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Englisch - Türkisch
{s} art arda dizili
ardarda dizilmiş
(Gıda) eş zamanlı
iki kişilik bisiklet
art arda
{i} atların birbiri ardına koşulduğu araba
birbiri ardına koşulu olarak (atlar)
birbiri ardına koşulmuş atlar
{i} tandem
(zarf) birbiri ardına koşulu olarak (atlar)
arka arkaya
birbiri arkasına dizilmiş
{s} peşpeşe sıralı
ardarda,ardarda dizilmiş
birbiri ardında
(Gıda) birbirini izleyen
birbiri ardına koşulu olarak
tandem bicycle
ikili bisiklet
tandem bicycle
tandem drive
peşpeşe sürme
tandem office
(Bilgisayar) düzgeçiş santralı
tandem switch
düzgeçiş santralı
tandem trunk
(Bilgisayar) düzgeçiş gövdeyolu
tandem trunk
peşpeşe gövdeyol
tandem computers
ikiz bilgisayarlar
tandem connection
çift bağlantı
tandem axle
tandem aks
tandem axle suspension
çift aks süspansiyonu
tandem disk harrow
tandem diskli tırmık
tandem engine
tandem motor
tandem piston
tandem piston
tandem trailer
tandem römork
tandem calender
(Tekstil) çift kalandır
tandem calender
çift kalender
tandem compressor
tandem kompresör
tandem door
çifte kapı
tandem drive
(İnşaat) ikili hareket
tandem master cylinder
(Otomotiv) iki pistonlu fren ana merkezi
tandem master cylinder
tandem ana silindiri
tandem mill
sıralı haddeler
tandem operation
(Askeri) paralel çalışma
tandem operation
(Askeri) TANDEM ÇALIŞMA; PARALEL ÇALIŞMA: Kriptografide, otomatik olarak aynı anda, hem şifre açma, hem şifreleme yapabilmek için, iki şifre makinesinin, elektriki veya mekanik olarak, birbirine bağlanması
tandem print
(Bilgisayar) kademeli yazdırma
tandem pump
ikili pompa
tandem pump
tandem pompası
tandem repeat
tekrar dizisi
tandem roller
çift tamburlu silindir
tandem switch
duzgecis santrali
tandem technique
(Nükleer Bilimler) tandem (ardışık) tekniği
tandem trunk
pespese govdeyol
tandem unit
(Bilgisayar) kademeli birim
in tandem with
in tandem
aynı anda
in tandem
koordinasyon içinde, birbirine bağlı olarak; ortaklaşa, birlikte, beraber
in tandem
art arda dizilmiş bir şekilde
Englisch - Englisch
A bicycle with two seats, two sets of pedals, and two wheels; a bicycle-built-for-two

we used to ride this tandem.

Together; working as one

Their skillful tandem work made the project successful and quick.

One behind the other

ride tandem on a bicycle-built-for-two.

An arrangement of two or more objects arranged one behind the other

driving cars in tandem.

