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Tom ölüm cezasının kaldırılması gerektiğine inanıyor. - Tom believes that the death penalty should be abolished.

Adam ölüm cezasına karşı duyarlı. - The man is liable to the death penalty.

(Avrupa Birliği) ceza, yaptırım
(Ticaret) müeyyide
(Ticaret) cayma tazminatı

Penaltı kaçırılmıştı. - The penalty was missed.

{i} spor penaltı
{i} para cezası
penalty fare
cezalı tarife
penalty area
ceza sahası
penalty kick
penaltı atışı
penalty goal
(Spor) Penaltıdan gol, penaltı golü
penalty box
ceza sahası
penalty clause
(Kanun) ceza maddesi
penalty envelope
(Askeri) RESMİ ZARF: Bak. "official envelope"
penalty for breach of contract
(Kanun) cezai şart
penalty function
ceza islevsisi
penalty increase
(Kanun) ceza artırımı
penalty kick
ceza vuruşu
penalty of perjury
(Kanun) yalan yere tanıklık cezası
penalty of perjury
(Kanun) yalan yere yemin etme cezası
penalty phase
(Kanun) ceza (verme) aşaması
penalty phase
(Kanun) ceza evresi
penalty phase
(Kanun) ceza safhası
penalty point system
(Askeri) ceza puan sistemi
penalty position
(Spor) penaltı pozisyonu
penalty process
ceza süreci
penalty rate
(Kanun) ceza faizi
penalty rate
(Kanun) cezai faiz
penalty shot
ceza vuruşu (buz hokeyi)
penalty spot
yedi metre noktası (hokey)
penalty spot
penaltı noktası
performance penalty
aratermin cezası
performance penalty
güç azalması
civil penalty
(Kanun) para cezası
impose a penalty
(Kanun) ceza vermek
impose a penalty on
ceza vermek
impose a penalty on
impose penalty
ceza uygulamak
miss penalty
(Spor) penaltı kaçırmak
miss penalty
(Spor) penaltıyı kaçırmak
reduce the penalty
cezayı indirmek
death penalty
ölüm cezası

Onun suçu ölüm cezasını hak etti. - His crime deserved the death penalty.

Adam ölüm cezasına karşı duyarlı. - The man is liable to the death penalty.

pay the penalty
cezasını çekmek
(penalty) be awarded
(Spor) penaltı verilmek
(penalty) be given
(Spor) penaltı verilmek
amount of penalty
(Kanun) ceza miktarı
award penalty
(Spor) penaltı vermek
award penalty
(Spor) penaltıya hükmetmek
bear the penalty of
cezasını çekmek
conventional penalty
(Kanun) cezai şart
detain penalty
(Ticaret) durdurma cezası
disputed penalty
(Spor) tartışmalı penaltı
early penalty
(Spor) erken gelen penaltı
forfeit penalty
(Ticaret) cayma parası
harsh penalty
ağır ceza
imposition of penalty
(Kanun) ceza tatbiki
indemnity from penalty
cezadan muaf
late penalty
(Spor) son dakikalarda gelen penaltı
military penalty code
(Askeri) Askeri ceza kanunu
minimum penalty
(Kanun) asgari ceza
minimum penalty limit
(Ticaret) en az ceza haddi
notification for penalty
(Kanun) ceza ihbarnamesi
pay the penalty of
cezasını çekmek
private penalty
(Ticaret) cezanın şahsiliği
professional penalty
(Kanun) mesleki ceza
stiffen the penalty
(Kanun) cezanın arttırılması
Englisch - Englisch
A punishment for violating rules of procedure
A punishment for an infraction of the rules, often in the form of being removed from play for a specified amount of time

A penalty was called when he tripped up his opponent.

A direct free kick from the penalty spot, taken after a defensive foul in the penalty box
A legal sentence

The penalty for his crime was to do hard labor.

