickly won his party's nomination to contest the elections. a closely contested regional flower show
To engage in contention, or emulation; to contend; to strive; to vie; to emulate; followed usually by with
competition; emulation; strife in arms; conflict; combat; encounter
If you contest a statement or decision, you object to it formally because you think it is wrong or unreasonable. Your former employer has to reply within 14 days in order to contest the case Gender discrimination is a hotly contested issue. = dispute
To make a subject of dispute, contention, litigation, or emulation; to contend for; to call in question; to controvert; to oppose; to dispute
Earnest struggle for superiority, victory, defense, etc
a struggle between rivals an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants to make the subject of dispute, contention, or litigation; "They contested the outcome of the race
{f} fight for; appeal, challenge
contest competition
A type of competition where the resource is inadequate to fit the needs of all and the resource is partitioned unequally among contestants, thus some obtain all they need and others less than they need
contest shape
: The state of having the physique readied for a bodybuilding contest with minimal body fat and maximum muscle volume
beauty contest
A competition in which participants compete for a determination that one is the most physically attractive
debated, controversial
Simple past tense and past participle of contest
fashion contest
A competition held to identify the most attractive, pleasant or beautiful candidates

His dog won an award in the fashion contest at the annual dog-day festival.

Attributive form of fashion contest, noun
no contest
A plea in a criminal case which means that the defendant admits no guilt but is no longer contesting the charges brought against him/her
pissing contest
An immature dispute over some trivial matter

I'm not getting into a pissing contest with him over who has the fastest car.

pissing contest
A boys' prankish competition to determine who can urinate the furthest up a wall
wet t-shirt contest
A contest in which women wear t-shirts that are wet to make them slightly translucent so the breasts are visible, and others judge the women on appearance
will contest
A legal action brought to dispute the validity of a will
{a} disputable, doubtful, uncertain
Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest
(deyim) (Aus) Doing nothing
Eurovision Song Contest
a competition shown on television each year, in which singers or groups of singers representing European countries sing specially written songs, and judges vote for the song which they think is the best
Miss Universe contest
yearly competition for choosing the most beautiful woman to represent the world
athletic contest
a contest between athletes
beauty contest
A beauty contest is a competition in which young women are judged to decide which one is the most beautiful. a competition in which women are judged on how attractive they look
beauty contest
A preliminary vote usually taken early in the electoral process within a party; it expresses a non-binding preference for one or another of the party's candidates This preference is not linked to the selection of convention delegates
beauty contest
beauty pageant, competition in which participants (usually female) are rated according to external beauty and sometimes personality and/or social aspirations (winners usually receive a prize of money and a trophy)
beauty contest
Method for the selection of candidates for the use of a limited resource (e g wireless local loop or UMTS licences and frequencies) It consists of defining a certain number of criteria and rating the candidates accordingly in order to select the most suitable candidates It is not the same as an auction, where the price of the resource is the only criterion that taken into account
beauty contest
A simple straw vote or other selection process that has no effect on the allocation of delegates to a party nominating convention
beauty contest
A method used by national governments trying to settle which operators should have a 3G license to the best bidders
beauty contest
When a company is considering doing an IPO, the company's executives typically interview a number of investment banks to determine which ones would do the best job of managing the offering and provide ongoing research reports once the company is public The parade of investment bankers through a company's offices is known as the beauty contest
bidding contest
a series of competing bids
The right reserved by an insurance company to refuse or contest payment of a claim, usually for reasons of fraud or a material misrepresentation in the application (See also: contestable clause and incontestable clause )
{s} able to be challenged, able to be contested
capable of being contested
The length of time an insurance company places on a new policy to make sure the insured meets all guidelines and provisions placed on the policy This time period is usually two years Back To Top
Capable of being contested; debatable
That which can be contested
disputed or made the object of contention or competition; "a contested election"
A kind of case where both sides present evidence
disputed or made the object of contention or competition; "a contested election
A kind of case in which evidence is introduced by both parties
A case that is being disputed or litigated
past of contest
{i} competitor; challenger, one who contests
someone who contests an outcome of a race or an election etc
present participle of contest
third-person singular of contest
plural of contest
a form of sales promotion in which consumers are induced to buy earlier, or in greater quantity, by the offer of prizes of cash or merchandise to be won in a competition See Sales Promotion
promotions, such as sweepstakes, that offer a prize and may or may not require a purchase for prize eligibility
Golf Trivia Challenge --->
This field was marked if there was a contest mentioned in the advertisement, such as "Enter our contest and win a free radio!" Example of advertisement with a contest
dropped out of the contest
decided not to participate in the contest, left the contest
essay contest
writing competition, competition determining proficiency in writing short literary compositions on a particular subject
marksmanship contest
shooting contest, competition of target shooting
navigation contest
competition in which contestants must navigate through a course as quickly as possible and be the first to reach the finish line
popularity contest
competition (real or figurative) for popular support
winner of the contest
person who won first place, person who beat all of his competitors