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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} çarpıtmak
{i} eğrilik
{i} yamukluk
yolunu şaşırmak
(Denizbilim) tel
levalık yoma
{f} eğril
{f} eğilmek
{f} eğmek
{f} sualtında bırakarak verimini artırmak
{f} çarpılmak
doğru yoldan sapmak veya saptırmak
{f} palamarı çekerek hareket etmek

Kapı kasası çarpık ve kapı uygun şekilde kapanmayacak. - The door frame is warped and the door won't close properly.

Ben video oyunlarının çocuklarımızın kafalarını çarpıttığını düşünüyorum. - I think videogames are warping our kids minds.

{i} sapma
eğrilip çarpılmasına sebep olmak
{f} doğru yoldan saptırmak
{f} yoldan sapmak

Tom'un sapkın bir mizah duygusu var. - Tom has a warped sense of humor.

{i} alüvyonlu tortu (tarım)
bir yere bağlanmış palamarı çekerek yürütmek
{f} yanlış yorumlamak
(Denizbilim) çelik tel
gemi halatı
alüvyonlu tortu
warp beam
(Tekstil) çözgü levendi
warp drum
(Denizbilim) tel makarası
warp knitting
(Tekstil) çözgülü örme
warp thread
(Teknik,Tekstil) çözgü ipliği
warp yarn
(Teknik,Tekstil) çözgü ipliği
(Tekstil) çözgü  
warp beam
(Tekstil) çözgü levendi, argaç
warp breakage
(Tekstil) çözgü kopması
warp dyeing
(Tekstil) çözgü boyama
warp knitting machine
(Tekstil) çözgü örgü makinesi
warp machine
(Tekstil) çözgü makinesi
warp printing machine
(Tekstil) çözgü baskı makinesi
warp repeat
(Tekstil) çözgü oranı
warp thread
(Tekstil) çözgü ipliği; zincir teli
warp up
alüvyonlu çökelti ile tıkamak
warp yarn
(Tekstil) çözgü ipliği, argaç ipliği
warp yarn twister
(Tekstil) argaç ipliği bükücü
pile warp
(Tekstil) hav çözgüsü
{f} eğril
{f} eğril
{i} eğrilme
time warp
zaman eğrilmesi
zaman eğrilmesi
generate warp
(Bilgisayar) yamukluk verme
ground warp
(Tekstil) alt çözgü
guest warp
yedek halatı
guest warp
tonoz halatı
main warp
(Tekstil) alt çözgü
set of warp
(Tekstil) çözgü sıklığı
{s} eğrilmiş, eğri, çarpık
{s} eğri
{s} sapmış
{s} çarpık

Kapı kasası çarpık ve kapı uygun şekilde kapanmayacak. - The door frame is warped and the door won't close properly.

{s} taraflı
{s} yamuk
(Tekstil) çözgü Açıklama: Dokuma işleminde kullanılan dikey iplik sistemidir
(Tıp) Bulaşıcı düşük
İngilizce - İngilizce
To arrange strands of thread etc so that they run lengthwise in weaving
To twist or turn something out of shape
To become twisted out of shape
To move a vessel by hauling on a line or cable that is fastened to an anchor or pier; especially to move a sailing ship through a restricted place such as a harbour

We had a dreary morning's work before us, for there was no sign of any wind, and the boats had to be got out and manned, and the ship warped three or four miles around the corner of the island.