A payment forfeited for an early withdrawal from an account or an investment
the consequences that follow the transgression of natural or divine law
{n} punishment, censure, forfeiture
A penalty is the result of an infraction of the rules by a player or team official A penalty usually results in the removal of the offending player (or team official) for a specified period of time
short for penalty kick; also, a punishment given by the referee for a violation of the rules
(games) a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game
the act of punishing
In the endowment ordinance, a gesture representing the stated punishment for violation of a specific oath, usually a pantomime of gruesome injury
These are identified by numbers from1 to 10 depending on their severity with 1 being the most severe A penalty 1 is an automatic goal Only the team's captain can talk to an umpire Any other player who tries to do so may incur a penalty for their team Also, any player who disagrees with an umpires decision in a way the umpire views as offensive, the severity of a penalty can be increased, even to a level 1 with an automatic goal for the opposing team
A punishment levied against a player, coach, or team official for a rules violation See bench minor penalty; game misconduct penalty; major penalty; match penalty; minor penalty; misconduct penalty
Punishment by way of payment of a monetary fine
In sports such as football, rugby, and hockey, a penalty is an opportunity to score a goal, which is given to the attacking team if the defending team breaks a rule near their own goal. Referee Michael Reed had no hesitation in awarding a penalty
a payment required for not fulfilling a contract
In stroke play, a rule infringement usually costs two strokes; in match play, the hole is generally lost
Punishment for violating a law
The suffering, or the sum to be forfeited, to which a person subjects himself by covenant or agreement, in case of nonfulfillment of stipulations; forfeiture; fine
{i} punishment; fine, punishment in the form of a financial payment
A violation of the rules that can lead to a penalty kick and the offending player receiving a red or yellow card
In addition to duty, a charge levied by a foreign customs authority against a Carnet which has not been utilized in conformance with all conditions of the Carnet system
A specific cost to be assessed against a party for breach of a term of an agreement
Penal retribution; punishment for crime or offense; the suffering in person or property which is annexed by law or judicial decision to the commission of a crime, offense, or trespass
An obligation or restriction imposed upon a side for violation of these Laws
the disadvantage or painful consequences of an action or condition; "neglected his health and paid the penalty"
A penalty is a punishment that someone is given for doing something which is against a law or rule. One of those arrested could face the death penalty The maximum penalty is up to 7 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine
(games) a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game the disadvantage or painful consequences of an action or condition; "neglected his health and paid the penalty"
A free hit toward the goal from a set distance The severity of the foul committed determines what penalty will be awarded the range is as follows: An automatic goal A free hit from 30 yards to an undefended goal A free hit from 40 yards to an undefended goal A free hit from 60 yards to a defended goal A free hit from the point of infraction or from mid-field Safety (see below)
A penalty is an additional sum that may be charged in certain circumstances For example, if you do not send in your Tax Return by the deadline, if you do not keep adequate records to support your Tax Return, or if your return is incorrect due to fraud or negligence
The punishment imposed upon an individual or team for breaking a rule In football, a team is penalized by losing yardage
A handicap
When a health care facility has not submitted a discharge data abstract in accordance with the provisions of Subdivision (g) of Section 128735 and Subdivision (c) of Section 128755 of the Health and Safety Code, and the facility has not been granted a modification or extention, it may be liable for a civil penalty of one hundred dollars per day as defined in Subdivision (g) of Section 128770 of the Health and Safety Code
A loss of yardage by either team as a result of a rules violation
Officials punish players and their teams with a penalty when they violate certain rules, especially those involving illegal contact with an opponent
A direct free-kick from the penalty spot, taken after a defensive foul in the penalty box
A Medicaid penalty is a period of ineligibility for Medicaid It is based on the uncompensated value of assets transferred The more assets that are transferred the longer the period of ineligibility or penalty will be
The penalty that you pay for something you have done is something unpleasant that you experience as a result. Why should I pay the penalty for somebody else's mistake?
In the competitive band season, penalty points are deducted from the final score of the band that is competing Each band starts the performance with a score of 100, and deducted penalty will be deducted from the score of 100
In strokeplay, a rule infringement usually costs two strokes; in matchplay, the hole is generally lost
A sum of money paid to a lender for the privilege of prepaying a mortgage in part or in full
punishment of a player for a violation of the rules, resulting in suspension from the game for a period of time; 6 types exist: minor, bench, major, misconduct, match and goalkeeper’s penalties
A penalty is the result of an infraction of the rules by a player or team official It usually involves the removal from the game of the offending player or team official for a specified period of time In some cases the penalty may be the awarding of a penalty shot on goal or the actual awarding of a goal

I am against the death penalty. - I'm against the death penalty.

I'm against the death penalty. - I am against the death penalty.

penalty arc
an arc whose center is the penalty spot, extending from the top of the penalty area
penalty arcs
plural form of penalty arc
penalty area
An area of a soccer pitch extending 18 yards out of the goal, inside which a penalty is given to the offensive team if a foul is made by the defensive team
penalty areas
plural form of penalty area
penalty box
The penalty area
penalty box
A temporary punishment, or, metaphorically, a similar setback (e.g., loss of control, embarrassment, etc.)

