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Englisch - Türkisch
(Tıp) gingembre
{f} teşvik etmek
kızıl renk

Bu benim en sevdiğim zencefilli kurabiye tarifim. - This is my favorite gingerbread cookie recipe.

Tom ve Mary biraz zencefilli sincap yaptı. - Tom and Mary made some gingerbread squirrels.

Hyphaene thebaica gingersnapzencefilli çörek
gösterişli süs
{i} kızılımsı sarı renk
(Tıp) Barsak galarını giderici etkisi olan aromatik bir kök, zencefil kökü
argo canlılık
{f} kışkırtmak
{f} canlandırmak
{s} kızıl (saç)
gingerbreadzencefilli çorek
{i} dürtü
{f} hızlandırmak
{s} canlı
{f} zencefil katmak
ginger ale zencefilli gazoz
{s} enerjik
{i} taba rengi
{f} dürtmek
gingerbread tree dum ağacı
{s} kızıl saçlı
hız vermek
(Tıp) ginger
kızıl saç
ginger cookies
(Gıda) zencefilli kurabiye
ginger ale
zencefilli gazoz
ginger beer
zencefilli bira
ginger snap
zencefilli çörek
ginger bread
zencefil ekmek
ginger hackled
zencefil hackled
ginger man
zencefil adam
ginger root
zencefil koku
ginger beer
zencefilli gazoz
ginger group
(deyim) faal bir politik parti
ginger hair
kızıl kafalı kimse
ginger pop
zencefilli gazoz
ginger up
(Dilbilim) ortama renk katmak
ginger up
(Dilbilim) coşkulandırmak
ginger up
(Dilbilim) can katmak
ginger up
ginger up
ginger up
ginger up
ginger up
(Dilbilim) ortamı renklendirmek
ginger up
teşvik etmek
ginger up
(Dilbilim) ortamı canlandırmak
ginger ale
(Gıda) zencefil gazozu
stem ginger
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) zencefil
crystallized ginger
kristalize zencefil
ground ginger
toz tarçın
someone with ginger hair
zencefil saçlı biri
wild ginger
yabani zencefil
yellow ginger
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) Hintvsafranı, zerdeçal
yellow ginger
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) Sarıkök
{s} canlı
{s} zencefil gibi
{s} enerjik
{s} kışkırtan
{s} zencefil
{s} taba renkli
take the gilt off the ginger
(deyim) işin kaymağını almak
Türkisch - Türkisch
Englisch - Englisch
a given name reserved for animals having ginger- or orange-coloured fur or feathers
A female given name
Any plant of a genus (Zingiber, especially Zingiber officinale) of tropical Asiatic and Polynesian herbs of a family (Zingiberaceae, the ginger family) with pungent aromatic rhizomes used as a condiment and as a stimulant and acarminative
to treat with care
Of a reddish-brown colour
A person with reddish-brown hair
A reddish-brown colour/color

ginger colour:.