A distortion or twist, such as in a piece of wood
To affect something wrongly, unfairly or unfavourably; to bias
To go astray or be deflected from a correct course
to be moved by warping
A theoretical construct that permits travel across a medium without passing through it normally, such as a teleporter or time warp
The threads that run lengthwise in a woven fabric; crossed by the woof or weft
The state of being bent or twisted out of shape
To deflect something from a true or proper course
A line or cable used in warping a ship
{v} to turn, pervert, contract, prepare, change or move with a warp
{n} the thred that crosses the woof, a rope
To turn or twist out of shape; esp
a series of yarns extended lengthwise in a loom and crossed by the weft
To cast the young prematurely; to slink; said of cattle, sheep, etc
To arrange (yarns) on a warp beam
To weave; to fabricate
to turn or incline from a straight, true, or proper course; to deviate; to swerve
Threads that run through the length of a roll of fabric
Threads that run lengthwise in a piece of material, through which the crosswise, weft threads are woven
Warps are the initial structural components of loom-woven fabrics Parallel warp yarns run the length of the loom Wefts are woven through the warps and pile knots are tied to the warps
the yarns that run the length of the loom The warp yarns are pulled through the loom as the weft or filling yarns are woven across the warp to make the fabric
to twist or bend out of a flat plane by contraction or otherwise
The yarns that run lengthwise in fabric, woven with the filling
Wire (wire cloth) - The wires in wire cloth that run parallel to the length (i e , the long side of the roll or sheet) (same as line wire) - opposite is weft wire Go Back
to be twisted or bent out of a flat plane; as, a board warps in seasoning or shrinking
a twist or aberration; especially a perverse or abnormal way of judging or acting
yarn arranged lengthways on a loom and crossed by the woof
To throw; hence, to send forth, or throw out, as words; to utter
a shape distorted by twisting or folding
To wind yarn off bobbins for forming the warp of a web; to wind a warp on a warp beam
Yarns running lengthwise and parallel to the narrow edge of woven fabric
A premature casting of young; said of cattle, sheep, etc
To turn, twist, or be twisted out of shape; esp
A rope used in hauling or moving a vessel, usually with one end attached to an anchor, a post, or other fixed object; a towing line; a warping hawser
The yarns in all woven fabrics that run lengthwise and parallel to the selvage and is interwoven with the filling
Any distortion in the plane of a door itself and not in its relationship to the frame or jamb into which it is hung
See Cast, n
{i} curve developed in something that was originally straight, bending; contortion; lengthwise yarn in a loom; rope for towing a ship; mental aberration, perversion, distortion
a moral or mental distortion
To tow or move, as a vessel, with a line, or warp, attached to a buoy, anchor, or other fixed object
In cloth, the threads which run the length of the roll Sometimes referred to as the grain direction See also weft
To twist the end surfaces of (an aërocurve in an aëroplane) in order to restore or maintain equilibrium
The state of being warped or twisted; as, the warp of a board
In woven fabric, the yarns that run lengthwise and is interwoven with the fill (weft) yarns
In woven fabric, the yarns that run lengthwise and are interwoven with the fill (weft) yarns
(1) the forming of curvature in a flat sheet due to moisture absorption on one side or continued stress or bending action; (2) the lengthwise direction of threads in a woven fabric; (3) distortion in any material, as caused by a nonuniformity of internal stresses
the threads that run lengthwise in a fabric, crossed at right angles by the wool
four herrings; a cast
bend out of shape, as under pressure or from heat; "The highway buckled during the heatwave"
make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story
A slimy substance deposited on land by tides, etc
‑ A series of yarns extended lengthwise in a loom, crossed by the woof
If something warps or is warped, it becomes damaged by bending or curving, often because of the effect of heat or water. Left out in the heat of the sun, tapes easily warp or get stuck in their cases It should have prevented rain water warping the door trim
To let the tide or other water in upon (lowlying land), for the purpose of fertilization, by a deposit of warp, or slimy substance
A weaving term for yarns in woven fabrics and carpets that run in the machine direction (or lengthwise) Warp yarns are usually delivered to a weaving loom from a beam mounted behind the loom Woven carpets usually have three sets of warp yarns, which may be wound on three loom beams These include stuffer warp for lengthwise strength and stiffness; pile warp, which forms the carpet surface tufts; and chain warp, which interlaces with ll yarn to lock the structure together
A number of strong threads placed in parallel and stretching from end to end of the cloth piece, with the loom providing the tension for the warp
In weaving, the warp is the threads which are held in a frame or machine called a loom while another thread is passed across through them. Compare weft
yarn arranged lengthways on a loom and crossed by the woof a moral or mental distortion a shape distorted by twisting or folding
by which a rich alluvial soil is formed
A warp in time or space is an imaginary break or sudden change in the normal experience of time or space. When a divorced woman re-enters the world of dating and romance, she's likely to feel as though she has entered a time warp
Forming the backbone of a rug, warp yarns are attached to a loom and run the length of a rug
To fly with a bending or waving motion; to turn and wave, like a flock of birds or insects
The yarns running lengthwise and parallel to the selvage in a woven fabric
The threads that run lengthwise in a woven fabric; crossed by the woof
Four; esp
1) The bulging or twisting of wood due to uneven changes in moisture content 2) Threads which run lengthwise across the weave of a fabric
warp and woof
The fundamental structure of any process or system

the manifest destiny theory that justifies the stealing of all territory contiguous to our own, and kindred topics, constitute the warp and woof of conversation.

warp and woof
The threads in a woven fabric, comprised of the warp (threads running lengthwise) and woof (threads running crosswise) to create a the texture of the fabric
warp bubble
A detached region of spacetime which is theoretically capable of moving faster than the speed of light
warp bubbles
plural form of warp bubble
warp factor
A hypothetical figure describing a speed of one light-year per hour
warp knit
A knit fabric in which intermeshing loops are positioned in warp, or lengthwise, direction. The fabric has a flatter, closer, less elastic structure than most welt knits and is run-resistant
warp speed
Any very fast speed

