to matter

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Englisch - Türkisch
önemi olmak
önemli olmak
{f} önemli olmak

Meseleyi ona bırakmaktan başka çaremiz yoktu. - We had no choice but to leave the matter to him.

Meselenin püf noktası odur. - That's the crux of the matter.


Gerçeği söylemek gerekirse, bu konu onu hiç ilgilendirmez. - To tell the truth, this matter does not concern it at all.

Onun bu konuyla ilgili yorumu çok tek-taraflıdır. - His interpretation of this matter is too one-sided.


Madde katı, sıvı veya gaz olarak bulunabilir. - Matter can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas.

Radyoaktif maddeler tehlikelidir. - Radioactive matter is dangerous.

{i} husus

Bu hususla hiçbir ilgim yok. - I have nothing to do with this matter.

Yukarıda belirtilen hususlarda acil görüşünüzü talep ediyoruz. - We now request your opinion in the above-referenced matter.

{i} şey

Onun bu yıl üniversiteden mezun olamaması gülünecek bir şey değil. - It is no laughing matter that he couldn't graduate from university this year.

Aslına bakarsan, ben bu konuda hiçbir şey bilmiyorum. - As a matter of fact, I know nothing about it.

{i} irin
{i} cerahat

Bu konuyu tartışmak için özel bir isteğim yok. - I have no particular desire to discuss that matter.

Tom konu hakkında Mary ile özel görüştü. - Tom spoke to Mary in private about the matter.

{i} önem

Ne zaman geldiğin önemli değil. - It doesn't matter when you come.

Meselenin önemini ona iyice anlatmalısın. - You must bring home to him the importance of the matter.

{i} iltihap

Bu durumda kimin otorite olduğu bilinmiyor. - It is not known who has the authority in this matter.

Sorunun ardında karmaşık durumlar vardır. - There are complicated circumstances behind the matter.

make a difference
önemi olmak

Meseleyle ilgili meslektaşlarımla görüşmeliyim. - I must confer with my colleagues on the matter.

Mesleğiniz ne olursa olsun, ya da bu meslekte ne kadar mutlu olursanız olun, diğer bir mesleği seçmiş olmayı istediğiniz anlar vardır. - No matter what your profession, or how happy you may be in it, there are moments when you wish you had chosen some other career.


Bu konuya farklı açılardan bakmalısın. - You must view the matter from different angles.

Ben bu konuya farklı bir bakış açısından bakıyorum. - I am looking at the matter from a different viewpoint.

(Havacılık) cisim mesele
fark etmek
{i} of/for neden
make a difference
fark etmek

Dert olabilecek hiçbir şey yok. - There's nothing the matter.


Nereye bakarsan bak depremin sebep olduğu hasarı görebilirsin. - No matter where you look you can see damage caused by the earthquake.

yazılı şey
yazılı belge

Lütfen bu sorunu bankanızla birlikte gözden geçirir misiniz? - Would you please check this matter with your bank?

Tom sorun hakkında Mary ile tartıştı. - Tom argued with Mary about the matter.

{f} önemi olmak, önem taşımak, farketmek

Neden Tom'un bu mesele ile ilgilenmesine izin vermiyoruz? Nede olsa, o uzman, değil mi? - Why don't we let Tom handle this matter? After all, he's the expert, right?

Dil önemli bir konudur, bu nedenle dilbilimcilere bırakmayın. - Language is an important matter, so don't leave it to the linguists.


Ben işin aslını anlayacağım. - I am going to ascertain the truth of the matter.

İşin aslın bakarsan, o doğrudur. - As a matter of fact, it is true.

make a difference
(deyim) Bir fark yaratmak
madde,v.farket: n.konu

Ne söylersen söyle farketmez, kararımı değiştirmeyeceğim. - No matter what you may say, I won't change my mind.

Ne dersen de farketmez, sana asla inanmayacağım. - No matter what you say, I will never believe you.


İş ne kadar zor olursa olsun Tom asla şikayet etmez. - Tom never complains, no matter how hard the work is.

Ne yaparsam yapayım, Tom her zaman şikâyet eder. - No matter what I do, Tom always complains.

baskıya hazır hurufat
Englisch - Englisch
make a difference
To be important

Sorry for pouring ketchup on your clean white shirt! - Oh, don't worry, it does not matter.

Written material (especially in books or magazines)

He always took some reading matter with him on the plane.

Matter made up of normal particles, not antiparticles. (Non-antimatter matter)
To care about, to mind; to find important

Besides, if it had been out of doors I had not mattered it so much; but with my own servant, in my own house, under my own roof.

A situation

a trivial matter.

