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İngilizce - İngilizce
To use up or waste

So much for the effort and ingenuity of Montmartre. All the catering to vice and waste was on an utterly childish scale, and he suddenly realized the meaning of the word dissipate—to dissipate into thin air; to make nothing out of something.

To vanish by dispersion
To drive away, disperse
to disperse or disappear
{v} to disperse, squander, spend
live a life or pleasure, especially with respect to alcoholic consumption
move away from each other; "The crowds dispersed"; "The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached"
spend frivolously and unwisely; "Fritter away one's inheritance"
to cause to separate and go in different directions; "She waved her hand and scattered the crowds"
To scatter completely; to disperse and cause to disappear; used esp
of the dispersion of things that can never again be collected or restored
To destroy by wasteful extravagance or lavish use; to squander
To separate into parts and disappear; to waste away; to scatter; to disperse; to vanish; as, a fog or cloud gradually dissipates before the rays or heat of the sun; the heat of a body dissipates
When someone dissipates money, time, or effort, they waste it in a foolish way. He is dissipating his time and energy on too many different things
When something dissipates or when you dissipate it, it becomes less or becomes less strong until it disappears or goes away completely. The tension in the room had dissipated He wound down the windows to dissipate the heat
To be extravagant, wasteful, or dissolute in the pursuit of pleasure; to engage in dissipation
{f} scatter, spread out; be scattered
dissipate tension
relieve anxiety or apprehension, reduce strain
Simple past tense and past participle of dissipate
Wasteful of health, money, etc
unrestrained by convention or morality; "Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society"; "deplorably dissipated and degraded"; "riotous living"; "fast women"
past of dissipate
preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance; "led a dissipated life"; "a betting man"; "a card-playing son of a bitch"; "a gambling fool"; "sporting gents and their ladies"
Wasteful of health or possessions in the pursuit of pleasure
disapproval If you describe someone as dissipated, you disapprove of them because they spend a lot of time drinking alcohol and enjoying other physical pleasures, and are probably unhealthy because of this. Flynn was still handsome, though dissipated. = dissolute. spending too much time enjoying physical pleasures such as drinking alcohol in a way that is harmful
to have squandered and scattered valuable possessions while devoted to pursuit of self-indulgent pleasures
{s} scattered; dissolute, lacking restraint, debauched
Squandered; scattered
in the pursuit of pleasure; dissolute; intemperate
{i} squanderer, lavish spender; debaucher, one who indulges in extravagant pleasure
Third person singular simple present of to dissipate
present participle of dissipate