flavoured with ginger
The rhizome of this plant used as a spice either as it is or in dried powdered form
Queer (ie, homosexual) (short for ginger beer, rhyming with queer)
{n} a hot spice root, a plant
{i} female first name; Ginger Rogers (1911-1995, born as Virginia McMath), Academy Award-winning USA singer dancer and actress
The roots of the ginger plant are an indispensable ingredient in both Chinese and Indian cuisine Thought to have originated in South-east Asia, the plant's name, "zingiber" means horn-shaped, after the irregular shapes on the rhizomes or roots Valued for its clean, sharp flavor, ginger is used in soups, stir-fries, and marinades It is especially good with seafood, as it can cover up strong fish odors
perennial plants having thick branching aromatic rhizomes and leafy reedlike stems
dried ground gingerroot
The species most known is Z
noxious weed - see picture kahili ginger For more information on pest plants, check out Northland Regional Council's pest plants information
Root-stock of a tropical plant used in cookery, medicine or sugared and eaten as a sweet
(used especially of hair or fur) having a bright orange-brown color; "a man with gingery hair and bright blue eyes"; "a ginger kitten"
Character run by Marie Ginger is a paladin of Dwalin See also: Ginger has a dream
The hot and spicy rootstock of Zingiber officinale, which is much used in cookery and in medicine
A rhizome possessing many important culinary and medicinal qualities It can be used in its fresh and dried forms as a flavoring or digestive aid Its fresh juice is added to hot water to prepare ginger compresses The juice, applied to minor burns, relieves stinging and prevents blistering through its anti-histamine action PICTURE
FRESH: Gnarled, tan-colored root with spicy flavor and aroma, indispensable in Chinese cooking either sliced, shredded, or grated Choose ginger with a firm feel and lightly shiny skin Store in a cool, dry spot For longer storage, freeze ginger, then cut off as much as you need without thawing Or, peel and thinly slice; store in a jar, cover with dry sherry, and refrigerate for up to 6 months PRESERVED: Sweet, pungent condiment packed in syrup in porcelain jars, or candied and sold packaged or in bulk PICKLED: Fresh young ginger, first pickled in salt, then preserved in vinegar and sugar
Ginger is the root of a plant that is used to flavour food. It has a sweet spicy flavour and is often sold in powdered form
A plant of the genus Zingiber, of the East and West Indies
Soonth, Adrak Spices
pungent rhizome of the common ginger plant; used fresh as a seasoning especially in Oriental cookery
(Zingiber Officinalis) Described as having a spicy, warm aroma It has stimulating and grounding properties Benefits: It's great when you are feeling flat as it sharpens the senses and warms the body It's also great for nausea and digestive problems
A root originally grown in the Asian tropics; Southwestern recipes usually call for ground dried ginger
the underground root or rhizome of an iris like plant Ginger has a warm sweet aroma and a hot biting flavour click here for more
Ginger is used to describe things that are orangey-brown in colour. She was a mature lady with dyed ginger hair. Herbaceous perennial plant (Zingiber officinale; family Zingiberaceae), probably native to South Asia, or its aromatic, pungent rhizome, which is used as a spice, flavouring, food, and medicine. The spice has a slightly biting taste and is used, usually dried and ground, to flavour breads, sauces, curry dishes, confections, pickles, and ginger ale. The fresh rhizome is used in cooking. The leafy stems of the plant bear flowers in dense conelike spikes. Oil distilled from the rhizome is used in foods and perfumes
Type: Spice (fresh, dried, crystallized or ground) Description: Gnarled and bumpy root from the ginger plant Flavor: Peppery, slightly sweet with a pungent and spicy aroma Uses: Cakes, cookies, marinades; Chinese, Jamaican and German recipes; don't substitute dry ginger powder for recipes specifying fresh ginger
n jahe
The roots of the ginger plant, or Zingiber officinale to use its scientific name, are an indispensable ingredient in both Chinese and Indian cuisine Thought to have originated in South-east Asia, the plant's name, "zingiber" means horn-shaped, after the irregular shapes on the rhizomes or roots Valued for its clean, sharp flavor, ginger is used in soups, stir-fries, and marinades It is especially good with seafood, as it can cover up strong fish odors When purchasing ginger, look for a firm, smooth body and a nice tan color, without any darkening or wrinkled skin At home, wrap the ginger in a paper towel and store it in a plastic bag in the vegetable crisper section of the refrigerator If a portion becomes discolored, simply slice that part off It should keep for several weeks A more long-term storage method is to peel, slice, and then store the ginger in a sealed glass jar filled with rice wine or dry sherry in the refrigerator It will last for up to a year
