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İngilizce - Türkçe
(arkadaşlık/evlilik/birlik/vb.) sona erme
{i} ayrılma
{i} çöküş
{i} parçalanma
{i} dağılma
sona erme
{i} bozulma
breakup point
(Askeri) DAĞILMA NOKTASI: Bir iniş bölgesinden dönen helikopterlerin, düzenden ayrılıp üslerine dönmek üzere, serbest bırakıldıkları veya bir başka kullanma yerine sevkedildikleri bir hava kontrol noktası
colour breakup
renk çözülmesi
air breakup
(Askeri) ATMOSFERE DÖNÜŞ AYRILMASI: Bir atmosfere dönüş gövdesinin, atmosfere girişten sonra ayrılması. Atmosfere dönüş ayrılması, bazen, dönüş gövdesi içinde bir kartuşun ateşlenmesi suretiyle, bazı parçaların düşüşünü geciktirmek ve hasara uğratmaktan kurtulmaları ihtimallerini arttırmak için yapılır
İngilizce - İngilizce
The termination of a sexual relationship
A loss of emotional control; a breakdown
The act of breaking up; disintegration or division
The end of an Alaskan winter, when the ice that has frozen the major rivers thaws
The point in time in the Spring when the ice breaks up in the local rivers and disappears It is the signal that Spring is really here
destructive fragmentation of a space object Breakups may be either accidental or intentional Since the early 1960s, debris created by in-orbit breakups has represented the largest single constituent of the total space object population
The time when a river whose surface has been frozen from bank to bank for a significant portion of its length begins to change to an open water flow condition Breakup is signaled by the breaking of the ice and often associated with ice jams and flooding
the termination of a relationship
{i} collapse, decomposition
Disruption; a separation and dispersion of the parts or members; as, a break-up of an assembly or dinner party; a break-up of the government
coming apart
Disturbance in the picture or sound signal caused by loss of sync or by videotape damage
breakup value
The value of a firm measured as the sum of the values of its operating units if each were sold separately (Chapter 17)
breakup value
A firm's value if its assets are sold off in pieces
breakup value
Total market value of a corporation if each of its divisions operate independently and has its own stock price Also called private market value (PMV), analysts look for high PMV in relation to market values to identify bargains and potential target companies
breakup value
The value of a company if each of its divisions were independent, publicly traded entities Often used in the evaluation of a takeover
plural of breakup