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İngilizce - İngilizce
Now specifically, easy in a disparaging sense; taking minimal effort; lazy, simplistic

His facile approach to the task meant he would not achieve the best possible results.


as he that is benumbed with cold sits shaking, that might relieve himself with a little exercise or stirring, do they complain, but will not use the facile and ready means to do themselves good .

Amiable, flexible, easy to get along with

His facile disposition made him many friends.

not difficult to do
{a} easy to be done flexible, pliant
expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively; "able to dazzle with his facile tongue"; "silver speech"
arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth; "too facile a solution for so complex a problem"
Easy to be done or performed: not difficult; performable or attainable with little labor
Ready; quick; expert; as, he is facile in expedients; he wields a facile pen
Easy to be surmounted or removed; easily conquerable; readily mastered
disapproval If you describe someone's arguments or suggestions as facile, you are criticizing them because their ideas are too simple and indicate a lack of careful, intelligent thinking. The subject of racism is admittedly too complex for facile summarization. = simplistic
arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth; "too facile a solution for so complex a problem
performing adroitly and without effort; "her easy grace"; "a facile hand"
Easy of access or converse; mild; courteous; not haughty, austere, or distant; affable; complaisant
{s} easily done, accomplished without difficulty; moving in an easy manner, unconstrained; gentle, pleasant; flexible, yielding
Easily persuaded to good or bad; yielding; ductile to a fault; pliant; flexible
Easily done or used; taking little effort; lazy
in an easy manner, without difficulty; with ease, in an unconstrained manner; gently, pleasantly; flexibly, yieldingly
In a facile manner