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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} ödeme

Ben tam ödemeyi kısmi ödemeye tercih ederim. - I prefer payment in full to payment in part.

Daha fazla bir indirim talep ederseniz, ödeme koşullarını değiştirmeyi öneririz. - If you request a further discount, we suggest changing the terms of payment.

(Ticaret) aylık
{i} taksit

Ben toplu ödemeyi taksitle ödemeye tercih ederim. - I prefer payment in full to payment in part.

{i} ücret

Araştırmayı tamamlamak için gereken mesleki hizmetler ücrete dahildir. - The fee includes the payment for professional services needed to complete the survey.

{i} masraf
{i} harcama
{i} karşılık
(Ticaret) cebren tahsil
down payment
on ödeme
payment run
Ödeme planı
payment amount
ödeme tutarı
payment amount
ödeme miktarı
payment details
ödeme ayrıntıları
payment method
ödeme yöntemi
payment systems
ödeme sistemleri
payment term
ödeme şekli
payment terms
(Ticaret) ödeme vadeleri
payment terms
payment by cheque
çekle ödeme
payment in full
peşin ödeme
payment in installment
taksitle ödeme
payment in kind
ayni ödeme
payment rate
ödeme şekli
payment against draft
poliçe karşılığı ödeme
payment card
kredi kartı
payment due
Ödenecek olan para miktarı
payment due by
Belirtilen tarihte yapılcak olan ödeme
payment due date
(Finans) son ödeme tarihi(kredi kartı)
payment guarantee
ödeme garantisi
payment history
ödeme geçmişi
payment in advance
peşin ödeme
payment related to
ile ilgili ödeme
payment terms
Ödeme koşulları
Payment In Kind
mal olarak ödeme
Payment In Kind
aynı şekilde ödeme
payment basis
ödeme esasları
payment bond
ödeme teminatı
payment by anticipation
peşin ödeme
payment date
(Kanun) tediye tarihi
payment id
ödeme no
payment in cash
(Ticaret) nakit olarak ödeme
payment in kind
aynen ifa
payment in kind
(Ticaret) malla yapılan ödeme
payment of duty
(Ticaret) vergi ödeme
payment of rent
(Ticaret) kira ödemesi
payment on deferred terms
taksitle ödeme
payment order
(Avrupa Birliği) ödeme emri
payment place
(Kanun) tediye mahalli
payment portion
(Ticaret) ödeme dilimi
payment received
alınan ödeme
payment settlement
(Mukavele) borç ya da fatura ödemesi
payment slip
(Ticaret) ödeme fişi
payment surplus
(Ticaret) ödemeler fazlası
payment taken
alınan ödeme
payment voucher
(Ticaret) ödeme fişi
partial payment
kısmi ödeme
parent indicator code; payment in cash; person identification code; pilot in com
(Askeri) ana gösterge kodu; nakit ödeme; kişi tanımlama kodu; uçağı idare eden pilot
part payment
(Ticaret) kısmi ödeme
part payment
(Kanun) kısmen tediye
part payment
(Ticaret) kısmen ödeme
partial payment
bölümsel ödeme
partial payment
(Askeri) kısmi tediye
partial payment
(Askeri) KISMİ ÖDEME: Bir sözleşme uyarınca talep edilen bir veya daha çok komple cihaz tesellümünün veya talep edilen bir hizmetten belirli bir kısmının tamamlanması üzerine yapılmasına yetki verilen ödeme
patterns of payment
(Ticaret) ödeme yöntemleri
advance payment
(Kanun) önceden ödeme
advance payment
(Kanun) peşin tediye
currency of payment
(Ticaret) ödemenin para cinsi
deferred payment credit
(Ticaret) vadeli ödeme akreditifi
dividend payment
(Ticaret) temettü ödemesi
documents against payment
(Ticaret) vesaik mukabili ödeme
down payment
early payment
(Ticaret) vadesinden önce ödeme
easy payment
(Ticaret) ödeme kolaylığı
excessive payment
(Ticaret) fahiş ödeme
interim payment
(Ticaret) hakediş
invoice payment
fatura ödemesi
lump sum payment
(Sigorta,Ticaret) götürü ödeme
lump sum payment
(Ticaret) toplu ödeme
lump sum pension payment
(Ticaret) toptan emeklilik ödemesi
means of payment
(Ticaret) ödeme araçları
(Ticaret) giderler
priority payment
(Ticaret) öncelikli ödeme
progress payment
progress payment
(Ticaret) istihkak ödemesi
proof of payment
ödeme belgesi
receipt of payment
(Ticaret) ödeme makbuzu
refusal of payment
(Ticaret) ödememe
request for payment
(Ticaret) ödeme talebi
suspend payment
(Ticaret) ödemeyi ertelemek
withhold payment
ödemeyi durdurmak
banker's payment order
banka ödeme emri
cash payment
peşin ödeme
date of payment
ödeme tarihi
day of payment
ödeme günü
deferred payment sale
uzun vadeli satış
deferred payment sale
taksitle satış
delay of payment
borç ertelemesi
delay payment
delay payment
ödemede gecikme
demand for payment
ödeme talebi
demand payment
ödeme iste
dividend payment date
temettü dağıtım tarihi
double payment
mükerrer ödeme
down payment
down payment
down payment

