to blazon

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İngilizce - İngilizce
: A coat of arms or a banner depicting a coat of arms
A formalized language for describing a coat of arms

We must banish, therefore, the persistent but wholly erroneous notion that the heralds invented many of the terms used in blazon and borrowed the rest from the everyday lexicon of terms.

to make widely or generally known
{n} the act of heraldry, a display
{v} to explain, adorn, display, tell, blaze
Ostentatious display, either by words or other means; publication; show; description; record
decorate with heraldic arms
To describe in proper terms (the figures of heraldic devices); also, to delineate (armorial bearings); to emblazon
{i} show; display; coat-of-arms
{f} declare; beautify, embellish; boast
To deck; to embellish; to adorn
the official symbols of a family, state, etc
To describe a coat of arms
The art or act of describing or depicting heraldic bearings in the proper language or manner
A verbal or written description of a coat of arms
To shine; to be conspicuous
To depict in colors; to display; to exhibit conspicuously; to publish or make public far and wide
A shield
A coat of arms or a banner depicting a coat of arms
be blazoned across/on/over sth to be written or shown on something in a very noticeable way (blason)
An heraldic shield; a coat of arms, or a bearing on a coat of arms; armorial bearings
to blazon