fact n. something that has actual and undeniable existence or reality
Printed matter consists of books, newspapers, and other texts that are printed. Reading matter consists of things that are suitable for reading, such as books and newspapers. the Government's plans to levy VAT on printed matter. a rich variety of reading matter
{f} be important, be significant
Matter is the physical part of the universe consisting of solids, liquids, and gases. A proton is an elementary particle of matter
You use matter to refer to a particular type of substance. waste matter from industries
You use matter in expressions such as `What's the matter?' or `Is anything the matter?' when you think that someone has a problem and you want to know what it is. Carole, what's the matter? You don't seem happy She told him there was nothing the matter
{v} to produce matter, signify, regard
{n} body, materials, a subject, affair, importance, object, dimension, purulent running
You use the fact of the matter is or the truth of the matter is to introduce a fact which supports what you are saying or which is not widely known, for example because it is a secret. The fact of the matter is that most people consume far more protein than they actually need
a vaguely specified concern; "several matters to attend to"; "it is none of your affair"; "things are going well"
Amount; quantity; portion; space; often indefinite
If you say that something is just a matter of time, you mean that it is certain to happen at some time in the future. It would be only a matter of time before he went through with it
Non-antimatter matter
To form pus or matter, as an abscess; to maturate
Is the material substance of the universe that has mass, occupies space, and is convertible to energy
Anything that has the properties of mass and inertia
A kind of substance
That of which anything is composed; constituent substance; material; the material or substantial part of anything; the constituent elements of conception; that into which a notion may be analyzed; the essence; the pith; the embodiment
emphasis You can use for that matter to emphasize that the remark you are making is true in the same way as your previous, similar remark. The irony was that Shawn had not seen her. Nor for that matter had anyone else = come to that
A cause
Anything that has mass and occupies space
Anything that has mass and takes up space
the material of the universe
emphasis You use matter in expressions such as `a matter of weeks' when you are emphasizing how small an amount is or how short a period of time is. Within a matter of days she was back at work
Affair worthy of account; thing of consequence; importance; significance; moment; chiefly in the phrases what matter ? no matter, and the like
Or Form or Thing The Sanskrit word is Rupa It is defined as that which has resistence, or which changes and disappear, i e , the phenomenal There are inner and outer forms representing the organs and objects of sense respectively Rupa is one of the Six Bahya-ayatanna or Six Gunas and also one of the Five Skandhas
Substance excreted from living animal bodies; that which is thrown out or discharged in a tumor, boil, or abscess; pus; purulent substance
everything that occupies space, ranging from atom parts, atoms, molecules, objects to space objects
If you are going to do something as a matter of urgency or priority, you are going to do it as soon as possible, because it is important. Your doctor and health visitor can help a great deal and you need to talk about it with them as a matter of urgency
If someone says that's the end of the matter or that's an end to the matter, they mean that a decision that has been taken must not be changed or discussed any more. `He's moving in here,' Maria said. `So that's the end of the matter.'
written works (especially in books or magazines); "he always took some reading matter with him on the plane"
If you say that something makes matters worse, you mean that it makes a difficult situation even more difficult. Don't let yourself despair; this will only make matters worse
A general term for the material stuff in the universe; often does not include antiparticles
Inducing cause or occasion, especially of anything disagreeable or distressing; difficulty; trouble
a problem; "is anything the matter?"
have weight; have import, carry weight; "It does not matter much"
mass and energy; fundamental component of the Universe
Anything that takes up space (has volume) and has mass All matter is made of atoms
That with regard to, or about which, anything takes place or is done; the thing aimed at, treated of, or treated; subject of action, discussion, consideration, feeling, complaint, legal action, or the like; theme
that which has mass and occupies space; "an atom is the smallest indivisible unit of matter"
We call the commonly observed particles such as protons, neutrons and electrons matter particles, and their antiparticles are then antimatter More Information: Matter Constituents, Building Blocks of Matter
(used with negation) having consequence; "they were friends and it was no matter who won the games" a vaguely specified concern; "several matters to attend to"; "it is none of your affair"; "things are going well" a problem; "is anything the matter?" written works (especially in books or magazines); "he always took some reading matter with him on the plane
A reason for concern; being amiss
That of which the sensible universe and all existent bodies are composed; anything which has extension, occupies space, or is perceptible by the senses; body; substance
Anything that takes up space and has mass
That which is permanent, or is supposed to be given, and in or upon which changes are effected by psychological or physical processes and relations; opposed to form
If you say that something is no laughing matter, you mean that it is very serious and not something that you should laugh or joke about. Their behaviour is an offence. It's no laughing matter. = no joke
{i} physical material (as opposed to spiritual); substance of a particular composition and consistency; issue, affair; excreted material; typed or written material; something that has mass and takes up space
everything in the universe that is made up of matter particles is called matter
If you say that a situation is a matter of a particular thing, you mean that that is the most important thing to be done or considered when you are involved in the situation or explaining it. History is always a matter of interpretation Jack had attended these meetings as a matter of routine for years. = question
If you say that something does not matter, you mean that it is not important to you because it does not have an effect on you or on a particular situation. A lot of the food goes on the floor but that doesn't matter As long as staff are smart, it does not matter how long their hair is Does it matter that people don't know this? Money is the only thing that matters to them. see also grey matter, subject matter
To be of importance; to import; to signify
Physical stuff—whatever has size and shape, is solid and tangible, takes up space, and can move Hence, for many philosophers of the Western tradition, material objects are substances that have the attribute of extension Idealists deny the reality of any such stuff, while materialists deny that there is anything else Also see OCP, BGHT, ColE, noesis, and MacE
Is the material (atoms and molecules) that constructs things on the Earth and in the Universe
Written manuscript, or anything to be set in type; copy; also, type set up and ready to be used, or which has been used, in printing
(used with negation) having consequence; "they were friends and it was no matter who won the games"
A word used to describe anything that contains mass
Physical substance, something that has mass and occupies space
A matter is a task, situation, or event which you have to deal with or think about, especially one that involves problems. It was clear that she wanted to discuss some private matter Until the matter is resolved the athletes will be ineligible to compete Don't you think this is now a matter for the police? Business matters drew him to Paris. = affair
Be important
universal counter of all possible states in evolutional process Matter is based on previous information and energy events, and exists in time and space created by the holographic Universe Matter's transformation to another states generates motion, which turns to energy and information And then, matter corrects its development getting feedback from energy and information processes
If something is no easy matter, it is difficult to do it. Choosing the colour for the drawing-room walls was no easy matter
n the substance of which a physical object is composed
to matter


    to mat·ter

    Türkische aussprache

    tı mätır


    /tə ˈmatər/ /tə ˈmætɜr/


    [ t&, tu, 'tü ] (preposition.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tO; akin to Old High German zuo to, Latin donec as long as, until.


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