{i} (Colloquial) person who has reddish-brown hair
(used especially of hair or fur) having a bright orange-brown color; "a man with gingery hair and bright blue eyes"; "a ginger kitten
An herb (Zingiber officinale) Ginger is known throughout the world as a spice or flavoring agent but was known in Asian medicine as a digestive aid, stimulant and diuretic The aroma of ginger is due to a volatile oil which it contains in amounts of about one to three percent Ordinarily taken in the form of capsules, ginger may also be made into a tea or a candy
zingiber officinale root baking, desserts, soups, salads, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish; just about everything f, d, preserved, powdered
{s} made with ginger, flavored with ginger; having a reddish brown coloring
a root of a plant used to flavour food
For over a thousand years, Ginger has been regarded as a desired medicinal solution It has been used to aid in the healing of blemishes and to increase circulation The sharp scent is spicy with earthy undertones
{i} plant having yellowish-green flowers and a spicy root; gingerroot, root of the ginger plant (used as a seasoning and in medicine); powdered ginger, dried and ground gingerroot; vitality, spirit, peppiness, animation (Informal); reddish brown color
anti-inflammatory, aids digestion
Ginger may be used as a stimulant to combat circulation problems and cramps Ginger also promotes perspiration, acts as an appetite stimulant, is a well-known remedy for digestion problems, and is effective as an antioxidant and antimicrobial In humid climates it is used to help preserve food and as a mouth rinse it can relieve sore throats
(China) Excellent warming oild for sore muscles Use in massage oil blends for aches and pains
a strong brown
A tropical plant cultivated for its root The flavor is peppery and sweet, the odor is spicy Used to flavor candy, soups, meat, poultry, curries, gingerbread, and cakes Also the chief flavoring agent for ginger ale
pungent rhizome of the common ginger plant; used fresh as a seasoning especially in Oriental cookery dried ground gingerroot perennial plants having thick branching aromatic rhizomes and leafy reedlike stems add ginger to in order to add flavor; "ginger the soup"
Adrak Spices
{f} add ginger to, flavor with ginger; energize, enliven (Informal)
The root of the ginger plant is a mainstay in Asian and Indian cuisines, providing a peppery and slightly sweet taste and spicy aroma Fresh ginger may be found in the produce section and should be peeled and sliced or ground before using Dried ground ginger (not an appropriate substitute for recipes calling for fresh ginger)has different characteristics and is used in curries, soups and baked goods (i e gingerbread and ginger snaps) Ginger can also be found candied, preserved and pickled, each with its own uses
add ginger to in order to add flavor; "ginger the soup"
liveliness and energy; "this tonic is guaranteed to give you more pep"
ginger ale
Same as ginger beer
ginger beer
(Cockney rhyming slang; usually used in the shortened form ginger) queer (ie, homosexual)
ginger beer
A non-alcoholic drink flavoured/flavored with ginger
ginger beer
A glass or drink of ginger beer
ginger knob
a male redhead, a ginger-haired male
ginger nut
A biscuit containing powdered ginger and other spices
ginger nut
A redhead, a ginger-haired male
ginger pop
A soft drink flavored with ginger. Another name for ginger ale
ginger pops
plural form of ginger pop
ginger root
Ginger, the underground stem, or rhizome, of the plant Zingiber officinale
Ginger Man
a novel by Irish writer J. P. Donleavy which is both funny and sad. The main character, Sebastian Dangerfield, who is a law student in Dublin, lives in a fantasy world to escape his loneliness and an unhappy marriage
Ginger Rogers
(1911-1995, born as Virginia McMath) Academy Award-winning US singer dancer and actress
Ginger Rogers
