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İngilizce - Türkçe
{f} toprağı kaz

Buralarda iyi bir yiyecek bulmanın ne kadar zor olduğuna inanamıyorum. - I can't believe how hard it is to find decent grub around here.

toprağı kazmak
{i} kurt
toprağı kaz(mak)
argo yiyecek
{f} yemek yemek
kök sökmek
{i} k.dili. yiyecek
{f} up kazarak/belleyerek -i çıkarmak/sökmek
{i} kurtçuk
{f} ot ve kökleri temizlemek
{i} tırtıl
{f} kazmak, bellemek
{f} toprağı eşelemek
grubby kirli

Adam pis giysiler giyiyor. - The man is wearing grubby clothes.

{f} kazmak
{i} çalışıp duran kimse
{f} didinmek
{f} (bir yerdeki) kökleri kazarak sökmek
{f} çapalamak
{f} ağır iş yapmak
bıkıp usanmadan çalışan kimse
grub kaz
{i} arı gibi çalışan kimse
{f} didiklemek
sürfesini çıka
grub screw
(Mekanik) saplama vidası
grub screw
başsız vida
grub up
grub screw
(Mühendislik) yarık başlı makina vidası, saplama vidası
grub for
(Fiili Deyim ) kazarak yada gayretle aramak
grub hoe
kök çıkarma çapası
grub saw
el taş testeresi
grub saw
el taştesteresi
grub street
piyasa yazarlarına ait
grub street
edebi değeri olmayan
grub strew
saplama vida
grub strew
tepesi yarık başsız vida
grub strew
kapı kolu bağlantı vidası
grub up
grub up
grub up
(Fiili Deyim ) sökmek , yolmak
grub up
grub up
(Askeri) kazı
cockchafer grub
mayısböceği kurtçuğu
kök sökücü
çapa makinesi
cockchafer grub
mayisböceği kurtçuğu
white grub
mayisböcegi kurtçuğu
{i} eşeleyen kimse
{i} bel
{i} çapa
{i} pulluk
{i} saban
{i} uğraşan kimse
{i} tırmık
(Askeri) KAZI: El aletleri veya dozer ile ağaç köklerini çıkarmak için yapılan kazı
white grub
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) mayısböceği kurtçuğu
İngilizce - İngilizce

There's a bit of grub on the window. I'm just going to clear it off.

To scavenge or in some way scrounge, typically for food

Yet there was no time to be lost if I was ever to get out alive, and so I groped with my hands against the side of the grave until I made out the bottom edge of the slab, and then fell to grubbing beneath it with my fingers. But the earth, which the day before had looked light and loamy to the eye, was stiff and hard enough when one came to tackle it with naked hands, and in an hour's time I had done little more than further weary myself and bruise my fingers.

An immature stage in the life cycle of an insect; a larva
{v} to dig up, to destroy by digging
{n} a small worm, dwarf, dirty person
Victuals; food
a worm like form or larva of an insect
Food or chow of any kind, prepared anyway
To drudge; to do menial work
The larva of an insect, especially of a beetle; called also grubworm
– The worm-like larvae of an insect
a soft thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects
To dig in or under the ground, generally for an object that is difficult to reach or extricate; to be occupied in digging
Food served in the hostel mess Edible at times One of the reasons the country faces an oil crisis
{i} food, cheap meal (Slang); larva of some insects; slob, slovenly person; person who performs dull monotonous work
To dig; to dig up by the roots; to root out by digging; followed by up; as, to grub up trees, rushes, or sedge
search about busily
of Goldsmith beetle, under Goldsmith
Grub is food. Get yourself some grub and come and sit down
{f} dig; uproot; clear out (weeds, roots, etc.); search for; supply with food (Slang)
ask for and get free; be a parasite
An insect larva, typically of Coleoptera, the Beetles These larva tend to be sluggish in behaviour, thick-bodied with well-developed head and thoracic legs but no abdominal prolegs
A grub is a young insect which has just come out of an egg and looks like a short fat worm
the grub shell
a soft thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects search about busily
informal terms for a meal
– the larval stage of some beetles
If you grub around, you search for something. I simply cannot face grubbing through all this paper. grubbed grubbing to look for something on the ground or just under the ground, especially by moving things around
A short, thick man; a dwarf
To supply with food
Grub Street
the home or state of impoverished writers and literary hacks

Upon the occaision of his first publication he quit his day job, only to find that Grub Street wasn't lined with manors and villas but hovels and slums.

grub street
the world of literary hacks
grub up
of roots and tree stumps, for example
A ball that bounces unusually low such that it is difficult for the batsman to hit properly
an attacking short distance kick in behind the defence in which the ball is bounced along the ground, using the uneven bounce of the ball to make it difficult for the defence to retrieve
He or that which grubs
witchetty grub
Alternative spelling of witchety grub
witchety grub
The large, white, wood-eating larvae of several moths, especially the species Endoxyla leucomochla, traditionally eaten by Aboriginals in the Australian desert
cattle grub
The larva of a warble fly, especially of the genus Hypoderma, that parasitizes cattle and causes a boillike swelling under the hide
past of grub
One who, or that which, grubs; especially, a machine or tool of the nature of a grub ax, grub hook, etc
{i} digger; one who uproots weeds; searcher; nosy person; one who provides food (Slang)
present participle of grub
third-person singular of grub
plural of grub
Türkçe - İngilizce

grub teriminin Türkçe İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

grub üyeleri
(Muzik) band members
graben gräbt grub grübe da kazmak
to dig or grub grouped graben gräbt
karadaki azami hava aracı; karada intikal (hava aracı); çok uluslu gözlemci grub
(Askeri) maximum (aircraft) on ground; movement on ground (aircraft); multinational observer group