listen to the pronunciation of helter-skelter
Englisch - Englisch
confusion or turmoil
Carelessly hurried and confused
In confused, disorderly haste
A helical fairground slide
{a} confusedly, without any order
haphazardly; "the books were piled up helter-skelter"
You use helter-skelter to describe something that is hurried and disorganized, especially when things happen very quickly, one after the other. He now faces another crisis in his helter-skelter existence. Helter-skelter is also an adverb. a panic-stricken crowd running helter-skelter to get away from the tear gas. a tall structure in a fairground which you sit on at the top and slide round and round to the bottom
lacking a visible order or organization
{s} confused, hasty and disorderly
in a hasty and disorderly fashion, haphazardly
haphazardly; "the books were piled up helter-skelter
with undue hurry and confusion; "a helter-skelter kind of existence with never a pause"; "a pell-mell dash for the train"
adverb helter-skelter 1
done quickly, in a disorganized way
In hurry and confusion; without definite purpose; irregularly