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Resembling or made of a thin film; gauzy
Covered by (or as if by) a film; hazy
{a} composed of films, having thin skins
{s} covered with a thin layer; transparent; hazy; filmed over
A filmy fabric or substance is very thin and almost transparent. filmy nightgowns. = diaphanous. very thin, so that you can almost see through it
so thin as to transmit light; "a hat with a diaphanous veil"; "filmy wings of a moth"; "gauzy clouds of dandelion down"; "gossamer cobwebs"; "sheer silk stockings"; "transparent chiffon"; "vaporous silks"
Composed of film or films
filmy fern
any fern of the genus Hymenophyllum growing in tropical humid regions and having translucent leaves
comparative of filmy
foggily, in a clouded manner, in an unclear manner
The quality of being filmy
State of being filmy
{i} quality of being coated with a thin layer; transparency; haziness, dimness