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A sensation of extreme shame or embarrassment
The death of part of the body
The act of mortifying
{n} a gangrene, vexation, humiliation
Subjection of the passions and appetites, by penance, abstinence, or painful severities inflicted on the body
Deep shame and humiliation
(Christianity) the act of mortifying the lusts of the flesh by self-denial and privation (especially by bodily pain or discomfort inflicted on yourself)
the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)
A gift to some charitable or religious institution; nearly synonymous with mortmain
The act of mortifying, or the condition of being mortified The death of one part of an animal body, while the rest continues to live; loss of vitality in some part of a living animal; gangrene
Gangrene, necrosis
strong feelings of embarrassment
an instance in which you are caused to lose your prestige or self-respect; "he had to undergo one humiliation after another"
Hence: Deprivation or depression of self- approval; abatement of pride; humiliation; chagrin; vexation
Destruction of active qualities; neutralization
Death or decay of one part of a living body; gangrene or necrosis (as stated on Dictionary com)
Mortification is a strong feeling of shame and embarrassment. The chairman tried to disguise his mortification
That which mortifies; the cause of humiliation, chagrin, or vexation
{i} decay of a dead body or body part, putrefaction (Pathology); humiliation; suppression of fleshly desires for spiritual discipline
mortification of the soul
abstinence, fasting, suffering, self-denial
to embarrass

I was so mortified I could have died right there, instead I fainted, but I swore I'd never let that happen to me again.

to die

The loss of blood flow caused the toe to mortify and they had to amputate the foot to save the life.

a mortification
{n} sphacelus
a mortification
{n} sphacelation
a mortification
{n} gangrene
{v} to corrupt, vex, humble, subdue
plural of mortification
undergo necrosis; "the tissue around the wound necrosed"
To affect with vexation, chagrin, or humiliation; to humble; to depress
To deaden by religious or other discipline, as the carnal affections, bodily appetites, or worldly desires; to bring into subjection; to abase; to humble
to discipline oneself by suppressing desires
cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of; "He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss"
To lose vitality and organic structure, as flesh of a living body; to gangrene
To be subdued; to decay, as appetites, desires, etc
If you say that something mortifies you, you mean that it offends or embarrasses you a great deal. Jane mortified her family by leaving her husband
practice self-denial of one's body and appetites
{f} shame, humiliate; get gangrene; suppress fleshly desires for spiritual discipline
To destroy the active powers or essential qualities of; to change by chemical action
To destroy the organic texture and vital functions of; to produce gangrene in
hold within limits and control; "subdue one's appetites"; "mortify the flesh"
To practice penance from religious motives; to deaden desires by religious discipline
hold within limits and control; "subdue one's appetites"; "mortify the flesh" practice self-denial of one's body and appetites
self mortification
self-denial, abstinence
penance: voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing