so much for

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English - Turkish
-in sonu
-e bakın
so much
o kadar

O kadar fazla ödemeye param yetmez. - I cannot afford to pay so much.

O kadar çok sigara içmesen iyi olur. - You had better not smoke so much.

so much

Diğerlerine çok fazla bağımlı olmamalısın. - You must not depend so much on others.

Sizi çok güldürecek ne oldu? - What happened to make you laugh so much?

so much
o kadar çok

O kadar çok televizyon izlemeseydi, çalışmak için daha fazla zamanı olurdu. - If he did not watch so much television, he would have more time for study.

Nasıl oluyor da Japon tarihi hakkında o kadar çok şey biliyorsun? - How come you know so much about Japanese history?

so much
bu kadar

Lenny'nin nasıl çiğnemeden veya boğulmadan tam bir sosisli sandvici yutabildiğine bak? Bu nedenle üst idare onu bu kadar fazla sever. - See how Lenny can swallow an entire hot dog without chewing or choking? That's why upper management loves him so much.

Keşke bu kadar çok sigara içmesen. - I wish you wouldn't smoke so much.

English - English
An expression of disregard, or resignation; something said upon giving up, quitting, or disposing of something

Well, I guess it'll never work. So much for that idea.

(deyim) Enough has been said or done about. Used to point out that you have finished with one thing or are going to take up something else

I have nothing more to say to you, Tommy, and so much for that, Mary said angrily.

so much
A particular amount, often a large or excessive amount

There is only so much you can remember.

so much
A demonstrated amount

So much, he replied, sprinkling a small pile of the powder on the table.

so much
To a certain degree or extent

Identical twins are so much alike, it is difficult to identify them.

so much
Great in quantity, degree etc

There has been so much snow, I can't open the door.

so much
very, extremely; to such an extent; to a great degree
so much
of so extreme a degree or extent; "such weeping"; "so much weeping"; "such a help"; "such grief"; "never dreamed of such beauty"
so much for

    Turkish pronunciation

    sō mʌç fôr


    /ˈsō ˈməʧ ˈfôr/ /ˈsoʊ ˈmʌʧ ˈfɔːr/


    ... The President: Thank you so much for your hospitality. ...
    ... >>> Thank you very much for coming. ...

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