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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} ağıt

Başkanın ölümü büyük bir yasa neden oldu. - The death of the president caused great mourning.

Adam üzücü haberi aldıktan sonra yas tutuyor. - The man is mourning after receiving sad news.

{i} matem
yas tutarak
mourning dove bir çeşit kumru
yas giysisi
{f} yas tut

Adam üzücü haberi aldıktan sonra yas tutuyor. - The man is mourning after the sad news.

Adam üzücü haberi aldıktan sonra yas tutuyor. - The man is mourning after receiving sad news.

in mourning matem elbisesi giymiş
{i} matem elbisesi
{i} yas süresi
(Tıp) Sevilen bir kimsenin ölümü üzerine duyulan büyük üzütü, matem, yas
{i} karalar
{i} yas tutma
(sıfat) acılı
{s} acılı
matem elbisesi/matem
half mourning yas süresinin son kısmı
{f} yas tutmak

Sami, Leyla'ya yas tutmak için geldi. - Sami came to mourn Layla.

mourning clothes
(Tekstil) matem elbisesi
mourning dress
matem elbisesi
mourning dove
(isim) kumru
mourning dove
{i} kumru
mourning veil
(Tekstil) matem peçesi
mourning wheatear
kara sırtlı kuyrukkakan
mourning work
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) yas çalışması
yasını tutmak
{f} kederlenmek
in mourning
yas tut

Bütün millet kahramanın ölümüne yas tuttu. - The whole nation mourned the hero's death.

Tanrı'nın insanlara zalimliği binlercesine yas tutturuyor. - God's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn.

(for/over ile) yasını tutmak
acute mourning
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) akut yas
in mourning
matem elbisesi giymiş
in mourning
karalar giymiş
mourneryaslı kimse
matem tutmak
{f} ağlamak
national mourning
milli matem
İngilizce - İngilizce
The act of expressing or feeling sorrow or regret; lamentation
The traditional clothes worn by those who mourn (in Western societies, typically coloured black)

I'm bored. I can't go out anywhere because it's too soon and I have to wear this disgusting mourning.’.

Feeling or expressing sorrow over someone's death
Present participle of mourn
{n} a dress of sorrow, sorrow, grief
The act of sorrowing or expressing grief; lamentation; sorrow
The state of a weakling when it has suffered bereavements following a garbage collection, and before it has been able to complete repairs to the damage
The outward expression of sorrow manifested in dress, actions, and performance of routine activities
Garb, drapery, or emblems indicative of grief, esp
Grieving; sorrowing; lamenting
sorrow or grief, as in: The nation entered a time of mourning after President Kennedy's assassination
If you are in mourning, you are dressed or behaving in a particular way because someone you love or respect has died. Yesterday the whole of Greece was in mourning
To mourn or feel sad about something or someone close to you
sorrowful through loss or deprivation; "bereft of hope"
Mourning is behaviour in which you show sadness about a person's death. Expect to feel angry, depressed and confused. It's all part of the mourning process
clothing or a badge of somber black
state of sorrow over the death or departure of a loved one
{i} grieving, lamentation; act of feeling sorrow for someone's death; period of mourning; clothes worn by mourners; signs of mourning
{s} of one who mourns, in grief over the death of a close one; pertaining to the mourning process
the passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief
Gerund form of mourn; an act of mourning
Employed to express sorrow or grief; worn or used as appropriate to the condition of one bereaved or sorrowing; as, mourning garments; a mourning ring; a mourning pin, and the like
[n] time during which we grieve for the dead
the period of time following a loss Similar to grief and bereavement, a loss may be of a loved one, death, or loss of an ideal (divorce, job, home, etc ) Mourning may be short or very long and may relate to cultural and religious customs
mourning cloak
A large butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa, native to Eurasia and North America
mourning cloak
A dark cloak worn by a mourner at a funeral
mourning dove
A grey-coloured dove, Zenaida macroura, that has a mournful call, native to North America
mourning cloak
A large butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) of Europe and North America, having purplish-brown wings with a broad yellow border
mourning cloak
of temperate regions; having dark purple wings with yellow borders
mourning customs
traditions followed during a time of mourning
mourning dove
{i} wild North American dove with a plaintive mournful call
mourning dove
wild dove of the United States having a mournful call
mourning dove
A grayish-brown, swift-flying wild dove (Zenaidura macroura) of North America, noted for its mournful call. Also called turtledove. Species (Zenaida macroura) of pigeon (family Columbidae), the common wild pigeon of North America. They have long, pointed tails, and the sides of the neck are violet and pink. Their name comes from their call's haunting, mournful tone. Mourning doves are migratory; the northernmost populations migrate the farthest south. They are popular game birds. See also dove
mourning ring
a ring worn as a memorial to a dead person
mourning warbler
A yellow and olive warbler (Oporornis philadelphia) of eastern North America, having a bluish gray hood set off by a black band on its breast
Sorrow, grief

Sire ryght now com rydynge thys way a knyght makynge grete morne, for what cause I can not telle .

To express sadness or sorrow for; to grieve over (especially a death)
{v} to grieve, lament, bewail, wear black
customs of mourning
traditions of expressing grief for the dead, mourning traditions
day of mourning
{i} day of sorrow or grief (usually in commemoration of a person or persons who have died)
deep mourning
profound grief, bereavement
go into mourning
grieve for someone who has died
in deep mourning
greatly sorrowing over (someone's death)
in mourning
sorrowing over (someone's death)
observe the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one
express sadness for, grieve over (especially a death)
To wear the customary garb of a mourner
To utter in a mournful manner or voice
To express or to feel grief or sorrow; to grieve; to be sorrowful; to lament; to be in a state of grief or sadness
If you mourn something or mourn for it, you regret that you no longer have it and show your regret in the way that you behave. We mourned the loss of our cities She mourned for the beloved past. see also mourning
{f} grieve, be in mourning, feel sorrow for someone's death
feel sadness; "She is mourning her dead child" observe the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one
To grieve for; to lament; to deplore; to bemoan; to bewail
feel sadness; "She is mourning her dead child"
If you mourn someone who has died or mourn for them, you are very sad that they have died and show your sorrow in the way that you behave. Joan still mourns her father He mourned for his valiant men As the nation continued to mourn, the new President of South Africa paid his own tribute
national day of mourning
day of countrywide mourning to commemorate a tragic occurrence
national mourning day
day of countrywide mourning to commemorate a tragic event
seven days of mourning
seven day period for grieving over the dead
year of mourning
year of grief for the dead