Wow, you can cycle at warp speed!.

warp speed
A hypothetical, extremely rapid, speed, resulting from entering a separate dimension, termed hyperspace; much faster than the speed of light

The ship was accelerating to warp speed, when one of the engines failed.

warp speeds
plural form of warp speed
warp and woof
The underlying structure on which something is built; a base or foundation: "profound dislocations throughout the entire warp and woof of the American economy" (David A. Stockman)
warp and woof
foundation of anything; base of something
warp knit
A type of knitted fabric construction in which the yarns are formed into stitches in a lengthwise manner Warp knits are generally less elastic than weft knits Common examples of warp knits are tricot knits and raschel knits
warp knitting
A kind of knitting in which a number of threads are interchained each with one or more contiguous threads on either side
warp speed
{i} (Amusing Slang) very rapid speed; faster than the speed of light
warp speed
An extremely rapid speed or state of activity: "A young pronghorn antelope teased a yearling wolf, shifting into warp speed and leaving the wolf in the dust when it tried to pursue" (William K. Stevens)
warp the judgment
distort a ruling, falsify a judgment
time warp
A line dance popularized by the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which the dancers take a jump to the left, a step to the right, put their hands on their hips, bend their knees, thrust their pelvises, spin in a circle, jump forward and back, and wiggle
time warp
a hypothetical discontinuity in the flow of time that would move events from one time period to another
Distorted by warping; twisted out of shape
Of a person's mind, attitude, humour etc, perverse, strange, aberrant or deviant
Simple past tense and past participle of warp
A moral or mental distortion. (synonym) warp
guess warp
A rope or hawser by which a vessel is towed or warped along; so called because it is necessary to guess at the length to be carried in the boat making the attachment to a distant object
high-warp loom
a handloom in which the warp is carried vertically; for weaving tapestry
a handloom in which the warp is carried horizontally; for weaving tapestry
time warp
A hypothetical discontinuity or distortion occurring in the flow of time that would move events from one time period to another or suspend the passage of time
Warpage causes the post mold shape of plastic parts to differ from the mold cavity shape Warpage results from nonuniform shrinkage
Dimensional distortion in a composite part
The act of warping; also, a charge per ton made on shipping in some harbors
{i} act or instance of warping; shipping fee
Uneven bending, Twisting etc on account of differential cooling, differential shrinkage, or non uniform freezing of melt in the mould can cause these conditions in the moulded part
Dimensional distortion of a plastic part after being processed, particularly when molded It is directly related to material shrinkage and the relieving of unwanted stresses forced upon it while being shaped in the mold in a viscous state Warpage is primarily affected by processing conditions that will require changes to eliminate the problem Also the type of plastic being processed may require very tight processing control to produce warp-free parts
Dimensional distortion in a molded product
Twisting of a printed circuit board out of flat surface, caused by uneven heating or poor support while soldering
The bending or disfiguring of a finished display piece
dimensional distortion of a plastic object after moulding or other fabrication
Deformation other than contraction that develops in a casting between solidification and room temperature; also, distortion occurring during annealing, stress relieving, and high-temperature service
Of a persons mind, attitude, humour etc, perverse, strange, aberrant or deviant
used especially of timbers or boards; bent out of shape usually by moisture; "the floors were warped and cracked
{s} twisted; distorted
past of warp
One who, or that which, warps or twists out of shape
{i} perverter; distorter, twister; loom for warping wool
One who, or that which, forms yarn or thread into warps or webs for the loom
present participle of warp
a moral or mental distortion
The act or process of one who, or that which, warps
acquired contortion of the part due to differential shrinking of the material
Any distortion in a material
Moving a vessel by means of a hawser
* COTTON AND RAYON TYPES: Warping is the art or process of winding together, on a section beam, a specified number of warp ends from a creel The creel may be defined as a convenient rack, for holding spools, cones, or cheeses, while the yarn is being withdrawn to the warp beam
the assembly of hundreds of parallel warp yarns on to the warp beam in preparation for slashing The process is done by a warper
A general term describing any distortion in a piece of wood from a true plane
The brake disc can get warped, i e bend If that happens, it may rub against the brake pads, even during free rotation, unnecessarily losing energy (speed) Warping may occur in various ways (disc hits the ground, brake applied while kart was airborn, etc )
A defect of binder boards where the edges of the sheet have expanded more than the center, producing wavy edges or a curl around an axis diagonal to the length of the sheet to top
The art or occupation of preparing warp or webs for the weaver
is a method which can overcome some of the problems of edge matching It can also be used to resolve registration problems arising from digitizing source maps of different scales, different projections, and varying coordinate systems
The process of "making" things fit new coordinate systems
third-person singular of warp