a US dancer and film actress who made many musical films, often with the dancer Fred Astaire. Her films include 42nd Street (1933) and Top Hat (1935) (1911-95). orig. Virginia Katherine McMath born July 16, 1911, Independence, Mo., U.S. died April 25, 1995, Rancho Mirage, Calif. U.S. film actress. She began her career as a dancer in vaudeville and made her Broadway debut in 1929. After starring in Girl Crazy (1930-31), she moved to Hollywood. Her first performance with Fred Astaire, in Flying Down to Rio (1933), was so popular that they continued the partnership in nine more movies, including The Gay Divorcee (1934), Top Hat (1935), and Swing Time (1936). She also acted in the drama Kitty Foyle (1940, Academy Award) and in light comedies such as Tom, Dick, and Harry (1941) and The Major and the Minor (1942). Rogers returned to the Broadway stage in 1965, taking the lead in Hello Dolly!, and she followed that in 1969 with a star performance as Mame in London
ginger ale
ginger-flavored carbonated drink
ginger ale
{i} nonalcoholic sweetened and carbonated beverage flavored with ginger
ginger ale
Ginger ale is a fizzy non-alcoholic drink flavoured with ginger, which is often mixed with an alcoholic drink. I live mostly on coffee and ginger ale. A glass of ginger ale can be referred to as a ginger ale. An effervescent sweetened soft drink flavored with ginger. a non-alcoholic drink that tastes of ginger and is often mixed with alcohol
ginger beer
{i} bubbling drink flavored with ginger; (Slang) queer, homosexual person
ginger beer
Ginger beer is a fizzy drink that is made from syrup and ginger and is sometimes slightly alcoholic. A glass of ginger beer can be referred to as a ginger beer. A nonalcoholic drink similar to ginger ale but flavored with fermented ginger. a non-alcoholic drink with a strong taste of ginger
ginger beer
carbonated slightly alcoholic drink flavored with fermented ginger
ginger group
A ginger group is a group of people who have similar ideas and who work together, especially within a larger organization, to try to persuade others to accept their ideas. I set up a ginger group on the environment. A highly active or galvanizing group within a larger organization or body. a group of people within a political party or organization that tries to persuade the other members to support their ideas lobby
ginger nut
{i} gingersnap, ginger flavored cookie
ginger nut
a hard biscuit with ginger in it
ginger root
a plant grown for its aromatic, knobby root; the flavor peppery and slightly sweet and the aroma is pungent and spicy; a mainstay in Indian and Asian cooking
ginger root
Fresh Very important seasoning in Chinese cooking There's no substitute for it Sold by piece or weight
ginger root
spicy root of the ginger plant (used in Asian cooking and Chinese medicine)
ginger root
Ginger is an antioxidant and useful antimicrobial for sores and wounds It also aids in cleansing the colon, increasing circulation, and curbing nausea and vomiting
ginger root
Omega 6 Yucca
ginger snap
a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger
ginger up
e g ,make more interesting or lively; "juice up a party"; "pep up your paper"
ginger up
{f} energize, enliven (Informal)
Spiced with ginger
having a flavour of the spice ginger
show a little ginger
an 1800s baseball term meaning to play harder or smarter
canada ginger
deciduous low-growing perennial of Canada and eastern and central United States
common ginger
tropical Asian plant widely cultivated for its pungent root; source of gingerroot and powdered ginger
crystallized ginger
strips of ginger root cooked in sugar syrup and coated with sugar
Something, especially hair, that is gingery is slightly ginger in colour. gingery hair or fur is bright orange-brown in colour
somewhat ginger in colour
having a piquant burning taste of spices or peppers; "gingery Chinese food"; "hot peppers"; "hot curry"; "corn chips with peppery salsa"; "spicy tomato sauce
{s} hot, spicy; lively; reddish brown; of or pertaining to ginger
red ginger
an ornamental ginger native to Pacific islands
root ginger
Root ginger is the stem of the ginger plant. It is often used in Chinese and Indian cooking
sea ginger
A hydroid coral of the genus Millepora, especially M
sea ginger
So called because it stings the tongue like ginger
sea ginger
alcicornis, of the West Indies and Florida
sea ginger
under Millepore
verb ginger 3
ginger up to make something more exciting
wild ginger
Any of various plants of the genus Asarum, especially A. canadense of North America, having broad leaves, a solitary brownish flower, and an aromatic root. Also called heartleaf
wild ginger
low-growing perennial herb with pungent gingery leaves and rhizomes
Türkisch - Englisch
(Tıp) ginger