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Türkçe - Türkçe
Pulluk parçası
İngilizce - İngilizce
A lump of soft or sticky material
Saliva or phlegm

He spat a big ball of gob on to the pavement.

The mouth

She's got such a gob on her - she's always gossiping about someone or other.

To spit, especially to spit phlegm
{f} (British) spit
{n} a mouthful, piece, small quantity
A marble sized portion of molten glass delivered either by the hand-gather process or by an automatic gob feeder As Described in the US Patent Classification Glass; A discrete portion of molten glass (a) delivered by a feeder or (b) gathered on a punty or blow pipe
The University's "General Operating Budget" This is the portion of the budget that is derived from income that is not designated for a specific purpose It is mainly, but not exclusively, derived from fees and from government "subsidy"
a lump of slimey stuff; "a gob of phlegm"
If someone gobs, they spit. At a concert in Leeds, some punks gobbed at them and threw beer cans. The mouth. A sailor. gobbed gobbing to blow a small amount of liquid out of your mouth = spit
Government of Burma
a man who serves as a sailor
a glob of molten glass delivered to a mold for forming
Same as Goaf
The term applied to that part of the mine from which the coal has been removed and the space more or less filled up with waste Also, the loose waste in a mine Also called goaf
a lump of slimey stuff; "a gob of phlegm
A person's gob is their mouth. Shut your gob
informal terms for the mouth
{i} mass, lump; large amount (Informal); sailor (Slang); mouth (Slang)
1- Your mouth; 2- A relatively unknown Norse god primarily worshiped by small rodents and grubs
An underground working from which all of the coal has been extracted, sometimes closed off from the rest of the mine
A little mass or collection; a small quantity; a mouthful
A gob of a thick, unpleasant liquid is a small amount of it. a gob of spit
gob iron
Term for a simple harmonica

One kid drummed on a washboard, another plunked a broom-handle bass, a third faked chords on guitar, another blew into a gob iron (which was what they called a harmonica), and they dubbed themselves a band.

gob stick
A wooden spoon
gob stick
A silver spoon
gob stick
Term for a clarinet
gob stopper
A large, hard, spherical sweet/candy that would completely fill the mouth
gob stoppers
plural form of gob stopper
Alternative spelling of gob stick
A bridle for a horse
To refrain from speaking, keep silent, be quite, shut your mouth

I'm tired of listening to you, so gob-up!.

It is called also gob stuff
The process of packing with waste rock; stowing
The refuse thrown back into the excavation after removing the coal
plural of gob
a large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed a mountain of newspapers"