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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} 1. zevk, haz, keyif, lezzet: They still have a zest for living. Onlar hâlâ hayattan zevk alabiliyor. That it was illicit only added to its
acı bir çeşni

İnce espri konuşmaya lezzet verir. - Wit gives zest to conversation.

zevk, haz, keyif, lezzet: They still have a zest for living. Onlar hâlâ hayattan zevk alabiliyor. That it was illicit only added to its
çeşni veren şey zevk
lezzet katmak
tat vermek
zevk vermek
zest for life
yaşama coşkusu
{s} zevkli
lezzetli/zevkli şekilde
lemon zest
limon tadı
add zest to
lezzet katmak
add zest to
tat vermek
{s} leziz
{s} lezzetli
{s} şevkli
Türkisch - Türkisch
Bazı yiyecek ve içecekleri kokulandırmakta kullanılan, ince kıyılmış portakal, limon ve ağaçkavunu kabuğu
Englisch - Englisch
To scrape the zest from a fruit
To make more zesty
The outer skin of a citrus fruit, used as a flavouring or garnish

The orange zest gives the strong flavors in this dish.


Auntie Mame had a real zest for life.

{v} to relish, to give a relish
{n} orange peel cut thin, a relish, a division
The thin colored outer peel of a citrus fruit
A small piece of a lemon or orange peel, usually the colored part
vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment
The flavorful colored skin of the citrus fruits, minus the white underlying pith, which is bitter It may be grated or peeled and then minced or julienne Just make sure it is from Organic fruit
Colored outer layer of the peel of citrus fruits
Citrus rind
The outer skin of a citrus fruit, used as a flavouring
To remove the colored part only from the rind of a citrus fruit Use a special tool to pull off strands Or use a potato peeler being careful not to remove any of the white pith Cut the peels into thin strips or chop fine
Thin strips of citrus fruits used as a garnish for desserts and drinks
The perfumy outermost skin layer of citrus fruit (usually oranges or lemons), which is removed with the aid of a citrus zester, paring knife or vegetable peeler Only the colored portion of the skin (and not the white pith) is considered the zest
Hence, something that gives or enhances a pleasant taste, or the taste itself; an appetizer; also, keen enjoyment; relish; gusto
Zest is a feeling of pleasure and enthusiasm. He has a zest for life and a quick intellect
The thin, brightly colored outer skin of a citrus fruit (not the white part) A citrus zester or paring knife may be used to remove the thin layer, usually in small shreds Zest adds a nice citrus flavor to dishes and baked goods Recipe: Cranberry Orange Relish
to squeeze, as peel, over the surface of anything
a tart spiciness
The woody, thick skin inclosing the kernel of a walnut
A piece of orange or lemon peel, or the aromatic oil which may be squeezed from such peel, used to give flavor to liquor, etc
Grated rind of a citrus peel, used as a flavoring
add herbs or spices to
To cut into thin slips, as the peel of an orange, lemon, etc
{i} excitement, craving, desire, longing; spice, seasoning, flavoring; outer colored part of the peel of a citrus fruit
The colored part of the peel of citrus fruit Top
It is the colored rind of citrus fruit and is normally grated or cut into thin slivers It is used to flavor foods and beverages
Coloured oily outer skin of citrus fruit which, when grated or peeled, is used to flavour foods and liquids
Remove by shredding the outer colored layer of the skin of a citrus fruit with a grater, knife or zester
The zest of a lemon, orange, or lime is the outer skin when it is used to give flavour to something such as a cake or a drink. Mix the rest of the olive oil with the zest and juice of the lemon
the outer rind of citrus fruit containing the most flavour
To give a relish or flavor to; to heighten the taste or relish of; as, to zest wine
Zest is a quality in an activity or situation which you find exciting. Live interviews add zest and a touch of the unexpected to any piece of research
{f} flavor by adding herbs, add spices (Cooking); make experience more delightful by putting interest to it
The colored part of the peel of a citrus fruit, which contains the flavorful fruit oils When grating citrus peel, only the zest should be removed, not the white layer underneath, which has a bitter taste
The oily, thin outer part of citrus skin that is grated and used as a flavoring
What you will be full of after a day spent gliding
Outermost layer of citrus skin typically removed with citrus zester to create thin strips Only colored portion of skin (not white pith) is considered the zest The aeromatic oils in citrus skin add considerable flavor to food
State or condition of being zestful or enthusiastic
lemon zest
lemon rind
lemon zest
The outer part of the lemon skin (yellow part of the peel only), grated fine and used as a flavoring agent or garnish
lemon zest
tiny bits of lemon peel
orange zest
tiny bits of orange peel
{s} enthusiastic; flavorful
having a spirited love of life; ebullient
marked by spirited enjoyment
Done with zest or enthusiasm
enthusiastically; delightfully
with zest; "she scrubbed the floors of the new apartment zestfully
{i} enthusiasm, liveliness; enjoyment, zeal, gusto
plural of zest