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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} hareketsiz
{s} yerleşik
{s} değişmeyen
(Ticaret) değişmez
(Biyokimya) yatışkın
hareket etmeyen
(Denizbilim) yatışkan
(Askeri) kararlılık
çalışmayan (makine)
yerinde duran
{s} stasyoner
(Tıp) Olduğu vaziyette kalan, ilerleme veya gerileme göstermeyen, stasyoner
ne ilerlemekte ne de gerilemekte olan
belirli bir yerde bulunan er
muayyen bir kararda kalan
stationary air nefes alıp verme sırasında daima akciğerde kalan hava
{s} olduğu gibi kalan
bir yerde daima kalan kimse veya şey
stationary orbit
(Askeri) sabit yörünge
stationary phase
(Biyokimya) yatışkın evre
stationary phase
durağan evre
stationary population
durağan evren
stationary random noise
durağan rasgele gürültü
stationary state
(Biyokimya) yatışkın durum
stationary wave
(Çevre,Fizik) durağan dalga
stationary engine
sabit motor
stationary point
durgun çekit
stationary state
sük-net yağdayı
stationary wave
stasyoner dalga
stationary bike
Sabit, idman bisikleti
stationary frame
hareketsiz çerçeve
stationary pad
kalıcı dosya
stationary point
durgun nokta
stationary shelf
sabit raf
stationary shop
Kırtasiye dükkanı
stationary store
Kırtasiye mağazası
stationary target
Hareket etmeyen, vurulması kolay hedef
stationary wave
stasyoner dalga, durağan dalga
Stationary cover
(Tekstil) Kayıcı tekne
stationary arm
sabit kol
stationary blade
hareketsiz kanat
stationary boiler
sabit kazan
stationary circulation
(Askeri) kararlı sirkülasyon
stationary condition
(Askeri) kararlılık şartı
stationary cyclone
(Meteoroloji) durağan siklon
stationary derrick
sabit derik
stationary derrick
durağan derik
stationary engineer
makine işletme mühendisi
stationary engineer
stationary equipment
sabit ekipman
stationary equipment
dural ekipman
stationary equipment
sabit cihaz
stationary front
(Meteoroloji) kararlı cephe
stationary front
(Çevre,Meteoroloji) durağan cephe
stationary front
(Askeri,Meteoroloji) sabit cephe
stationary front
(Askeri) durağan hava cephesi
stationary gun mount
(Askeri) çakılı top kundağı
stationary gun mount
(Askeri) ÇAKILI TOP MESNEDİ (KUNDAĞI): Bir topu toprağa veya sabit bir kaideye tespiteden tertibat
stationary gun mount
(Askeri) çakılı top mesnedi
stationary hospital
(Askeri) SABİT HASTANE: Bak. "fixed hospital"
stationary hospital
(Askeri) sabit hastane
stationary irradiator
(Nükleer Bilimler) sabit aksamlı ışınlayıcı
stationary line
(Fizik) durağan çizgi
stationary line
(Fizik) kararlı çizgi
stationary loading bridge
(Havacılık) sabit yükleme köprüsü
stationary orbit
(Askeri) SABİT YÖRÜNGE: Bir gezegen çevresinde ekvator düzlemi üzerinde ve gezegeninkine eşit bir dönüş süresine sahip, daire şeklinde bir yörünge. Arz için sabit yörünge yarı çapı ortalama 26.000 mildir. Kararlı sabit bir yörünge üzerinde hareket eden bir cisim, gezegen yüzeyinde cisme bakan yarım küre üzerinde bulunan bir gözlemciye, gök yüzünde sabit bir nokta gibi görünür
stationary part
hareketsiz parça
stationary phases
(Gıda) durağan fazlar
stationary point
(Askeri) kararlı nokta
stationary random noise
dura¤an rasgele gurultu
stationary screen
(Askeri) sabit emniyet perdesi
stationary screen
(Askeri) SABİT EMNİYET PERDESİ: Kıtaların molalarda toplandıkları yerin ilerisinde kıtaları düşman gözetleme ve baskınından korumak için çıkarılan karakollar veya nöbetçiler hattı
stationary source
hareketsiz kaynak
stationary source
(Coğrafya) sabit kaynak
stationary test conditions
sabit deney şartları
stationary unit
sabit tesis
stationary unit
sabit kara ünitesi
stationary universe
(Astronomi) kararlı evren
stationary vertical fin
(Askeri) sabit dikey dümen sathı
stationary vertical fin
(Askeri) SABİT DİKEY DÜMEN SATHI: Bak. "fin"
stationary window
Kalıcı Penceresi
strict sense stationary source
tam anlamıyla sabit kaynak
ambulant, not stationary
ayakta, sabit değil
incapable of being moved
aciz taşınıyor
Durağan olmayan, hareketsiz olmayan
{s} değişmez
{s} değişmeyen
wide sense stationary
genis anlamda duragan
İngilizce - İngilizce
Common misspelling of stationery
incapable of being moved
Not moving

For a few moments, the train remained stationary, before lurching forward along the track.

