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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} özet

Ben filmin bir özetini okudum. - I read a synopsis of the film.

{i} ilk üç incil
{ç} (sînap'siz)
(Mukavele) özet, icmal
İngilizce - İngilizce
A brief summary of the major points of a written work, either as prose or as a table; an abridgment or condensation of a work
A prayer book for use by the laity of the church
a syllabus or summary
A short summary of a piece of work, usually fiction
The Synopsis is the brief description of the project It will be used to inform the interested public regarding the project progress and achievements; therefore the project objectives, the expected results and the industrial impact should be well structured and described concisely in the Synopsis
{n} a general or short view of all parts
An outline in story form, which is always told in the present tense and in an active voice Back to top
a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory
A brief outline or general view, as of a subject or written work; an abstract or a summary
{i} outline, abstract, summary
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a brief, usually one half to two page description of a story or plot Written in prose form generally with little to no dialogue
This dictionary provides succinct and often witty explanations of over 1000 potentially troublesome terms encountered in the study of literature, from "absurd" to "zeugma" Fully cross-referenced, the entries cover prose, verse, drama, and literary theory from ancient Greece to contemporary schools, and give details of adjectival forms, derivations, and terms from languages and literatures other than English The book is aimed at general readers; students (from the 6th Form upwards) and teachers of English literature; and those studying classical and modern European literature
A general overview of a manuscript Usually no more than two double-spaced pages They should be written almost as a story in themselves, touching upon the beginning, middle and end of the manuscript Sometimes confused with an outline -- the two being synonomous to some and completely different to others
used in the book manuscript or proposal sent to the publisher A brief description of the chapters or overall work
A general view, or a collection of heads or parts so arranged as to exhibit a general view of the whole; an abstract or summary of a discourse; a syllabus; a conspectus
A combination restaurant companion/culinary reference, Spanish Cuisine familiarizes readers with both classical Spanish cooking and the myriad regional dishes found throughout the country, from Cataluna to the Canary Islands Includes a complete dictionary of Spanish terms and ingredients for hundreds of classical and regional dishes, organized by course
The lives, contributions, and legacies of African-Americans from past and present are profiled, including Barbara Jordan, Spike Lee, Arthur Ashe, Tupac Shakur, Tiger Woods, Joycelyn Elders, and Colin Powell, among others 50+ photos Index
A brief outline of a plot, setting, or important points of a work, arranged for rapid consultation
From the author of "Kid Cooperation" comes an effective guide to disciplining children ages two to 14, covering parents' most often-asked questions and helping them find the answers they need
This enlarged fourth edition of The Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients lists and defines 2,000 new ingredients (5,500 in all), investigates effectiveness of popular anti-aging products, and addresses the growing ethnic market along with other sweeping economic and societal changes that have affected the cosmetic industry
A summary of the contents of a bill required to be attached to each bill upon introduction
Brief condensation or outline of the main points of a written work, such as the plot of a novel, play or opera Compare Abstract
In a provocative thesis, philosophy professor Michael Devitt argues for a thoroughgoing realism about the common-sense and scientific physical world and for a corresponding notion of truth contrary to the opinions of anti-realists such as Putnam, Dummett, van Fraassen, and others This second edition includes a new Afterword by the author
A brief (1 page per 10,000 ms words) description of the plot of your book Should be written in present tense, with as few character names as possible, should cover the turning points in your book and should include no dialogue Designed to engage the editor's interest in your story, the synopsis should resolve all plot questions and must never leave an editor "hanging "
This unique volume offers much more than its convenient, compact size -- a dictionary, a topical index, and a survey
A synopsis is a summary of a longer piece of writing or work. For each title there is a brief synopsis of the book. = summary. synopses a short description of the main events or ideas in a book, film etc = summary synopsis of
A synopsis