Tom onun peşinatını ona geri vermemizi istedi. - Tom demanded that we give him back his down payment.

Peşinat için yeterli para biriktirebilir misin? - Can you save enough money for the down payment?

effect payment
ödeme yapmak
final payment
son ödeme
forced payment
cebren tahsil
form of payment
ödeme şekli
full payment
tam ödeme
immediate payment
peşin ödeme
made a payment
ödeme yap
make a payment
ödeme yap
mode of payment
ödeme şekli
order of payment
ödeme emri
presentment for payment
ödeme için ibraz
rate of payment
ödeme oranı
redundancy payment
işten çıkarma tazminatı
regular payment
düzenli ödeme
render payment
ödeme yapmak
sight payment
görüldüğünde ödeme
stop payment
çekin tediyesini durdurmak
support payment
destek ödemesi
suspension of payment
ödemenin durdurulması
terms of payment
ödeme koşulları
time of payment
ödeme zamanı
time of payment
time payment
taksitle ödeme
advance payment
on ödeme, peşinat, avans
by sight payment
(Finans) Belgelerin ibrazında yapılan ödeme ile
channel payment
kanal ödemesi
co payment
co ödeme
confirmation of receipt of payment
ödeme makbuzu onayı
countermand of payment
ödemenin durdurulması emri
dowry payment
Başlık parası
early payment
vadesinden önce ödeme, erken ödeme
last payment date
En son ödemene yapılan tarih
late payment fine
geç ödeme para cezası
payment term
(Ticaret) vade
receipts and payment account
tahsilat ve ödemeler hesabı
side payment
yan ödeme
wage payment
ücret ödeme
wire transfer payment
banka havalesi ödeme
Englisch - Englisch
The act of paying
A sum of money paid in exchange for goods or services
{n} the act of paying, reward
the act of paying money
All checks must be drawn on U S banks in U S dollars Collection charges resulting from checks drawn otherwise will be charged to the student See Methods of Payment
The amount of principal and interest you pay each month
a sum of money paid
The process of paying or receipt of a revenue item
The agreed upon dollar amount to be paid in regular installments by the Buyer The most common payment method calls for monthly installments to be made
What an editor agrees to pay you for your work Two major payment types are used by print publications: payment on acceptance, where you get a check as soon as the work is accepted for publication; and payment on publication, where you get paid only after your work sees print The former is much to be desired, because publication may take a year or more; however, until you're well established, you'll probably have to settle for on-spec, payment-on-publication type work
If you order it, we expect you to pay for it Paying within thirty days would be greatly appreciated and will still drive our accountant nuts by limiting his use of late fees (His late fees make loan shark rates pale in comparison )
The periodic amount due to repay a lender for the proceeds of a loan It includes principal repayment, interest repayment, and often escrows for taxes and insurance premiums
A vehicle to affect the transfer of value Typically, a transfer of funds from one bank depository to another, but may also transfer funds to or from a debt instrument, such as a credit card Also Funds Transfer
That which is paid The sum of money or other item(s) of value that is transferred from one party to another
[cash/check]; 5-digit numeric field including 2 decimal places; represents money received in exchange for cleaning service (Alias: Payment-amount)
– Unless credit is established for Direct Bill privileges the usual payment is 50 percent of the master account to be paid 30 days prior and the balance upon departure
The transfer of money, or other agreed upon medium, for provision of goods or services
A payment made through NewCHAPS that satisfies the criteria listed in Rule 3 1
Money paid to a person, part of their Gross Pay
Monetary return for services rendered or property delivered Discharge of indebtedness
the allocation of resources (usually money) to health sector organizations and individuals in return for some activity (e g , delivering services, managing organizations, etc ) Payment encompasses both funding and remuneration (S7, I) chinese | russian
This term designates equal cash flows coming at regular intervals
Discharge of an obligation or debt by delivery of value, usually lawful money The execution and delivery of negotiable papers [instruments] is not payment unless it is accepted by the parties in that sense (UCC 3-410)
The partial or complete discharge of an obligation by its settlement in the form of the transfer of funds, assets, or services equal to the monetary value of part or all of the debtor's obligation
That which discharges a debt
This article provides for the payment for the property according to the final accepted bid and that subject to any adjustments, the full purchase price will be paid according to the specific time frame in the IFB and prior to delivery of the property This article also addresses adjustments and Refunds to the Bidder
of insurance money into court In Canada, a procedure available to insurers in the common law jurisdictions under which an insurance company that cannot determine which claimant is entitled to receive insurance policy proceeds may pay the proceeds to a court and ask the court to decide the proper recipient and thus obtain a valid discharge In Quebec, an insurer in such a situation can obtain a valid discharge by paying the policy proceeds to the Minister of Finance See also interpleader
Upon delivery
A payment entered online Depending on the financial institution and the payee, the payment can be made electronically or by paper check
the act of paying money a sum of money paid
The act of paying, or giving compensation; the discharge of a debt or an obligation
That which is paid; the thing given in discharge of a debt, or an obligation, or in fulfillment of a promise; reward; recompense; requital; return
A payment is an amount of money that is paid to someone, or the act of paying this money. Thousands of its customers are in arrears with loans and mortgage payments The fund will make payments of just over £1 billion next year
Punishment; chastisement
{i} money paid toward a debt; wage, salary; compensation, bonus; punishment
Payment is the act of paying money to someone or of being paid. He had sought to obtain payment of a sum which he had claimed was owed to him. see also balance of payments, down payment
payment schedule
A schedule defining the dates and amounts of payments to be made for a financial instrument such as a bond and a derivative
payment service
Any service provided by a financial institution to allow one person or organization to pay another for a product or service
Payment In Kind
payback of similar nature; payment in commodities (and not money), PIK
payment agreement
agreement reached which determines the way a debt will be repaid
payment by installments
payment of parts of a sum of money over a period of time
payment card
A payment card is a plastic card which you use like a credit card in order to pay for things, but which takes the money directly from your bank account. = debit card
payment date
The date on which GE Capital Trade Payables Services initiates payment via 2-day electronic funds transfer