A tandem is a bicycle designed for two riders, on which one rider sits behind the other
This acquisition mode generates an ERS-1/ERS-2 pair of images with a date difference strictly equal to one calendar day In Tandem mode the two satellites follow one another and visit the same target 24 hours apart and are both operating (i e ERS-1 is activated) The Tandem mode is not the standard mode for the ERS mission In standard mode, ERS-2 is operational and ERS-1 is on standby Tandem mode is activated either for acquisition campaigns (targeting one or several specific receiving stations), or for specific requests (procedure to be defined) Tandem mode is the mode that ensures the shortest possible interval between the two radar acquisitions regardless of which satellite (ERS, RADARSAT), in other words, the highest revisit frequency (one day as compared to 35 days for ERS-2 alone) Tandem pairs have similar acquisition geometries, a necessary condition for coherence imaging
A switching arrangement in which the trunk from the calling office is connected to a trunk at the called office through an intermediate point; serves to interconnect central offices when direct interoffice trunks are not available
A specific group of two piece productsd from Hollister, incorporating the revolutionary Tandem CenterPoint Lock system This patented closure mechanism eliminates any possibility of accidental pouch detachment Available in a variety of pre-cut, cut-to-fit and convexed flanges to use with the closed, drainable and urostomy pouches
{i} two-wheeled carriage pulled by two horses harnessed one behind the other; team of horses harnessed in single file; vehicle having parts arranged one behind the other; bicycle for two riders
A bicycle or other vehicle which accommodates two or more riders, one in front of the other Tandems for three riders are called "triplets", for four: "quadruplets" or "quads", etc This site contains several different articles about tandem bicycles
Parachute jumps in which two skydivers, usually an instructor and student, share one parachute system The student is in a separate harness that attaches to the front of the instructor's harness
Two pins, one behind the other (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, one­in­the­dark, sleeper)
One after another; said especially of horses harnessed and driven one before another, instead of abreast
A truck that has two drive axles or a trailer that has two axles
Two person payload on a single skydiving system Tandem master knows what is going on, tandem student doesn't Common route of entry into the sport for civilians Many do not wish to progress beyond the one or two tandem dives
a kayak that is designed to be paddled by two people
A tandem bicycle or other vehicle
a bicycle with two sets of pedals and two seats
If one person does something in tandem with another person, the two people do it by working together. He is working in tandem with officials of the Serious Fraud Office
Same as barmaid
The name of NRC's two-phase collection program The Tandem Program consists of a primary phase collection program followed by an optional, secondary (or SCRD) phase
{s} coming one after another
A bi-place wing for a pilot and a passenger The wing size is almost double that of a solo wing A tandem wing must be specifically certified as bi-place The pilot and passenger are suspended from spreader bars (spreaders) which ensure leg room for the pilot who sits behind
Central computer of the Exchange
Two pins, one behind the other (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, one­in­the­dark, sleeper)
A team of horses harnessed one before the other
one behind the other; "ride tandem on a bicycle built for two"; "riding horses down the path in tandem
An arrangement of two or more AISwitches where the AISwitches are directly interconnected In this configuration you may call a remote AISwitch and then place a second call on that remote AISwitch
Two-person canoe or kayak
At length A pun applied to two horses driven one before the other This Latin is of a similar character to plenum sed (full butt)
Two pins, one behind the other (barmaid, bicycle, double wood, one­in­the­dark, sleeper)
n a combination in which one player attacks immediately behind another 梯次进攻。
If one thing happens or is done in tandem with another thing, the two things happen at the same time. Malcolm's contract will run in tandem with his existing one
  Pertaining to an arrangement or sequencing of networks, circuits, or links, in which the output terminals of one network, circuit, or link are connected directly to the input terminals of another network, circuit, or link   Note: For example, concatenated microwave links constitute a tandem connection   (188)
one behind the other; "ride tandem on a bicycle built for two"; "riding horses down the path in tandem"
n a combination in which one player attacks immediately behind another 梯次進攻。
One behind the other, together (eg driving horses in tandem )
one after another
tandem gait
A manner of walking placing the heel of the forward foot touching the toes of the back foot. Sometimes used in the clinical diagnosis of certain disorders
tandem bicycle
A bicycle built for two or more people sitting one behind the other
tandem cart
A kind of two-wheeled vehicle with seats back to back, the front one somewhat elevated
tandem engine
A steam engine having two or more steam cylinders in line, with a common piston rod
tandem network
star network, network in which connections are formed in a star pattern
tandem system
= Cascade system
tandem trailer
trucking rig with two trailers in tandem
tandem trailer
A trucking rig consisting of a tractor pulling two trailers, one behind the other
in tandem
One behind the other
in tandem

He runs the shop in tandem with his brother.

short tandem repeat
A pattern in DNA where two or more nucleotides are repeated and the repeated sequences are directly adjacent to each other, used in determining genetic profiles to identify an individual
short tandem repeats
plural form of short tandem repeat
variable tandem repeat locus
any DNA sequence that exists in multiple copies strung together in various tandem lengths
Switches that consolidate traffic
Switches that consolidate traffic, reduce trunk group requirements, and switch interoffice traffic They allow U S WEST to manage the network more economically Also referred to as "local" and "access" tandems
the two drive axles on a tractor
Second axle and set of wheels on the rear of a truck Live indicates that they are powered, dead that they are not (24)



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˈtandəm/ /ˈtændəm/


    [ 'tan-d&m ] (noun.) circa 1785. From Latin tandem (“at length, at last (of time)”), from tam (“so”) + suffix -dem. Sense of bicycles with two seats from 1884.