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Englisch - Türkisch
şaka yapmak
taş atmak
alaylı/zekice söz
{i} şaka
nükteli söz
{f} şaka yap
iğneli söz
garip hareket
{f} espri yapmak
{i} hazırcevap
{f} taş atmak, şakayla karışık iğneli söz
{i} taş, şakayla karışık iğneli söz
{i} kaçamaklı söz
hazır cevap
{i} iğneleme
{i} espri

Tom Bir uzaylı gördüm! diye çığlık attı. Mary Gerçekten mi? diye espri yaptı. - I saw an alien! shrieked Tom. Really? quipped Mary.

{f} iğnelemek
{i} dokunaklı söz
nükte yap
alaylı söz
zekice söz
witty remark
nükteli söz
to rally
ralli için
Englisch - Englisch
To make a quip
A smart, sarcastic turn or jest; a taunt; a severe retort; a gibe
{n} a carcasm, give, sharp jest
{v} to rally
sharp jest, a taunt
witty remark
{f} use a clever or sarcastic expression; make am ambiguous remark, make an equivocal statement
To taunt; to treat with quips
make jokes or quips; "The students were gagging during dinner"
To scoff; to use taunts
To quip means to say something that is intended to be amusing or clever. `He'll have to go on a diet,' Ballard quipped The chairman quipped that he would rather sell his airline than his computer systems. to say something clever and amusing (Perhaps from quippe , from quid )
{i} clever or sarcastic expression; ambiguous statement, equivocal remark
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A quip is a remark that is intended be amusing or clever. The commentators make endless quips about the female players' appearance
a witty saying
a person who makes quips; a joker
plural of quip
{i} person who makes witty remarks; one who makes ambiguous statements