payment date
The day on which a stockholder of record will receive his or her dividend
payment date
The date on which a declared dividend or bond interest payment is scheduled to be paid to shareholders
payment date
The date that a stock's dividend or a bond's interest payment is scheduled to be paid BACK TO TOP
payment date
The date on which a dividend or bond interest payment is scheduled to be paid
payment date
date by which a payment must be given
payment date
The date on which each shareholder of record will be sent a check for the declared dividend
payment date
The Bank Business Day on which a bill payment will begin processing and the date that that the payment amount is debited from the Pay From Account
payment date
Date on which declared stock dividend or bond interest is paid to holders of record
payment date
The date on which a dividend or split will be paid to stockholders by the issuers' paying agents The payable date is the date on which one must own the shares (at the close of the session) in order to receive the split
payment date
A system where a currency moves in line with another currency, some pegs are strict while others have bands of movement
payment date
The date on which interest, or principal and interest, is payable on a municipal security Interest payment dates usually occur semi-annually for bonds
payment date
The day on which a mutual fund pays income dividend or capital gains distributions to its shareholders
payment date
The date on which a corporation agrees to pay a dividend to all holders as of the last record date
payment date
One of many terms used by colleges to indicate the date by which tuition and fees for the semester (or the year) must be completely paid, otherwise the student is considered not to be enrolled
payment date
The date that actual principal and interest payments are paid to the registered owner of a security
payment date
The date on which shareholders of record will be sent a check for the declared dividend
payment date
The day of the month on which Freddie Mac passes through payments of principal and interest to holders The 15th of each month is a Payment Date unless the 15th is not a business day, in which case the next succeeding business day is the payment date
payment date
The date the merchant is expected to receive the payment
payment date
The date on which a firm actually mails dividend checks
payment enclosed
payment included, payment inside, payment attached
payment in advance
sum of money paid ahead of time
payment in advance
Periodic payments are due at the beginning of each period
payment in advance
Lease payments due at the beginning of each period
payment in cash only
there is no possibility of paying with credit, you must pay only in cash
payment mechanism
method used for making payments
payment method
A means by which the mortgage capital is eventually repaid
payment method
This is the way in which the mortgage is repaid at the end of the term The repayment may be from an ISA, endowment or from a tax free cash sum from a personal pension
payment method
Method used to facilitate and process payment
payment method
This is the way in which the mortgage is repaid at the end of the term The repayment may be from an ISA, endowment or from a tax-free cash sum from a personal pension
payment method
A specific instance (or brand) of a payment mechanism
payment method
Indicates the procedure or form, by which payments are made
payment method
manner in which something is paid (cash, check, etc.)
payment method
Electronic: Payments sent electronically to payees via ACH (direct deposit payroll and tax payments), the Federal Reserve Bank (wire transfers) or tape (bill payments) Check: Bank-generated paper check sent via the US Postal Service
payment of a check
payment of the sum written on a check to its bearer
payment of bill
payment of an account, settling of a bill
payment on account
payment made to an account, pay off an accumulated debt
payment order
order to transfer money from one bank account to another
payment rate
Generally, the amount paid per unit of production (i e , bushel, pound, hundredweight) to each participating farmer for eligible production under commodity income and price support programs
payment rate
The interest rate used to calculate the payment, which is usually but not necessarily the interest rate
payment rate
The percentage rate used to calculate the monthly payment when the monthly payment will not fully amortize the mortgage It differs from the interest accrual rate (Source: FNMA Selling Guide, Glossary)
payment rate
the amount of money paid out per unit time
payment rate
The total payment that a hospital or community mental health center gets when they give outpatient services to Medicare patients
payment rate
The interest rate used to calculate the mortgage payment, which is usually but not necessarily the interest rate
payment system
mechanism used for making payments
payment terms
Terms under which buyer will pay seller for purchases Payment terms may range from cash-in-advance to open account with extended payment terms such as payment 120 days from date of purchase A common term is 2/10, N/30: 2% may be deducted from the face amount of the invoice if paid within 10 days, or the invoice must be paid in full in 30 days
payment terms
Rules used to calculate the due date and discount date for payment of a transaction based upon the invoice date
payment terms
Standard payment terms that PTC accepts are 30 days Additional payment term promotions are run occasionally by Support, and other flexible financing options, like assignment of proceeds, are available
payment terms
conditions by which a payment will be made
payment terms
The time interval in which the University should pay an invoice See the attached the Payment_Terms_Explained pdf document for an explanation of the use of payment terms in the M-Pathways system
payment voucher
receipt showing that a payment has been made (generally specifying the purpose of the payment)
payment within seven days
payment must be made within one week
Refers to an alternative to cash payments to producers of various commodities under the U S Department of Agriculture acreage control program authorized by Congress in 1985 The payments consisted of generic certificates which could be exchanged for commodities held in government warehouses or redeemed for equivalent monetary value
In general, a payment made in the form of CCC-owned commodities (or title to them) in lieu of cash This form of payment was widely used during the 1980s for paid diversion, deficiency payments, and export subsidy payments as a means of disposing of or avoiding the acquisition of commodity inventories PIK certificates entitled the holder to specific quantity of commodities
partial payment
A partial payment made to a contractor when a stage of a job is completed
partial payment
payment which only covers part of the price, paying of some of the cost
PITI payment
The amount paid per month in Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance for a given property. Used in determining the debt/income ratio