Florida, Michigan seek exit from Democratic penalty box.

penalty box
An enclosed bench where a player must remain for timed period (a penalty) that is assessed after an infraction

Both players got to cool their heels for five minutes in their respective penalty boxes after the fight.

penalty boxes
plural form of penalty box
penalty copy
Copy (text to be typeset) containing much mathematics or similar notation
penalty corner
a particular penalty awarded against the defending team in certain circumstances
penalty function
Any function that applies constraints to a maximum or minimum problem
penalty goal
A goal scored from a penalty
penalty goals
plural form of penalty goal
penalty kick
A form of free kick, taken from the penalty spot, with only the goalkeeper defending the goal
penalty kicks
plural form of penalty kick
penalty kill
A period during the game, when a team has one or more players in the penalty box
penalty kills
plural form of penalty kill
penalty phase
The portion of some criminal trials which occurs after a guilty verdict has been rendered, in which the punishment for the crime is decided
penalty shootout
A series of penalties, taken to decide a winner after a game has resulted in a tie and extra time has been played
penalty shootouts
plural form of penalty shootout
penalty spot
a small white spot, painted on the grass, twelve yards in front of the centre of the goal line, from which all penalty kicks are taken
penalty spots
plural form of penalty spot
penalty try
An awarding of five points (equivalent to scoring a try) to a team whose opponents have prevented, by misconduct, a try being scored
penalty unit
an amount, used as a basis of a penalty fine, which can be adjusted by the government without the need to pass new legislation
penalty area
16 meter (18 yard) area around the goal, from the posts to the left and right and towards the center The goalkeeper may touch the ball with his hands within the penalty-area Fouls within the area (may) result in a penalty-kick
penalty area
An 18 by 44 yard area located directly in front of each goal The goalkeeper may handle the ball in this area, and penalty kicks are taken from here
penalty area
a rectangular area 44 yards wide by 18 yards deep with its long edge on the goal line; the goalkeeper may use his hands to block or control the ball only within this area
penalty area
16 meter (18 yard) area arround the goal, from the posts to the left and right and towards the centre The goalkeeper may touch the ball with his hands within the penalty-area Fouls within the area (may) result in a penalty-kick
penalty area
In football, the penalty area is the rectangular area in front of the goal. Inside this area the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball, and if the defending team breaks a rule here, the opposing team gets a penalty. = penalty box. An area marked on a soccer field in front of each goal within which a violation of the rules by a defending player results in a penalty kick. the area in front of the goal in football. The team opposing you is given a penalty if you break a rule there
penalty area
18 yard area around the goal, from the posts to the left and right and towards the center The goalkeeper may touch the ball with his hands within the penalty area Fouls within the area may result in a penalty-kick
penalty area
A space in front of each goal where an infringement by the defending team results in a penalty kick for the attacking team Also called the "penalty box"
penalty area
A 60-foot wide by 18-foot deep rectangular area in front of each goal; the area in which the goalkeeper can use his hands
penalty area
Another box surrounding the goal that begins and ends 18 yards to each side of the goal (from the inside of the goal post) that extends 18 yards into the field
penalty area
The location of the pool behind each goal line, where a penalized player must await re-entry after an ejection TOP
penalty area
The area, 18 yards by 44 yards, in front of the goal where the goalkeeper is permitted to use his hands
penalty area
The marked rectangular area, 44-yards wide and 18-yards deep, beginning at the goal line Goalkeepers may use their hands to block or control the ball only within this box
penalty area
sixteenth sideline, punishment zone, sixteenth meter sideline; area close to the goal in a soccer field, goal area
penalty area
44-yard by 18-yard area in front of the goal in which the goalkeeper may use their hands
penalty box
In ice hockey, the penalty box is an area in which players who have broken a rule have to sit for a period of time. An area to the side of an ice-hockey rink in which penalized players wait out the time of their penalties
penalty box
In football, the penalty box is the same as the penalty area
penalty box
(ice hockey) an enclosed bench to the side of an ice-hockey rink for players who are serving time penalties
penalty clause
Clause in a countertrade contract that specifies sanctions against one or both signatories of the contract in the event of nonperformance on contractual obligations
penalty clause
A provision in a contract that provides for a reduction in the amount otherwise payable under a contract to a contractor as a penalty for failure to meet deadlines or for failure of the project to meet contract specifications
penalty clause
the part of a contract which says what someone will have to pay or do if they do not obey the agreement, for example if they do not complete work on time
penalty clause
A clause found in contract agreements that provides for a penalty in the event of default
penalty for delay
punishment for being late, fine for a late payment
penalty kick
