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İngilizce - İngilizce
Not moving; relatively still; staying in the vicinity
Not moving much; sitting around
involving or requiring much sitting
{a} fitting much, inactive, sluggish
remaining or living in one area, not moving freely
Remaining in one place, especially when firmly attached to some object; as, the oyster is a sedentary mollusk; the barnacles are sedentary crustaceans
A term applied to human groups leading a settled, non-migratory lifestyle
used of persons or actions; "forced by illness to lead a sedentary life
- Tending to stay in one place
Someone who has a sedentary lifestyle or job sits down a lot of the time and does not take much exercise. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle has been linked with an increased risk of heart disease
not very physically active
A human settlement pattern in which people largely stay in one place year-round, although some members of the population may still be mobile in the search for food and raw materials
to want or have the need of a sitting position (a sedentary occupation = a sitting occupation ) seismic waves - the waves generated from an earthquake
Organisms which are attached permanently to the substrate or while attached to the substrate during part of their life cycle
Caused by long sitting
used of persons or actions; "forced by illness to lead a sedentary life"
{s} performed while sitting, not involving physical activity; inactive, getting little physical exercise; not migratory, living in one place throughout the year
Not moving; staying in the vicinity
agriculture farming system in which the farmer remains settled in one place
Staying in one place
Not moving Many organisms, both plants and animals, spend the majority of their lives in one place
Characterized by, or requiring, much sitting; as, a sedentary employment; a sedentary life
A term applied to human groups leading a settled, non_migratory lifestyle
Accustomed to sit much or long; as, a sedentary man
An inactive person
Inactive; motionless; sluggish; hence, calm; tranquil
In a sedentary manner