{a} fixed, settled, standing still
{s} not moving, still; fixed in place, not movable; static, unchanging; settled, tending to stay in one place
A door panel or window that does not open
not capable of being moved; "stationary machinery" standing still; "the car remained stationary with the engine running
refers to a gas detection instrument intended for permanent installation in a fixed location
With wind generator towers, a tower that does not tilt up and down The tower must be climbed or accessed with a crane to install or service equipment at the top
Must be used in one location; cannot be carried from place to place unless mounted to some type of carrying device, due to size and/or weight Method of charging may also require attachment to an external power source
in the same place, as in: In the ancient past, people believed the earth was stationary and that the sun revolved around it
not capable of being moved; "stationary machinery"
(AKA “fixed”) In the window and door industry, “fixed” refers to a window or door unit that is inoperable or stationary; i e , it does not open
A non-operating sash, panel or unit
standing still; "the car remained stationary with the engine running"
refers to a figure danced without progression or done on the spot 'Stationary Walks' is also the name of a Samba figure in the Gold international syllabus
One who, or that which, is stationary, as a planet when apparently it has neither progressive nor retrograde motion
Something that is stationary is not moving. Stationary cars in traffic jams cause a great deal of pollution. standing still instead of moving (stationarius, from statio; STATION)
standing still; "the car remained stationary with the engine running
Not moving; not appearing to move; stable; fixed
A planet in its station appears to be standing still between periods of Retrograde and Direct motion Sun and Moon are never stationary See Retrograde
A stationary fan is one that doesn't oscillate
Not improving or getting worse; not growing wiser, greater, better, more excellent, or the contrary
Appearing to be at rest, because moving in the line of vision; not progressive or retrograde, as a planet
stationary bicycle
A device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation
stationary distribution
a row vector \pi whose entries sum to 1 that satisfies the equation \pi P=\pi, where P is the transition matrix of the Markov chain
stationary front
A boundary between air masses that is neither advancing nor retreating
stationary fronts
plural form of stationary front
stationary phase
The solid or liquid phase of a chromatography system on which the materials to be separated are selectively adsorbed
stationary phases
plural form of stationary phase
stationary point
A point on a curve where the gradient is zero. This point can be a maximum, a minimum, or a point of inflection
stationary wave
A wave form which occurs in a limited, fixed medium in such a way that the reflected wave coincides with the produced wave. A common example is the vibration of the strings on a musical stringed instrument
stationary waves
plural form of stationary wave
stationary front
the line that divides between two air masses with similar thermal characteristics
stationary front
A transition zone between two nearly stationary air masses of different density
stationary orbit
A geostationary orbit
stationary phase
A stationary phase is a substance that shows different affinities for different components in a sample mixture in a separation of the mixture by chromatography The mobile phase (a solution containing the sample) flows over or through the stationary phase to effect the separation
stationary phase
the material inside the column which may be a solid or viscous liquid phase Also refered to as the solvent in gas chromatography when the phase is a liquid
stationary phase
The plateau of the growth curve after log growth, during which cell number remains constant New cells are produced at the same rate as older cells die (See Growth phase )
stationary phase
The volume or layer of immobile material through which the mobile phase passes It is also known as the solid support, sorbent, or packing material
stationary satellite
An artificial satellite in a synchronous orbit
stationary stochastic process
a stochastic process in which the distribution of the random variables is the same for any value of the variable parameter
stationary target
target that does not move, target that is easy to hit
stationary wave
motionless wave
strict-sense stationary
Of a random process X(t), having characteristics that do not change as t varies
be stationary
stay in place
non-stationary demand
(Ticaret) A pattern in which demand is not constant for each time frame but varies due to seasonality, trend or other factors