In soccer, a free kick on the goal defended only by the goalkeeper, awarded when a defensive player has committed a foul in the penalty area. a penalty
penalty kick
11 meter kick, free kick to the goal of the team whose player committed a foul
penalty killer
In ice hockey, any of the players other than the goalie who attempt to prevent the opposition from scoring on a power play.penalty killing adj. & n
penalty point
a note made on a driver's licence to show that they have done something wrong while they were driving. If someone gets 12 penalty points they are no longer allowed to drive a car
penalty shoot-out
In football, a penalty shoot-out is a way of deciding the result of a game that has ended in a draw. Players from each team try to score a goal in turn until one player fails to score and their team loses the game. an occasion when each team in a football match takes penalty kicks until one team misses the goal - used as a way of deciding which team will win when the ordinary part of the match has ended in a draw
penalty shot
An unhindered shot on the goal defended only by the goalkeeper, awarded to an offensive player as a result of certain violations of the rules by the defensive team, especially when a player with a clear scoring chance has been obstructed illegally, as in ice hockey
death penalty
A punishment in which the person who committed the offence is put to death by the state
face mask penalty
A penalty in American Football where one player grabs the face mask of an opposing player. There are two versions of this penalty: Incidental Face Mask and the more serious Personal Foul Face Mask penalty
pay the penalty
To incur negative consequences of one's deeds; to suffer as a result of some choice
plural form of penalty
A penalty shootout
civil penalty
A civil penalty or civil fine is a term used to describe when a state entity or a government agency seeks monetary relief against an individual as restitution for wrongdoing by the individual. The wrongdoing is typically defined by a codification of legislation, regulations, and decrees. The civil fine is not considered to be a criminal punishment, because it is primarily sought in order to compensate the state for harm done to it, rather than to punish the wrongful conduct. For example, if a person were to dump toxic waste in a state park, the state would have the same right to seek to recover the cost of cleaning up the mess as would a private landowner, and to bring the complaint to a court of law, if necessary
fixed penalty
Fixed sum payable for particular offence
fixed penalty notice
Fixed penalty notices (FPNs) were introduced in Britain in the 1950s to deal with minor parking offences. Originally used by police and traffic wardens, their use has extended to other public officials and authorities, as has the range of offences for which they can be used
A penalty
death penalty
Also known as capital punishment, this is the most severe form of corporal punishment as it is requires law enforcement officers to kill the offender Forms of the death penalty include hanging from the neck, gassing, firing squad and has included use of the guillotine
death penalty
1 The ultimate punishment imposed for murder or other capital offenses The U S Supreme Court has determined that the death penalty is not in every instance to be considered unconstitutional,as cruel and unusual punishment
death penalty
putting a condemned person to death
death penalty
punishment of death for a criminal offense
death penalty
The death penalty is the punishment of death used in some countries for people who have committed very serious crimes. If convicted for murder, both youngsters could face the death penalty. A sentence of punishment by execution. the legal punishment of death capital punishment
impose penalty
penalize, punish, discipline, chastise
inflict a penalty
impose a punishment
mandatory penalty
minimum court sentence which is required by law to be given to the convicted criminal
marriage penalty
penalty pertaining directly to one's marital status; (U.S. Politics) additional tax that is paid by married couples (as opposed to two single people filing separate tax returns)
For tax purposes, amounts that the IRS may assess at a statutory rate as an addition to a tax deficiency and interest The tax Code provides for penalties for various infractions, such as underpayment of estimated tax, late filing of a return, late payment of tax, substantial understatement of tax, negligent or intentional disregard of rules, and fraud
Part of most union bylaws This clause states that the union can put its members on trial for violating the union's rules If found guilty, the member might have to pay a fine
punishment (such as a fine) imposed if a law is not obeyed
plural of penalty
The consequence for breaking the law •Drugs
if you haven't paid your taxes on time, the IRS imposes additional, charges which will significantly increase the amount you legally owe the Government The idea is, if the costs for not filing or paying taxes on time are very high, then taxpayers will be motivated to file and pay their taxes when due
Sums to be forfeited to which the organization has agreed to be subjected in case of non-fulfillment of requirements Typically, sums forfeited under contract for late delivery or non-performance or both
The costs that may be incurred if the borrower repays the loan too early or switches between lenders
prescription of the penalty
end of the time period in which is it possible to execute a punishment (Law)
radius penalty
penalty imposed upon a ball team which requires that they host the next home game away from their home field
suspension penalty
dismissal, removal, punishment that involves distancing someone from something for a set period of time