You can't afford this house. Your PITI payment would be too high for your income.

back payment
An overdue payment from an debtor to an creditor on money owed

The employer payed a back payment to his employee on his wages from 3 months earlier.

down payment
By extension, any initial commitment signifying an intention to carry out a larger future commitment, even though no legal rights or obligations are secured

These commitments of troops, trainers, and civilians represent a strong down payment on the future of our mission in Afghanistan and on the future of NATO.

down payment
A payment representing a fraction of the price of something being purchased, made to secure the right to continue making payments towards that purchase
grease payment
A bribe or extorted money, usually relatively small in amount, provided to a low-level government official or business person, in order to expedite a business decision, shipment, or other transaction, especially in a country where such payments are not unusual

An important legal distinction is the difference between bribery and “grease payments,” which are paid in these countries not to affect someone’s decision-making but to speed the process of dealing with government.

lubrication payment
A bribe or extorted money, usually relatively small in amount, provided to a low-level government official or business person, in order to expedite a business decision, shipment, or other transaction, especially in a country where such payments are not unusual

Lubrication payments are made with requests for a person to perform a task faster or more efficiently, whereas subornation is an is an act of asking officials to neglect their duties or do something illegal.

pittance payment
A meager monetary allowance, wage, or remuneration. A very small amount
severance payment
Money that an employer pays to an employee when the employee leaves the company in case of layoffs, often in exchange for some kind of waiver
Plural of payment