put down

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Englisch - Türkisch
öldürmek (hayvan)
tenkit etmek
denetim altına almak
kaydetmek, yazmak
küçümsemek; küçük düşürmek
(isyan v.b.'ni) bastırmak
değer biçmek
yere koymak

Köpeği yere koymak zorundaydık. - We had to put down the dog.


Köpeği yere koymak zorundaydık. - We had to put down the dog.

(deyim) put someone down (kd) eleştirmek, kötülemek. put sth. down to sth. hamletmek, ...-e vermek. put down roots bir yere yerlesmek

Tom yazmaktan vazgeçti ve kalemini bıraktı. - Tom quit writing and put down his pen.

tahmin etmek
(Fiili Deyim ) kağıda yazı yazmak
not etmek
put down on paper
kaleme almak
put down for
listeye kaydetmek
put down for
yerine koymak
put down to
(nedenini) -e bağlamak
put down to sleep
Ölüm uykusuna koymak
put down to sleep
Uyutmak: Çaresiz bir hastalık ya da yaralanma karşısında hayvanları iğne ile uyutmak
put down at
inmek (uçak)
put down at/in/on
(uçak) -e inmek
put down in
inmek (uçak)
put down on
inmek (uçak)
put down poison
(tarlaya vb) zehir serpmek
put down roots
(deyim) bir yere yerlesmek
put one's foot down
(deyim) gaza basmak
put someone down
yere koymak (birini)
put someone down
indirmek (birini)
put something down
bir şeyi not almak
put something down
bir şeyi yere koymak
put something down
kaparo vermek/bırakmak
put something down
bir şeyi kaydetmek
put something down
put one's foot down
ayak diremek
put my foot down
aşağı ayağımı koymak
put one's root down
Bir yere yerleşmek
put one´s foot down
ayak diremek
put prices down
koymak fiyatları aşağı
put so.'s name down for
koymak o kadar. 'aşağı için isim
put the phone down
ahizeyi yerine koymak
put the phone down
telefonu kapat
put the phone down
telefonu kapamak
put the phone down on someone
(deyim) Telefonu birinin yüzüne kapatmak

Don't you dare put the phone down on me.

put you down
aşağı koymak
Put it down, please
İng. Hesabıma yazın lütfen! (Veresiye alınan bir şey için söylenir.)
is it necessary to put down a deposit
depozito bırakmak şart mı
put an animal down
bir hayvanın hayatına son vermek
put one's foot down
{k} artık hiç taviz vermemeye kararlı olmak
put one's foot down
put s.o. down
birini indirmek/yere koymak; birini daha aşağı bir yere koymak
put s.o. down
k.dili. birini küçümsemek; birini tenkit etmek
put s.o. down
as birinin
put s.t. down
put s.t. down
bir şeyi (indirerek) bırakmak/yere koymak; bir şeyi (aşağı bir yere) koymak
put s.t. down
bir şeyi kaydetmek/not etmek/yazmak
put someone down as
bir başkası zannetmek
put someone down for
yazma (okul/üniversite vb'ne)
put something down to
bir şeyi birine vermek
put your foot down
sert bir dille uyarmak
{i} küçültücü durum
argo birisini susturucu veya bastırıcı söz
{i} küçültücü şey
Englisch - Englisch
To cease, temporarily or permanently, reading (a book)

I was unable to put down The Stand: it was that exciting.

To insult, belittle, or demean

Just because we get around.

To write something

Put down the first thing you think of on this piece of paper.

To drop someone off, or let them out of a vehicle

The taxi put him down outside the hotel.

To administer euthanasia to, as an animal too old or ill to cure

Rex was in so much pain, they had to put him down.

To set down, stop carrying, or place in a low location

There he is! cried Mrs. Flanders, coming round the rock and covering the whole space of the beach in a few seconds. What has he got hold of? Put it down, Jacob! Drop it this moment!.

To make prices, or taxes, lower

BP are putting petrol and diesel down in what could be the start of a price war.

To place a baby somewhere to sleep

I had just put Mary down when you rang. So now she's crying again.

To pay an initial amount of money on a large purchase

We put down a $1,000 deposit.

To add a name to a list

I've put myself down for the new Spanish conversation course.

To land an aircraft

The pilot managed to put down in a nearby farm field.

Alternative spelling of put-down
To replace the telephone receiver and terminate a call. To hang up

Don't put the phone down. I want a quick word with him,too.

To halt, eliminate, stop, or squelch, often by force

The government quickly put down an insurrection.

reduce in worth or character, usually verbally; "She tends to put down younger women colleagues"; "His critics took him down after the lecture"
cause to come to the ground; "the pilot managed to land the airplane safely"
place or set down; write down, put to print; crush, repress (riots); humiliate, belittle (Slang); kill or destroy (animals); disgrace, shame, crushing retort
cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place; "set down your bags here"
make a record of; set down in permanent form
put down in writing; of texts, musical compositions, etc
When soldiers, police, or the government put down a riot or rebellion, they stop it by using force. Soldiers went in to put down a rebellion
If you put something down somewhere, you write or type it there. Never put anything down on paper which might be used in evidence against you at a later date We've put down on our staff development plan for this year that we would like some technology courses I had prepared for the meeting by putting down what I wanted from them
When an animal is put down, it is killed because it is dangerous or very ill. Magistrates ordered his dog Samson to be put down immediately They think that any legislation that involved putting down dogs was wrong
If you put down some money, you pay part of the price of something, and will pay the rest later. He bought an investment property for $100,000 and put down $20,000 He's got to put cash down
put in a horizontal position; "lay the books on the table"; "lay the patient carefully onto the bed"
leave or unload, especially of passengers or cargo
If someone puts you down, they treat you in an unpleasant way by criticizing you in front of other people or making you appear foolish. I know that I do put people down occasionally Racist jokes come from wanting to put down other kinds of people we feel threatened by. see also put-down
put down for
to record that someone has offered to help, or contribute something

You can put my wife down for 10$.

put down roots
to feel that one belong in a place

I haven't put down roots in this town yet, 'cause I've got trouble making friends here.

put down roots
to do things which show that one wishes to stay put

It might be hard for her to leave London after all these years, she's put down roots there.

put down to
to state the cause of a situation

I put the high crime rate down to the high unemployment.

put down an insurgency
suppress a rebellion, crush an uprising
put down coup attempt
suppress an attempt at revolution, suppress an overthrow attempt
put down the drain
waste, squander
put down to
If you put something down to a particular thing, you believe that it is caused by that thing. You may be a sceptic and put it down to life's inequalities
put one's foot down
To insist, demand, or refuse

I finally put my foot down and demanded to talk to someone in charge.

put one's foot down
To make a car go faster, accelerate
put someone down as
to assume someone has a particular character from very little information

I put him down as ignorant, but then discovered he is, in fact, a university professor!.

put the hammer down
To drive quickly; to step on the accelerator
An insult or barb; a snide or demeaning remark

When he called you a know-it-all, he meant it as a put-down.

put one's foot down
(deyim) Kararlı olmak, ayak diremek
put the phone down
(deyim) Put the telephone receiver back onto its base after you have finished talking to someone: She put the phone down and turned to me with a worried expression
put the phone down on someone
(deyim) End a telephone conversation with someone before they have finished speaking: How dare he put the phone down on me!
put your foot down
(US: floor it) Increase your speed when you are driving: "The road ahead was clear, so I put my foot down."
put your foot down
Use your authority to stop something happening: "When she started borrowing my clothes without asking, I had to put my foot down."
put himself down
belittled his self-worth
put one's foot down
decide and act firmly, insist
put one's name down for
declare oneself as a candidate, register for -
A put-down is something that you say or do to criticize someone or make them appear foolish. I see the term as a put-down of women. something you say that is intended to make someone feel stupid or unimportant = snub
a crushing remark
alternative spelling of put-down
{i} humiliating act or comment; (Slang) rejection (of a person, idea, etc.); cancellation (Slang)
put down